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During my corporate years when I worked as an analyst at General Electric, I got introduced to webinar solutions. It so happened that GE, at that time, was ditching its solution for a new one, WebEx. GE had actually customized its WebEx solution this may surprise you but there is now a GE Webex certification! Offered by some other company.

Through my exposure to a number of solutions and my expertise, after trying several of them, I am excited to share what I think is the best webinar software available in 2021. If you are a small business or just starting out, you should know that 89% of hosts that have used different webinar solutions agree that webinars are the best platform to promote and grow your business. Webinars and podcasts are great channels, same way blogs were the best tool in 2004.

First, let’s start with some basics and perhaps history;

Webinars used to be a B2B software marketing solution but its growing to be a significant tool for use as a B2C marketing tool as well. You can use it as a B2B platform when you want to reach a few direct businesses or host an internal meeting with staff. As a B2C platform, you can rely on it to support needs and requirements for large meetings for training or marketing purposes.

Regardless of your needs based on the number of attendees and solutions you want to use during a webinar, there is a solution for you on the list I’ve put together below.

Again, webinars are a very important way to build a more personal relationship with your audience, go in detail about the topics that concern them and build your brand as a place they can rely on for information on a certain topic.

Without further delay, let’s delve in the most important questions:

What is the Best Webinar Software?

If you are looking for the best webinar solution in 2021, you should know why we picked WebinarJam as the overall best webinar software in 2021.

As we prepared this list, we used the following to rank them:

  1. Number of attendees webinar software allows
  2. The ease of use
  3. The price of the webinar solution
  4. Landing pages and the ability to customize the landing pages for the audience
  5. Live chat options and other add-ons such as polls and active campaigns
  6. Webinar Automation and scheduling

After considering all the above, Webinarjam is my #1 pick as the go-to webinar software solution for anyone looking for a reliable, easy-to-use and customizable webinar software. The team that developed Webinarjam is the same team that worked on the popular EverWebinar solution and you can definitely rely on them and their tool.

The best software solution for your webinar should have the following features, at a minimum:

  • It should be able to record a webinar session. I have reviewed all the best webinar recording software if you want to check them out.
  • During the webinar, you should be able to share docs and other materials
  • Ability to chat, engage, and follow up with your audience/potential customers without experiencing some inconveniencing downtime
  • it should deliver high-quality video
  • It should enable you to automate your sales process
  • Have helpful add-ons to enable you to engage with your prospects. Most critical add-ons include built-in polls and surveys, live-chat, live-streaming, on
  • One-to-one sessions, automatic recording, scheduling, among others.
  • Finally, the best software solution you choose from the list below should not be too costly for the needs you require.

Regardless of your choice, I am confident that you’ll find the most ideal solution that is good, legit and will deliver all your needs.

Let’s go to the list now.

23 Best Webinar Solutions 2021:

Here is a full list of the top 15 best webinar solutions:

  1. WebinarJam
  2. Easywebinar
  3. Webex
  4. Dacast
  5. ClickMeeting (
  6. Everwebinar
  7. GetResponse
  8. Gotowebinar
  9. WebinarNinja
  10. Demio
  11. Webinars OnAir
  12. Adobe Connect
  13. Zoom
  14. GoBrunch
  15. Webinarsonair
  16. Google Hangouts
  17. WorkCast
  18. Livestream
  19. Anymeeting
  20. Webex
  21. Dacast
  22. Zoho Meeting
  23. Crowdcast

Reviews of Best Webinar Software


I picked Webinarjam as 2021’s overall best webinar software available in the market. The great thing about Webinarjam is that you need 0 (ZERO) knowledge of how to set up and host a webinar as its easy-to-use platform that will make you feel like a PRO.

