Free Websites for Non-Profits

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we are giving back by offering our skills to build free websites for non-profits.

Only government-registered entities qualify. 

If you qualify, we will build or upgrade your .org domain website at no cost.

Does Your NGO Qualify?

NGOs are organizations or social groups that come together to promote a positive social goal. It has to be registered with a recognized government agency. Unfortunately, we do not consider faith-based organizations ‘non-profit’ in the sense of the word.

We will verify your organization’s registration status using a publicly available government database.

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About the website

We recognize information as a source of power that empowers communities and individuals. As a company, we support Open Access (Aaron Swartz) to information and look to support any qualifying NGOs with tools to get started with documenting their activities online.  

By creating a website, you tell the world your story.  A well-told story will get support and ultimately scale the impact. 

If you are passionate about any social progress agenda and believe it will make the world a better place, we’ll get you a great looking website using NGO-customized templates (check out the templates using the link below).

We trust you to be honest and use the web to document your work and empower the world in your own special way. 


What Your Non Profit Will Get

A WordPress website build on NGO-specific themes/templates.

Free logo built using our favorite online tools

Basic pages such as About Us page, Homepage, Contact Us Page.

$0 cost to access the templates

Generate sitemap and submit it for indexing by Search Index so your website can be found on Google

Five custom email address such as

Secure website - Free SSL installation (https://)

Installation of key premium plugins

Websites we've created for NGOs in the past


Check out and to give you an idea of what your website might look like. As we began Feb 2020, we had already completed 18 websites,  a lot more websites to go! Check out the first 10 templates in this list

Is the website really fee?

We will charge you $0 to build you a website using over 1000+ WordPress themes/templates you can choose from. It would cost you a minimum of $89 and up to $240 to purchase the premium themes/templates and get access to the templates. However, we have obtained an extended license that allows us to create as many websites as we want. Read more about the extended license here.

 For New Organizations without Domain Names 

If you do not have a domain…

If you do not yet have a domain name such as ‘’, we recommend purchasing it using Bluehost as they give you a free domain if you get hosting there as well. You can access Bluehost’s website here. We host our websites with Bluehost and they’ve accepted our firm as an affiliate partner, paying us to support our services when our readers register their new domain with them.

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