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At the mention of the word tracks, some movie enthusiasts relate to Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector, where Lincoln Rhyme, a former NYPD detective tracks a killer who forces him out of the field.

When this example is different from link tracking for marketing reasons, the concept is similar. Tracking links are useful in providing insight that can be used to your advantage. Link tracking is usually used in marketing as a tactic to determine the efficiency of marketing activities and campaigns.

Importance of Link Tracking

Have you ever seen an increase in web traffic and wondered where your recent clients came from? Or the productivity of a marketing campaign?

Link tracking offers useful data and analytics regarding a web page or website. It exhibits the relationship between your marketing activities and their outcomes. As such, without link tracing it might be impossible to know the origin of your website traffic. Tracing your marketing activities shows the effectiveness of your business’s forms of marketing.

A tracking link generates a unique URL that is used for single marketing activity. So, you will spend more of your money only on what works.

In this article, you will find our eight best link tracking or tracing software on the market, both free and premium or freemium versions for 2020. Let us see a brief description of these link tracking software or tracers:

  1. Voluum – Best Overall
  2. ClickMagick – Affiliate’s choice
  3. Improvely
  4. ClickMeter
  6. LinkTrackr

These tools are useful in providing accurate link tracking for precise reporting, which is critical for marketing optimization. Our full review below will cover their features, pricing, pricing plans, and their pros & cons.

Let’s kick-off!

Voluum – Best Overall

Voluum is a top-ranking link tracker recommendation tool. This cloud-based and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered provides bloggers, marketers, and affiliates with integrated optimization tools to track ads and links

Voluum allows you to do the following:

  • Target your ads to relevant clients via advanced targeting and regulations. 
  • Obtain far-reaching data analytics from premium and organic traffic attained across several sources.
  • Understand all about marketing campaigns, including the device, browsing version, type of connection, and GEOs of your audience.
  • Secure your traffic from bots by spotting mistrustful web visits & clicks, and identifying implausible conversion times.
  • Establish tailored alerts to instantly know when something variations in your campaign performance.

Voluum includes pre-made templates to aid in optimizing the procedure and is reputable for being compatible traffic sources. You can easily trace your links from email marketing, websites, or social media. The link tracer supports all ad formats, to allow you to track ad links in Pop-ups, Video ads, Push ads, and display banners.

Which brands have worked with Voluum?

Some giant brands such as Taboola, AppNexus, Facebook, among others have worked with Voluum.


Voluum offers four different packages that all come with cloud-based tracking and allows automatic migration of campaigns from your previous link tracers. Its plans include:

  • Discover plan – costs $69/m, and includes features such as:
  • Three months of data retention
  • One custom domain
  • Basic tracer features
  • Twenty active campaigns
  • Profit plan – costs $129/m, and features include:
  • Six months of data retention
  • Three custom domains
  • Automatic A/B testing
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Advanced reporting & targeting
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Three custom domain SSL
  • Grow Plan – costs $449/m, and includes features like:
  • Twelve months of data retention
  • Five custom domains SSL
  • Automatic A/B testing
  • Fraud detection
  • Account management
  • Advanced reporting & targeting
  • Additional users
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Agency Plan – costs $999/m, and include features, such as:
  • High-cost savings
  • Fully-customizable features
  • Customizable usage parameters
  • Unlimited traffic tracking

I recommend the Profit plan, as it gives you the best value for money, particularly for a startup or growing agency. 


  • Cloud-hosted
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with co-workers and partners
  • Variety of data
  • AI-powered optimization tools
  • Split-testing
  • Quality support
  • In-built DSP Platform and integrations


  • Costly (compared to her competitors

ClickMagick – Affiliate’s Choice

Our runners-up is ClickMagick, and all-round link tracking software known for its affordable pricing. It is a web-based application that helps you track and improve your marketing efforts.

How does ClickMagick Work?

Basically, it enables you to generate tracking links. With the correct configurations, the tracer can reveal who clicked on your links, as well as the clicks that led to sales. Being a cloud-based software, means you can login to your dashboard and tracks all the links in your system.