If you are looking for a webinar solution to use as a sales tool, Webinarjam is the undisputed leader. This is part of the reason we ranked it higher than other solutions that is more suited for group calls or weekly meeting calls. As a sales tool, it stands out as a webinar solution with a high engagement of up to 4x those of other tools and you can rely on it to effectively engage your potential customers and increase your chances of conversion.

webinarjam, #1 pick as overall best webinar software in 2020

WebinarJam is a very ideal tool for any marketer looking to stream live sessions and record them for use with EverWebinar. Here are some distinct features that make it stand out:

  1. During a webinar session, you can set pop-ups which allows your prospects to buy your product right away.
  2. During a webinar session, WebinarJam allows you to select a 1:1 video conversion with one member of the audience.
  3. With WebinarJam, you can create live-polls which you can schedule to end before a certain time and can use the data to make some comments.

WebinarJam is the most ideal platform for hosting large audiences with a focus on live streaming, unlike Everwebinar. Since it’s main focus is live-streaming, there is no automation or scheduling. If you need automation and scheduling, WebinarJam’s sister platform mentioned above, Everwebinar, syncs perfectly with WebinarJam to gather for all your needs.

Below is a video review with details of Webinarjam review and how you can integrate it with Everwebinar:

Webinarjam Review 2021 by Active Growth

Below are some of the features that will really get you interested in this top-ranking webinar software in 2021:

  • Streaming: With WebinarJam, you can stream to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, or to Webinar Jamcast, Webinarjam’s private broadcaster.
  • Branding: With WebinarJam, you can brand your page as much as you want.
  • Recording: With Webinarjam, you can record your webinar session using Everwebinar.
  • Interacting with the audience: You have access to virtual whiteboards, live-chats and polls to interact with your audience
  • Presentations: You have various ways to make your presentation better including insertions of pre-recorded recordings to play during a webinar session.
  • Security: Your audience needs to access the webinar using a secure password
  • Analytics: Webinarjam dashboard give you helpful analytics to give you an insight into how your audience engaged with you during the webinar session.

Webinarjam Pricing:

There are three plans you can choose from:

  1. Basic Plan: This plan allows you to host up to 500 participants per webinar session and up to three presenters can present in the session. This plan costs $39.92/month or $479 annually.
  2. Pro Plan: This plan allows you to host up to 1,000 participants per webinar session and up to four presenters can present in the session. This plan costs $65.25/month or $783/year
  3. Pro Plan: This plan allows you to host up to 5,000 participants per webinar session and up to 6 presenters can present in the session. This plan costs $83.08/month. 

Below is a table that best represents the three pricing plans:

webinarjam pricing 2020

WebinarJam is currently offering a trial for 60-day at just $1.

Webinarjam was founded in November 2013 by three businessmen who saw the need for an easy-to-use webinar solution. Since then the trio hasn’t looked back. It is based in La Jolla, California, and owned by an LLC called Genesis Digital. In 2021, 8 years on, Webinarjam is now one of the best-selling webinar software solutions you can find in the market.  Webinarjam has a team of six full-time senior directors and a large team of developers and customer support associates. 

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WebinarJam’s webinars are powered by Broadcast Distribution Technology which distributes a universal signal. The universal signal is made compatible with almost any browser and device you can think of by the use of recent technologies such as RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, and Flash.

You can get started with Webinarjam today here

2. EasyWebinar:

If you are a marketer, our second-best webinar software in 2021, EasyWebinar is your go-to solution. Easywebinar has integrated marketing strategies that work with its webinar platform.

easywebinar review, #2 pick as the second best overall webinar platform

Aside from that, you can opt for live or automated webinar sessions as it has an all-inclusive plan. This feature differentiates it from Webinarjam which needs integration with Everwebinar to support automated sessions.

Below are some of the key features:

  1. It supports several presenters who are relayed on HD videos and cans hare screens and chat live during the session
  2. The basic plan supports up to 100 attendees
  3. If you integrate with Youtube, you can host as many attendees as you want.
  4. Easywebinar has a mobile app that supports live chat as well.
  5. It can be easily integrated with WordPress, MailChimp, GetResponse, among others.
  6. It has a built-in analytics tool to enable you to understand the audience better


easywebinar pricing 2020
  • Standard Plan: Easywebinar’s Standard plan has a limit of 100 attendees during a live session. This plan costs $78 when billed monthly. With Youtube integration, you can have an unlimited number of attendees
  • Pro Plan: Easywebinar’s Pro plan has a limit of 500 attendees during a live session. This plan costs $129 when billed monthly.
  • Enterprise Plan: Easywebinar’s Pro plan has a limit of 2,000 attendees during a live session. This plan costs $499 when billed monthly.

