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Are you looking for the best tech podcasts you can listen to? That tells me that you are among the tech die-hards that want to stay updated on developments in your line of profession. These updates are critical for the success of any business and its leadership.

From beginners to entrepreneurs, developers, and more, we have sought the best tech podcasts to listen to whether iTunes, Spotify or any other site and platform. Our concern is to keep you and your business posted on tech trends as the tech industry fosters and podcasts are the best tool.

The best thing with podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere you are, be it at home or driving, and on devices such as PCs, smartphones, and radios. Depending on the flexibility, you can choose to subscribe to a podcast or listen live.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are spoken, on-demand audio episodes from radio discussions that center on a particular topic such as technology. You can listen to podcasts through your smartphone or PC device whenever you want.

So, before we get aboard, let us look at some few facts about podcasts.

Podcast Statistics & Facts

The most common question that people ask is ‘how many podcasts are there?’ A short answer to your question is 1.75 million podcasts. First things first, the word podcast is not new in the US as 75% of the total population is au fait with it. That is good news since we will not start with the basics.

Did you know that 50% of all the US households are podcast aficionados? As of 2020, 24% of the US population listened to podcasts weekly and 27% of US podcast listeners hold a 4-year college degree. It is also worth noting that there are 16 million fervent podcast listeners, with 51% of them being male listeners.

As of now, 49% of these podcasts are listened at home, 22% when driving, and 80% of all the listeners listen in to almost all episodes in a podcast. Statistics also found that most podcast listeners are very active on social media channels and are anticipated to follow brands and firms on these platforms.

5 Best Tech Podcasts

To assist you in navigating through the pool of podcast choices available on the market, we have put together a list of tech podcasts that are ideal for specific groups of people in an industry. From beginners to developers, top execs, entrepreneurs and tech maniacs, these podcasts will help you excel in your IT career.

Here are our 5 best tech podcasts.

  1. Too Embarrassed to Ask: Best Podcast for Beginners
  2. The Future of Everything: Best Podcast for Tech Maniacs
  3. The Cloudcast: Best Podcast for Developers
  4. Technovation: Best Podcast for Top Executives
  5. Startup Grind: Best Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Review of the 5 Best Tech Podcasts

Podcasts are an ideal passive learning tool that allows you to keep up with the up-to-the-minute with the Information Tech industry wherever you are. In fact, some even fit your tea break and only take 30 minutes or less to inform you on the current trends in each field or tech position.

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Too Embarrassed to Ask: Best Podcast for Beginners

Are you a tech beginner with a talent for the field? If yes, you must be asking where you can get tips and tricks to help you cope up with the trends. Too Embarrassed to Ask is a fantastic choice. 

As one of the best podcasts for beginners, Too Embarrassed to Ask fits those tech talented folks with passion for technology but they are too nervous to shoot questions. One of the main reasons why they are embarrassed is not to look stupid.  In the real sense, it is not silly to ask.

The Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast takes into account dialogues from tech revolutions and offers listeners a platform to ask the most pressing questions they have. While the hosts do not create content any longer, you can still gain from the fountain of their content.

Listen to the best tech podcasts on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

The Future of Everything: Best Podcast for Tech Maniacs

Are you a tech maniac who is turned on by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)? I have a podcast for you that will be appealing to your ears.

As a tech freak, you must be equipped with resources that will help you sharpen your skills if you want to fit in the competitive and ever-changing drifts of the tech industry. As such, you need bring yourself up-to-date with tech trends and news which is The Future of Everything comes into play.

The Future of Everything show involves journalists from the WSJ reviewing the state-of-the-art tech trends while trying to forecast what these revolutions they will spawn. The podcast revolves around the line of queries such as the competences of Siri in the proximate future among others.

If you are interested in robotics, the podcasts also covers topics on such as well as the changes tech has brought to the field of medicine and more.

Listen to this best tech podcasts on Spotify or iTunes!

The Cloudcast: Best Podcast for Tech Developers

Are you inquisitive about cloud computing tech and its end results in the system? You must then be interested in recognizing how technology will restructure your IT job and the industry as a whole and The Cloudcast podcast got you covered.

Started approx. 6 years ago, Cloudcast is the brainchild of Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely. These folks wanted to pick up more on cloud computing techs that were difficult to get to in their day jobs. As Gracely puts it, they used to call intelligent people and vow to air them on the Internet.

This weekly podcasts with an average length of 30 to 40 minutes now (after 310 episodes) stars some of the brightest persons in the cloud computing network such as startup founders, developers, venture capitalists, and CEOs.

Some exciting and productive episodes in the podcast that you can embark on include, Episode 288: Understanding Public Cloud Spending Trends & Episode 299: The Discipline of Chaos Engineering.

Listen to this best tech podcast on Spotify or iTunes!

Technovation: Best Podcast for Top Tech Executives

Are you a top business/tech exec, tech evangelist, or innovator looking for the best tech podcast that fits your specific needs? Technovation got you covered!