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ClickMagick can do the following:

  • Adds sub-IDs dynamically to any tracing link – you can generate one tracking link and append a unique identifier (with sub-ids) to identify a link’s source. That is unlike other providers where you have to create multiple tracking links, for instance, for each affiliate link plus sub-id.
  • Ability to track external pages – redirects your site visitors to your conversion pixel (on the thank you page) after making a purchase on your site.
  • Measures your traffic quality – it provides an instant insight into the people getting through your links and their probability to purchase.
  • Notifications directly into your phone – a feature that rare in most tracking software/tools that you can set up by entering your phone number or email and receive notifications. As such, you can divert traffic away from an underperforming page for better results.

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick offers three pricing tiers that include a 14-days trial:

  • Starter plan – costs $27/m and features include:
  • Six months of data retention
  • Up to 10k clicks/month
  • Funnel tracking for a single funnel
  • Two custom tracking domains
  • All core features
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Helpdesk support
  • Standard plan – costs $67/m and features include:
  • One-year data retention
  • Up to 100k clicks/month
  • Funnel tracking for five funnels
  • Ten custom tracking domains
  • All core features
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Professionals academy link tracing training
  • Dedicated live chat support
  • Pro plan – costs $97/m and features include:
  • Two-year data retention
  • Up to one million clicks/month
  • Unlimited funnel tracking
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • All core features
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Pros academy expert link tracing training
  • Dedicated live chat support


  • Cross-device tracking
  • Automated and intelligent split-testing
  • Generate click rotators
  • Sales funnel tracking and optimization
  • Auto bot filtering
  • Advanced retargeting with pixels
  • Password protection for pages


  • The feature list can be daunting to master
  • Likely issues with setting up a custom domain


Improvely is a web-based service that includes plenty of handy features that are useful to marketers in link tracking, review click results, and adjust for excellent outcomes. This conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring app include a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.

What does Improvely work with?

Improvely is compatible with Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, AdWords, and Twitter Ads.

How does Improvely work?

It is designed to optimize both your affiliate and marketing programs. Improvely offers the necessary tools and features to streamline the marketing process. It serves as the full affiliate software solution that allows agencies and marketers to accurately measure their ads from web traffic and such.

Improvely Features

  • Click fraud detection, blocking, and deterrence – performs a 24hrs click fraud inspection and notifies you on any suspicious activities.
  • Expert conversion tracing for super affiliates – useful in tracing commission sources, ads & keywords protection, integration with plenty of affiliate programs and networks like ShareASale.
  • Improved conversion tracking and attribution – this enables you to trace clicks and conversions from a central point. It demonstrates the origin of your revenue and conversions which enables you to invest your resources to fruitful traffics only.

Improvely Pricing

The tool offers four pricing tiers, including:

  • Freelancer – costs $29/m, with features such as:
  • One team member
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • 10k visits tracked each month
  • In-built A/B split-testing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Track conversions and revenue
  • Startup – costs $79/m, with features such as:

All features in Freelancer, except:

  • 50k visits each month
  • Three team members
  • Small Agency – costs $149/m, with features such as:
  • Unlimited team members
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • 100k visits each month
  • In-built A/B split-testing
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • Sub-accounts
  • Large Agency – costs $229/m, with features such as:

All features in Large Agency, except,

  • Over 250k visits each month
  • White label reporting


  • Well-designed features & services
  • Compatibility with many ad platforms
  • Immediate access to up-to-date software versions
  • Web-based service
  • Ability to track all major performance metrics of a project
  • Click fraud prevention


  • Slightly costly


ClickMeter is yet another most reliable online conversion tracking tool that comes with plenty of handy features. This web-based link tracking tool allows you to track, manage, and monitor all your online-related marketing activities.

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ClickMeter does the following:

  • Tracking website and sales page events
  • PPC campaigns event tracking
  • Email links & social media event tracking
  • Tracking ad campaigns in all formats, and much more

Who can use ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is a handy tool for advertisers, affiliate marketers, publishers (content creators like bloggers), marketing agencies.