Easywebinar has a 14-day free trial that you can cancel any time and if you decide to be billed annually, you get three months for free.

You can try Easywebinar today here.

3. Webex

Webex, number 3 webinar software

Cisco has always impressed the web community with its products and Webex attests to that.

Webex is our #3 pick in this list of best webinar software you can pick in 2021. Webex was established in 1995 and got acquired by Cisco in 2007. It is known for providing a host of web-conferencing tool that provides a suite of video-conferencing for webinars and meetings. With the Webex webinar, you get a host room that streams your video and audio in HD and attendees can access the webinar on several devices. Webex can fit any needs of a business as it is fully customizable and provide online and offline training as well as support.

Webex uses WebRTC to push video streams to Youtube Live for broadcasting but is not always as fast as it, at times, experiences delays.

Webex vs Other webinar software

Webex is preferred by several users because of a host of tools you can access and the fact that it is compatible with all devices and browsers.

Here are some of its features:

  1. It is a cloud-based platform
  2. The maximum number of attendees is 40,000
  3. Excellent video and audio quality
  4. Integrates with tools such as Salesforce
  5. You can conduct surveys, polls during webinar sessions

The cheapest plan for Webex costs $13.5 per month and can allow up to 50 attendees. You should note that you’ll be billed annually and the price goes up with other plans.

When Compared with WebinarJam, Webex differs in the following ways:

  1. Allows attendees to download during a session which can be distracting. On the other hand, Webinarjam does not allow downloads
  2. Webex is similar to Webinarjam in that it allows mobile support. Webex’s mobile support is via an app and is similar to GoToWebinar and Crowdcast. On the other hand, other webinar software such as Livestorm uses Mobile browser for support – not mobile app
  3. Webex does not offer on-demand webinars

Unlike other traditional webinar software such as WebinarJam, Easywebinar, and GoToWebinar, Webex is more suited for in-house team collaboration than webinars. As I mentioned above, we used this for in-house staff meetings at GE and it was perfect as it has a host of collaboration tools.

Please check back soon as we review other webinars software in our 2021 list above.

4. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a top-notch web-based audio and video webinar solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. ClickMeeting is an excellent webinar solution in 2021 because it will facilitate how your business conducts polls, surveys, and rebranding to fit your company’s brand. 

ClickMeeting Homepage

Click Meeting allows you unmatched control of how you engage with your partners through its key features, which are:

  • ClickMeeting is a cloud-based platform that ensures high-quality and audio streaming
  • Clickmeeting prides itself with a variety of useful features and tools such as in-meeting polls and surveys for the audience, built-in chat for groups or private messaging, screen sharing for improved presentation delivery, a  waiting room with an agenda that promotes the start of the meeting with all participants present, and a whiteboard function for brainstorming and drawing.
  • ClickMeeting supports webinar recording and storage, branded rooms, custom invitations, and live streaming on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • ClickMeeting’s video conferencing service manages dozens of integrations with Adobe, Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft among others.
  • ClickMeeting provides an open API that gives developers access to build integrations to other applications or software developed in-house.

Below are other ClickMeeting features that make it competitive webinar software platform in 2021:

  • It integrates with PayPal that enables you to monetize your webinars
  • It provides automated webinars that allow you to publish your content at the set time, hassle-free
  • It allows you to extend your plan with add-ons
  • It has a new room that provides you with new features and discoveries on how you can improve your future webinars
  • It provides toll-free phone numbers that allow your attendees to dial into your webinars, which makes your events available to persons without Internet access
  • It provides fast and easy unlocks to on-demand webinars, which improves your lead base
  • It provides you with webinars and attendee statistics that enable you to deduce useful predictions and trends.

