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According to Campaign Monitor, you could see a 4,400% ROI on your email marketing expenditure, that’s every $44 for every $1 spent. That’s the beauty of technology. Less work, less spending with more reward.

Wondering how you can see a 4,400 ROI?

Our guide and list with the best email marketing software vary in pricing and features. The features that differentiate them can determine your success and in our review below we delve deeper into the following specific elements and statistics:

  1. Email automation: Revenue for B2B marketing automation systems increased by 60% to $1.2 million in 2014, compared to a 50% increase in 2013 – VentureBeat
  2. Mobile optimized emails: 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices – Campaign Monitor
  3. Email Personalization: Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. – Campaign Monitor
  4. Email engagement: Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey

Now that you’ve seen that email marketing is a proven tool, you should note that several tools available are great – but you need to find that software tool most ideal for your needs.

As a professor or a team leader sharing some tasks, email deliverability may not be your concern but if you are in sales or trying to convert some prospects to clients, Constant Contact is your best option.

For bloggers, like myself, Convertkit is the obvious choice given the number of options it gives you including its text-based welcome email series. For anyone selling products and want quality images in the emails for better conversion, Benchmark is the default choice for you.

There are over 50 email software services in the market and my colleagues and I have gone through over 75% of the top-rated ones to reduce this list to just 20. This guide will give you the most detailed information on how you can pick the best email software that best suits your email outreach needs.

Before we go into individual reviews of the email software on this 2021 list, let’s answer the big question that most people who end up on this page have.

What’s the Best Email Marketing Software in 2021?

Constant Contact emerged as the overall #1 pick after thorough research and analysis that looked at several factors including:

  1. Template designs
  2. Reliability,
  3. Pricing
  4. Technical support,
  5. Ease of use,
  6. Deliverability,
  7. Automation and,
  8. Integrations.

Constant Contact scored above 85% in almost all the 8 factors above and we couldn’t agree more. We currently use it ourselves. The best email software, whether you choose Constant Contact or any other, should allow you to do the following critical things:

  1. Easily design an email with a template most suitable to your audience
  2. Segment your list so you can get better conversion
  3. Personalize your messaging
  4. Obtain robustly actionable analytics reports
  5. Deliver emails to the primary inbox, not the receiver’s spam folder.

If the above makes sense so far, let’s go through through the whole list:

20 Best Email Marketing Software

  • Constant Contact.
  • HubSpot.
  • Sendinblue.
  • GetResponse.
  • ActiveCampaign.
  • Omnisend.
  • Gist.
  • Automizy.
  • Mailerlite.
  • ConvertKit.
  • Aweber.
  • Mailigen.
  • Benchmark.
  • SendPulse.
  • MoonMail.
  • Ontraport.
  • Campaign Monitor.
  • MailChimp.
  • Mailjet.

Reviews of the Best Email Software

1.Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the overall #1 pick as the best email service software in 2021 and it’s also one of the oldest email service providers. It has been around since 1995 although it took the name, Constant Contact in 2004.

Constant contact, overall best email software 2020

You can hate the owner but love the service and that’s how exactly I feel about Constant Contact. It is owned by EIG, the company known for acquiring hosting companies and ruining the hosting company service delivery with the aim of reducing cost. EIG owns Bluehost, Hostgator,, among several others.

Below is a quick 4-minute review of Constant Contact:

With email services, Constant Contact hasn’t disappointed. It has stayed true to its aim of supporting smaller businesses to grow and reach scales, like any other mature enterprise. One way they attest to their superior service is that over 90% of the emails through this software get delivered. That’s far more than the average of 73%.

Constant Contact has over 100 mobile-optimized templates that allow you to easily engage your customers. They also provide real-time reporting and analytics as well as helpful add-ons such as polls, coupons, events among others. You can also use it to manage events and specifically handle invitations, registrations, and ticketing.


Constant contact pricing

The cheapest plan that costs $20 per month allows you to send emails to an unlimited number of accounts. They call the $20 plan, the Email Plan and among other features, you’ll enjoy are:

  1. Over 100 templates
  2. Contact list import and list building tools
  3. List segmentation
  4. Automated Email Resend to Nonopeners
  5. Great support – chat, and phone

The $45 plan does more than a regular email software. You can rely on this Email Plus plan for the above features in the basic plan and the following additions:

  1. Automated email welcome series
  2. Learn and respond to the receiver’s behavioral when engaging/reading your email
  3. Manage meetings/RSVPs
  4. Multiple permission levels – many users
  5. Conduct surveys and polls
  6. Collect donations

You can read more and get started with Constant Contact on their website here.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot is our number #2 pick in this list of overall best email software in 2021. Hubspot email software is designed for marketers and they’ve put all the effort to perfect it. It has the most integrated solution that will prepare you to succeed as a marketer and you can see this from its designs, optimizations, and wonderful templates.