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter offers its pricing packages in four tiers:

  • Small – available for free up to 1000 events a month.
  • Medium – costs $29/m, with features such as:
  • Over 100 features
  • One-year data storage
  • A/B test rotator
  • 2.5k datapoints
  • 25k trackable events/clicks
  • Advanced affiliate marketing tools
  • Generates short tracking links with one branded custom domain
  • Conversion tracking & returns, and more
  • Large – costs $99/m, with features such as:
  • Most features in Medium, except:
  • Two-years data storage
  • Generates short tracking links with ten branded custom domains
  • 20k datapoints
  • 200k trackable events/clicks
  • Logo reports
  • X-Large – costs $349/m, with features such as:
  • Most features in Large, except
  • Three-years data storage
  • Generates short tracking links with 100 branded domains
  • 200k datapoints
  • 2 million trackable events/clicks
  • Dedicated engineer support


  • Free for people tracking below 1k events a month
  • Web-based tool
  • Ability to track the origin of your traffic
  • Differentiates between a bot and human clicks in your activities
  • Well-detailed report system
  • Limitless tracking features


  • Limitations with the free account
  • Offers email support
  • Compatibility problems
  • Costly

Formerly known as TEtoolbox, is an analytics tool that enables marketers to track the effectiveness of their online activities. It is both user-friendly and powerful and gives you decent results when you optimize your ad campaigns.

How does Work? offers loads of useful statistics and data that come in handy when making decisions on your ads. As such, you are can grow more sales, options, and direct recommendations. helps you achieve the following:

  • Pay more attention to ad techniques that yield high returns
  • Remove unyielding ad sources
  • A/B test various pages variations to check conversions

Advanced features for seasoned marketers

  • Custom ending
  • Filter – display different ads based on the device or origin of traffic
  • Set specific ad’s time windows
  • Geotargeting – allows targeting specific regions
  • Sales and conversion tracking
  • Priority – setting your ad’s weight in a rotator
  • Retargeting pixels. Pricing has only two pricing tiers:

  • Standard plan – costs $39/m, with features such as:
  • One-year data storage
  • One branded domain
  • Unlimited datapoints and events
  • A/B split-testing
  • Sharable reports
  • Conversions & proceeds tracking
  • Access to affiliate marketing tools
  • Enterprise plan – costs $99/m, with features such as:
  • All features in Standard, except
  • Lifetime data storage
  • 25 sub-accounts
  • Social media reach tracking
  • 25 branded domains


  • Tracks your entire ads from a central point
  • Allows ads updates without logging to the specific ad source
  • Allows creation of rotators for unlimited banners & links
  • User-friendly interface
  • Convert visitors into clients
  • Assists in identifying your perfect target market
  • Site improvement to draw more clients


  • Slightly costly


LinkTrackr is yet another web-based service that enables marketers to generate, cape, split-test, and trace all your links from a central point. It provides several features for online business activities and owners.

LinkTrackr does the following:

  • Optimize your links for social media sharing & search engines
  • Split-testing multiple links using one link
  • Cloak and secure your affiliate links from commission theft
  • Show overall statistics for all clicks and conversion rate
  • Track your entire link clicks & performance throughout the web
  • Track other site’s ads and banners

LinkTrackr Features

  • Affiliates links cloaking – uses the destination link as your cloaked link
  • Basic cloaking – also referred to as hiding your URL, and stops your main affiliate link from showing up in the internet browser.
  • Custom domain URL – LinkTrackr offers a custom domain URL that you can use to cloak your affiliate links. 
  • Affiliate links optimization – offers a fetch button that allows LinkTrackr to obtain data automatically from your affiliate link into each related field.
  • WordPress cloaking – LinkTrackr includes a free plugin that enables your WP site to automatically convert keywords into tracking or affiliate link.
  • Advanced conversion tracking – LinkTrackr offers three different methods, including TID tracking, Postback tracking, and Pixel tracking.