Click Meeting Pricing

As shown in the image above, ClickMeeting offers its services through four plans, which are the Free Trial, Live, Automated, and Enterprise. The prices are affordable as the Live plan is billed at $25/month billed annually, the automated plan is billed at $40/month paid yearly, the Enterprise plan, which is custom-priced, is suitable for large businesses.ClickMeeting plans are can also be billed monthly, through the price is higher.

The Free trial plan is valid for 30 days and allows up to 25 attendees. The Free trial is appropriate for new clients who need to explore the live, automated, and on-demand webinars before deciding which plan suits their businesses best.


  • ClickMeeting allows you to send SMS to participants
  • The advanced scheduling enables you to mark your calendar, which allows you to block any engagements during special holidays
  • It is easy to set up a live webinar and consequently moving it to the on-demand section instantly
  • It handles large numbers of participants efficiently
  • It provides its services with competitive prices
  • It supports many languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish, and 
  • It is suitable for small businesses, large companies, medium businesses, and freelancers.


  • ClickMeeting uses webinar templates that are way more basic than other webinar software
  • It slow in exporting videos, which mandates an update of the compression tools.
  • Pricing plans offers a slightly low audience limit
  • Grievances are not addressed on weekends because redressal needs 1-2 working days and.
  • Its performance reduces if a fast internet connection is unavailable.
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ClickMeeting Vs Other Webinars Software:

ClickMeeting vs Webinarjam:

While Clickmeeting supports two main platforms; web and phone app (iPhone and Android), Webinarjam only supports a web-based platform. The cheapest Clickmeeting package costs $25/m about $15 cheaper than Webinarjam’s lowest-tier plan that costs $39/m. Webinar jam is ideal for you if you are looking for a very customizable webinar platform with a host of features such as live streaming. On the other hand, ClickMeeting is ideal for you if you are looking for software that’s easy to integrate with other software such as dropbox, google calendar, Office 365, Slack and Google Drive, among others. Another significant difference between ClickMeeting is that ClickMeeting has a free plan that allows you to host up to 25 attendees at no cost to you. On the other hand, Webinarjam does not have a free plan but offers a 60-day trial for just $1. 

Clickmeeting vs zoom:

  • ClickMeeting and Zoom differ in their pricing and plans. Zoom is cheaper than ClickMeeting because the cheapest Zoom plan starts at $14.99/month while the cheapest ClickMeeting plans cost $30/month., both billed monthly. While ClickMeeting allows annual billings, Zoom only offers monthly payment plans. Also, ClickMeeting provides quote-based pricing for its Enterprise plan while Zoom does not-its enterprise plan costs $19.99/ month. Moreover, Zoom provides a free platform for its ‘Basic Plan’ while ClickMeeting does not-its offers a 30-day free trial only.
  • Another notable difference between ClickMeeting and Zoom are languages supported. ClickMeeting supports English, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese while Zoom supports English only. 
  • ClickMeeting is available on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-based while Zoom is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Web-based.
  • Clickmeeting is suitable for small businesses, large enterprises, medium corporations, and Freelancers, while Zoom is appropriate for all companies except Freelancers.
  • ClickMeeting provides support through emails and Live Support, while Zoom offers support through emails, phones, and live chats.

Clickmeeting vs GoTowebinar:

  • ClickMeeting and GoTowebinar differ in their plan models and pricing. ClickingMeeting, is way cheaper than GoTowebinar because its cheapest plan starts at $25/ month and the cheapest GoTowebinar costs $69/month, bothe billed annually. Also, ClickMeeting allows both monthly and annual billing, while GoToWebinar facilitates yearly billing only. Both webinar software solutions offer free trials, where ClickMeeting provides a 30-days free trial that has a limit of 25 attendees and GoToWebinar offers a 7-days free trial that allows a maximum of 100 attendees.
  • ClickMeeting supports Facebook and YouTube Live while GoToWebinar does not
  • ClickMeeting supports English, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish, while GoToWebinar supports the English language only.
  • ClickMeeting is available on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-based devices while GoToWebinar is available on Windows, Android, iPhone.Ipad. MAC, and Web-based devices.
  • ClickMeeting provides support only through emails and chats while GoToWebinar offers support via phone calls, live chats, training, and tickets.