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Technovation, perchance, stands out as the finest podcast in the arena with C-Suite thought leadership and CIOs as the center of attention. Hosted by Peter High (Implementing World Class IT Strategy author), the podcast features interviews from experts on drifts and best habits for IT leaders.

You can also look through the website for topics such as entrepreneurship, AI, women in tech, as well as leadership positions.

Listen to the best tech podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Listen On, and Stitcher.

Startup Grind: Best Podcast for Tech Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a podcast that is tailored to address your entrepreneurial needs, Startup Grind podcast is a perfect choice.

While reputable for its global events that are envisioned to teach, motivate, and link capitalists, Startup Grind also does an amazing job of producing incredible podcasts. The platform stands out as the globe’s largest community for startups, creators, innovators, and founders. It integrates individuals on the same wavelength from different corners to build their zeal in investment.

The podcast features all-inclusive reviews with prominent tech founders such as Slack’s Stewart Butterfield, YouTube’s Steven Chen, and Skype’s Niklas Zennstrom.

To ensure entrepreneurs are fully equipped for their groundbreaking mission, the podcast also features admired authors to expand on the topics of their books such as Nir Eyal. Other figures include VCs such as Venture Capital’s David Teen for dialogues about algorithmic bankrolling.

Listen to the best podcast on Google Podcasts!

Benefits of Listening to Tech Podcasts

In the last decade, the passion for podcasts has grown substantially as evident in our stats & facts above. The best thing with podcasts that makes them popular and attention-grabbing is that they are tailored to fit specific time schedules and topics. Their focus on different subjects makes them suitable for all interested listeners.

In addition, listening to podcasts creates a new platform to get to know the things you were not acquainted with, add more to what you are aware of, and at the same time engage your brain. Their flexibility and accessibility via smartphone devices and earpieces while moving around during your daily chores.

Listening to podcasts also helps develop new skills, keep you informed on tech conferences, discover new subjects of interest, and staying in touch with tech trends. If you have trouble with soft skills such as concentrating, multitasking, and responsiveness, listening to podcasts helps hone such skills.

How to Listen to Tech Podcasts

First things first, all podcasts are free and accessible through different channels. If you have access to the internet, listening to podcasts has never been easier! All you need to do is look for a podcast app or online platform that meets your specific needs and listen to some episodes in their fount of content.

Here are three platforms that answer how to listen to podcasts:

  • Websites

Listening to a podcast via the website is one of the simplest methods available. You just need a web browser such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome on your PC or phone. How to listen to a podcast on a website:

  1. Find a site with your preferred podcasts, Startup Grind for example.
  2. Look for the page’s audio player. Make sure that the sound on your device is turned on.
  3. Listen to the podcast.
  • Android Devices
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If you own an Android phone, the Google Podcast app is at your disposal.  So, visit your Google Play Store app and search ‘Google Podcasts’ and install the application. How to listen to a podcast on your Android mobile phone:

  1. Launch the Google Podcasts app and use the search box to look for the podcast you crave.
  2. Select your favorite podcast from the search results, click on it, and it will redirect you to the podcast URL.
  3. Check the recent episode to play it.
  4. Do you like the episode? Select the subscribe button (at the top of the page) and it will show on the top of the Google Podcasts app. The app will also show a new section that will notify you when a new episode from the podcasts you have subscribed to is available.
  • iPhone or iPad Devices

For iPhone users, you can use the Apple Podcasts app on your device to listen to your favorite podcasts. Unlike with Android devices, the podcasts app comes installed on your smartphone, so you will just search for it in the apps list. If it is not there then it is too unfortunate for you as you will have to download it.

Here is how to listen to a podcast on your iPhone device:

  1. Launch the Podcasts app, visit the search page, and click.
  2. On the search box, enter the name of the podcast you want to listen to.
  3. Select your favorite podcast from the search results and click on it to visit the homepage.
  4. Click on your desired podcast episode to play it and hit the subscribe button if you like it. Subscribing lets the app download the up-to-date episodes to your library.

Enjoy thousands of free podcasts on your preferred device while on-the-go, at work, or at home.


Are tech podcasts free of charge?

Yes, most of the podcasts are free of charge and are accessible via a number of applications.

What are the best podcast apps for iOS?

The best podcast apps for iOS include Downcast, Overcast, Castro, Spotify, and Breaker.

What are the best podcast apps for Android?

The best podcast apps for Android include Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, and Pocket Casts.


Podcasts are a powerful source of tech trends that allows IT beginners, experts, entrepreneurs, developers, and all IT skilled individuals wishing to stay on top of tech trends that make them competitive.

They help brush their knowledge up and can even be integrated in your working schedules as some even take 5-10 minutes. If you are looking for the ideal passive learning tool, podcasts are at your disposal and very informative.

Hopefully the article was helpful. Thanks!