LinkTrackr Pricing

LinkTrackr has four pricing tiers that include a 30-day trial:

  • Basic plan – costs $7/m, with features such as:
  • Advanced cloaking
  • Branded domains & links
  • 100 tracking links
  • 10k clicks
  • Pro plan – costs $19/m, with features such as:
  • Advanced cloaking
  • Branded custom domains
  • 500 tracking links
  • 50k clicks
  • Conversion tracking
  • Hyper plan – costs $39/m, with features such as:
  • Other features on Pro plan, except
  • 1k tracking links
  • 100k clicks
  • A/B split-tunneling
  • Extreme plan – costs $69/m, with features such as:
  • Other features on Hyper plan, except
  • 5k tracking links
  • 500k clicks
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  • Link optimization
  • Hides the URL
  • Instantaneous click displays
  • Conversion tracking
  • Cloaking links with a viral tool
  • Structured setup


  • Not beginner-friendly


ClixTrac is another free tracking service that comes in handy if you wish to track the amount of time your ads and affiliates are clicked. Both text ads and image ads are trackable, and the tool also offers a basic URL tracking that allows setting and tracking URLs on your site.

Have you been searching for a freemium (affordable)? ClixTrac might be a fantastic choice for your needs. Oh! I should have forgotten to mention that the tool is very beginner-friendly.

ClixTrac Features

  • A/B split-tests – allows you to see the best-converting pages
  • Link cloaking – safeguards your affiliate links to protect your affiliate’s commissions theft.

Where does ClixTrac Click?

  • Emails & newsletters
  • Solo ad campaigns
  • Software downloads
  • Links from affiliate partners
  • Press releases & published articles
  • External services & sites

ClixTrac Pricing

ClixTrac offers two pricing tiers, plus a free plan, which includes features such as retargeting, 100 clicks/link actual-time tracking, unlimited links & banners, among others. Its premium plans include:

  • Premium plan – costs $4.95/m, with features such as:
  • Unlimited clicks tracking
  • Partial click data
  • Up to 20k impressions each day per banner
  • Links without expiry
  • Reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and more
  • Professional plan – costs $9.95/m, with features such as:
  • Split-test various landing pages
  • Custom domain name support
  • Downloadable reports
  • Complete click data
  • Sub-id tracking and forwarding
  • Conversion tracking
  • Unlimited links & impressions
  • Hide the origin of your traffic
  • Statistics sharing pages for your customers, and more


  • User-friendly interface
  • Web-based
  • In-built sharing feature or bookmark feature
  • Robust features
  • Creates distinctive links
  • Ability to record each instant click from your ads
  • Unlimited links


  • Offers a complimentary feature
  • Widely used due to its free version
  • Average reliability when the platform is used from different regions is a cloud-based ad tracking and conversion recognized solution that is useful in combining data across their activities. The tool focuses on performance, making it useful among digital agencies, ad companies, affiliates, and media buyers. Features

  • Custom conversions – offers the ability to track the user journey via signup accounts that are converted into purchases.
  • Affiliate tracking & management
  • Banner & commission management
  • Fraud detection
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • A/B testing – helps recognize the winning campaign
  • API integration, and more Pricing offers three pricing tiers, including a free plan and a 14-day free trial. The premium plans include:

  • Basic plan – costs $49/m, with features such as:
  • 1 million clicks
  • Email support
  • Three custom domains
  • Core tracker features
  • Twelve-month data retention
  • Personal onboarding
  • Pro plan – costs $99/m, with features such as:
  • Other features on the Basic plan, except
  • 3 million clicks
  • Unlimited domains
  • Multiaccess
  • Full-access API
  • Impression tracking
  • Post-event monitoring
  • Business plan – costs $399/m, with features such as:
  • Other features on Pro plan, except
  • 20 million clicks
  • 24-months data retention
  • Three free extra users
  • Publisher panel


  • Impression tracking
  • Click conversion tracking
  • In-built bot detection
  • Data attribution
  • Third-party cookie-less
  • Automatic automatization of ad campaigns
  • Robust features
  • A free 14-day trial


  • Lacks live support
  • Slightly pricey


This is where I jump out! Hopefully, our article was helpful and that you won’t have trouble selecting the best link tracking or tracer depending on your needs. Voluum is our editor’s choice as it includes beginner-friendly interface and features, and it’s also recommended by many affiliate marketers.