Clickmeeting vs GoToMeeting:

  • ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting differ in their plans and pricing models. ClickMeeting is more expensive than GoToMeeting because its cheapest plan costs $25/month while the cheapest GoToMeeting Plan costs $12/month, billed annually. Besides, ClickMeeting’s most popular costs  $40/ month while GoToMeeting’s most popular plan costs $19/month. Also, Clickmeeting provides quote-based prices in its enterprise plan that is customized, while GoToMeeting does not offer quote-based pricing because it does not have custom plans.
  • Secondly, ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting differ in the languages the webinar software support. While GoToMeeting supports only English, ClickMeeting supports English, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Thirdly, GoToMeeting is available on Windows, iPhone/Ipad, Mac, and Web-based devices, while ClickMeeting is available on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-based devices.
  • Finally, ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting differ in the channels of customer care they provide. ClickMeeting Provides support through emails and Live Support while GoToMeeting offers support through Phone calls, live chats, training, and tickets.

Clickmeeting vs Cisco Webex:

  • ClickMeeting and Cisco Webex differ in the pricing and plan models. Cisco Webex is cheaper than ClickMeeting because its most affordable plan costs $19/month while the most affordable ClickMeeting plan costs $25/month, billed yearly. Also, ClickMeeting offers quote-based pricing while GoToMeeting does not. Additionally, Cisco Webex provides a free account, while ClickMeeting provides a 30-days trial only.
  • Secondly, Cisco WebEx supports the English language while Click Meeting supports English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese.
  • Thirdly, ClickMeeting is fitting for all company sizes such as small businesses, large enterprises, medium businesses, and freelancers, while Cisco WebEx is appropriate for all other businesses except Freelancers.
  • Finally, Cisco WebEx provides customer support via phone calls and live chats, while ClickMeeting provides customer care via emails and live chats.


EverWebinar is the World’s most powerful automated webinar program owing to its fully automated customer-activity based email connections, its capacity to keep users engaged, its ability to record webinars automatically that enable users to replay them for potential leads,  and an easy under-three minute setup for WebinarJam users.

EverWebinar is most fitting for small and medium businesses that wish to generate leads and boost their sales using Webinars.

Some of EverWebinar’s key features include:

  • Automated Webinars that stimulate events,
  • Secure webinar rooms with password protection
  • Live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar
  • Page-customization tool that maintains your brand
  • In-built autoresponders that enable you to communicate to your users pre and post-webinars
  • Active offer displays with urgency and scarcity
  • Advanced analytics and tracking systems that help you understand your data,
  • Unreliable free hosting through reliable, cloud-based servers
  • Time-zone auto-detection that enable users in the whole world to use EverWebinar with ease, and
  • Just-in-time webinars that commence immediately upon registration.


EverWebinar does not provide pricing details for their products to the public,  which is a marketing strategy that is often used by software vendors and service providers. According to Codeinwp, however, EverWebinar charges a one-time-fee of $597 to all their subscribers. Currently, EverWebinar is running an offer where clients need to pay $497 only for the next one year.  Also, EverWebinar has introduced a 60-days free trial for prospective clients, and consequently, bills new subscribers yearly.


  • EverWebianr has an advanced scheduling system that allows you to set up your monthly, weekly, and daily webinars for promotions by enabling you to select particular days of the week and time zones bases on your audiences’ preferences. For example, the advanced scheduling system enables you to block out specific days or holidays that you don’t want your promotion to run. Also, the scheduling system has time zone auto-detection that allows you to configure your webinars to the most appropriate time for your global consumers.
  • EverWebinar provides just-in-time webinars that begin minutes after registration to enable your audience to watch your webinar-on-demand as they register and block night-time webinars to keep it fully realistic.
  • EverWebinar provides the best presentation tools and the highest interactions, which improves your sales.
  • It keeps your subscribers in the loop owing to its full email and SMS communication system that facilitate auto-responses.
  • Provides real-time analytics concerning signups, attendance, purchase ratios, In-webinar behavior tracking, tracks your money, and pay-to-register fees that facilitate your monetization efforts.


  • You cannot simulate the live chat
  • Email remainders require an extra cost
  • The one-time fee is high for some prospective clients.

Everwebinar vs webinarjam:

  • EverWebinar and WebinarJam differ in their pricing and plans. EverWebinar requires a one time-fee of $597 to access all its features (it does not have different plans) while WebinarJam has three plans, whose basic plan costs $479/ year and the premium plan costs $997/year.
  • EverWebinar does not allow social media streaming while Webinarjam allows
  • EverWebinar is full integrated while full integration is not a guarantee with Webinarjam
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Everwebinar vs EasyWebinar:

  • EverWebinar and EasyWebinar differ in the pricing and plans models. EverWebinar does have only one plan that offers all features to their subscribers under a one-time fee of $597, while EasyWebinar provides its webinar services in three plans, the standard, Pro, and Enterprise that costs $79/month, $129/month, and $499/month.
  •  Also, EverWebinar offers a 60-days trial at $1 while EasyWebinars offers a 14-days free trial.
  • EverWebinar does not allow streaming of webinars in social media platforms whole EasyWebinar does 

EverWebinar vs. GoToWebinar

  • The pricing and plan models for EverWebinar and GoToWebinar differ. EverWebinar only has one plan that attracts a one-time fee of $597 while GoToWebianr has three plans. The cheapest GoToWebinar costs $69/monthly billed annually while its most expensive plan costs $319/month billed yearly.
  • EverWebinar provides a 60-days trial period at $1 while GoToWebinar offers prospective clients a free 7-day trial period.
  • GoToWebinar gives a  free premium version while EverWebinar does not
  • GoToWebinar provides integration service while premium consulting is not available with EverWebinar.

6. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a mobile app that provides webinar services such as online meetings, desktop sharing and video conferencing enabling their users to meet with other computer users, customers, and colleagues in real-time.  GoToWebinar is the sister product of GoToMeeting that is developed for larger groups of participants. GoToWebinar is rated number 1 in customer satisfaction owing to its features such as flexible scheduling of the whole event management process, easy and quick setup, and access to in-built templates that provide the most fitting business environment.

Other key features of GoToWebinar are:

  • Customizable webinar invitations, automated email reminders, and registration pages that are highly convertible, features that allow you to promote your upcoming event that results in huge traffic.
  • Inbuilt polls and surveys that enable you to engage with your participants
  • Automatic recording that can be shared online later
  • Hassle-free integration with tools such as Salesforce, Unbounce, and Zappier
  • Source tracking to discover channels that generate the most webinar signups
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Has HD video quality
  • Supports pre-recorded events

GoToWebinar is most suitable for small and mid-sized  corporations that have little time for set-up or integration and still need a robust webinar software platform.


GoToWebinar provides its webinar services through four plans, Starter, Pro, Plus, and Enterprise that are billed either monthly or annually. 

Note, Annual billings attract a discounted offer of 20%.

The cheapest plan cost $69/month billed annually, while the most expensive plan, the Enterprise, is quota-priced as it is custom-made. 

The image below shows the three basic GoToWebinar plans, their pricing, and the participant limits.


  • Presenters can stream webinars from any location in the world’s from all popular devices
  • The analytics and marketing tools are some of the most competitive in the market
  • Provides enhanced engagement between the presenters and participants through live chars and virtual hands-raising
  • Presenters can use GoToWebinar with minimal training
  • Provides more flexible branding than its competitors
  • It is affordable relative to the services it provides, such as its ability to support a large number of attendees
  • It enables recording of webinars for future playbacks, and 
  • It integrates with Pardot/Salesforce


  •  The Starter plan supports only 100 attendees, which is a very limiting to companies that receive fast traffic
  • GoToWebinar is a bit expensive as even its lowest plan demands about $900/ year

Gotowebinar vs Webinarjam

  • GoToWebinar is much more expensive than WebinarJam. While both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam Plans are billed either monthly or annually, the lowest GoToWebinar plan costs $69/ month billed annually and the lowest WebinarJam plan costs $39.92/month  billed yearly.
  • GoToWebinar and WebinarJam also differ in their attendees limits in their respective plans. For example, GoToWebinar’s starter plan allows only 100 participants, while Webinarjam’s basic plan has a limit of 500 attendees. Also, Webinarjam allows 500o participants in its most expensive plan, a number of attendees that is possible in the custom-made Enterprise plan of GoToWebinar.
  • Thirdly, GoToWebinar enables webinar downloads with HTML while WebinarJam does not support downloads
  • GoToWebinar is available on a phone app only, while WeninarJam is available on mobile phone search engines
  • WebinarJam allows supports YouTube streaming while GoToWebianr does not
  • GoToWebinar provides on-demand webinars in its plans, while WebinarJam avails on-demand webinars as separate offerings
  • GoToWebinar does not support advanced email customization while Webinarjam does
  • GoToWebianr provides analytics reports  while Webinarjam does not
  • GoToWebinar supports multi-languages while GoToWebinar does not
  • GoToWebinar does not have custom tag integration while WebinarJam does

GoToWebinar vs GoToMeeting

  • GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting differ in their plans and pricing. The cheapest GoToWebinar plan costs $69/ month while the most affordable GoToMeeting plan costs $12/month, both billed annually. Also, GoToWebinar provides quote-based prices in its Enterprise platform while does offer quote-based prices.
  • GoToWebinar supports a higher number of participants in its plans than GoToMeeting. GoToWebinar supports 100 participants in its Starter plan while GoToMeeting supports  10 attendees in its starter plan. Also, GoToWebinar can support up to 5,000 attendees in its enterprise pan while the maximum number of attendees that GoToMeeting can support is 250.
  • GoToWebinar is available on Android while GoToMeeting is not
  • GoToWebinar offers a free 7-days trial with up to 100 attendees, while GoToWebinar offers a free 14-days trial with up to 250 participants.

Gotowebinar vs WebEx:

GoToWebinar and Cisco Webex provide webinar software solutions. Additionally, Webex provides other services such as team collaboration, online training, contact center, download software solutions, and cognitive collaboration.

  • GoToWebinar and Cisco WebEX vary in their pricing because the starting cost for GoToWebinar is $89/month and the Cisco WebEx costs start at $19/month billed monthly. GoToWebinar accepts both monthly, yearly, and quote-based subscriptions, while Cisco WebEx allows only monthly and quote-based subscriptions.
  • GoToWebinars is ideal for all businesses including freelancers while Cisco WebEx is unfit for freelancers.
  • GoToWebinar provides customer support via phone calls, live chats, training, and tickets while Cisco WebEx supplies support by live chats and phone calls only.


WebinarNinja is an all-in-one webinar solution that prides itself with the simplest and fastest webinar set up to run Live, Hybrid, Series, or Summits through its easy-to-use developing tools, and out-of-the-box thankyou and sign up pages  Live webinars are broadcasted with a live host for audience interaction, automated webinars are recorded sessions that run at specified times or on-demand, and Series webinars are a collection of several webinars. Finally, Hybrid webinars are a combination of live and recorded videos.

The key features of WebinarNinja are:

  • Its lightning-fast live chat
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Run multipole poll before, during, and after the webinar
  • Provides email automation and drip campaigns
  • Its  high-converting, custom registration landing pages
  • Analytics dashboard with the ability to export data
  • Integrations with 1000+ apps with Zappier
  • Has in-built marketing tools that accumulation of participants
  • Time-zone conversions allow the host to convert webinars to attendee’s local time.
Best Webinar Software 2021
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Best Webinar Software 2021
This post has detailed reviews and comparison of the 23 best webinar software you can find in the market in 2021
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