Hubspot Email number 2 pick in best email software

With Hubspot, you’ll probably won’t need your email specialist in your firm as they give you all you need. The templates allow you to easily add text, images, buttons, dividers and choose from several layouts.

I have to admit, Hubspot beats Constant Contact with ease-of-use and does above average in all the 8 ranking factors above. Of course, Constant Contact kicks ass in several other aspects, that’s why it came ahead of Hubspot.

When you create your email, you can preview it in different devices and browsers letting you confirm that you are comfortable with your design.

You can also personalize the emails based on several factors such as user’s device, names, AB test results, list segment, and geographic location. You can also tweak these to maximize/improve the click rate.

Once you’ve created your email, you let Smart Send functionality to handle the sending. To maximize the email open rate, Smart Send can adjust the send time in your favor.

You can also rely on Hubspot with superior data and analytics such as the open rate and more importantly, the amount of time spent viewing the email. A shorter viewing period should tell you to improve the email outlook to increase the user’s attention.

In terms of deliverability, Hubspot has even higher deliverability compared to Constant Contact. They boast of 99% deliverability and they are able to do this because they adequately test emails and they o proper domain validation settings using reliable DKIM and SPF records.

If you are already loving the features, below is more:

  1. The email plans come with CRM
  2. You get automated sequences and mobile optimization
  3. You can leverage Gmail extension to track sends and automate outreach
  4. It has a form builder
  5. Superior analytics data
  6. Superior support

If you want to master inbound and outbound marketing, you’ll love Hubspot’s Marketing Hub Starter package which starts from $50. It came second in this list as the best solution for any marketer that wants to conquer the market and spike sales.

The video below has a quick starter guide of Hubspot:

Get started with Hubspot here

3. Sendingblue

Our #3 choice pick for email marketing software you can rely on in 2021 is Sendinblue. For small businesses with a hunger to accomplish something great, Sendinblue will definitely not disappoint. Sendinblue offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 50,000 growing companies around the world and its main focus is usually small and medium-sized businesses. It is based in Paris, France.

Sendingblue homepage

The best thing about Sendinblue is how adaptable and accessible it is. You can grow your business however you want it and it helps you build customer relationships with their powerful marketing software platform.

Sendingblue review:

Sendinblue gives you tools big companies use for a cheaper price.

sendingblue pricing 2020

Now another best thing about Sendinblue is their features, especially their CRM system that makes everything so much easier. Sendinblue sets you upon a CRM; you just upload your contacts and start managing your customer relationships.

They also have email heat maps where you get to visualize how contacts read and engage in your emails making it easy to analyze your email performance and make meaningful changes in your email campaigns.

Some of the features I found very fascinating were;

  1. You get the most from your email contact base through effective list segmentation
  2. Save time and boost performance through their marketing automation
  3. Sign up forms where you get to that enable you to grow your email contact list
  4. Real-time statistics
  5. A/B testing

For businesses that are looking for new opportunities or for some that are just starting out Sendinblue will not disappoint.

You can get started with Sendingblue here.

4. GetResponse

GetRespone is our #4 email marketing software in this 2021 list of top email marketing software. We included it on this list as it is a super simple yet extremely powerful platform that has over 350,000 people around the world using it.

The best thing about GetResponse is its simplicity and It is definitely one of the easiest platforms to use there is.

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If you are not a technical person then Getresponse is your best option. The platform has a process that does exactly what it is designed to do. You just set it and forget about it and sometimes you don’t even have to look at it again.

One feature I found interesting was the Autoresponder emails where you just get your emails scheduled and get back to business. Then there are the time-based messages that also enable

  • Advanced timing control
  • Quick message edits
  • Drag and drop message selection
  • Unlimited messages per day

Get Response is well known for its other incredible features which include;

  1. Their complete webinar marketing solution designed to increase conversion and engagement rates.
  2. Ready-made automated sales funnel generator which enables you to build your landing pages, sell your products and convert your customers
  3. Their easy design tools and unmatched deliverability.
  4. Free online storage to manage your recording files
  5. Individual support from your personal account manager.

GetResponse is very cost-effective and most importantly cuts down the time and technical know-how involved.


Active campaign is our #5 go-to in email marketing.

 The platform offers simple marketing solutions in addition to their 110% customer support and their phenomenal reaction time. Their 24/7 technical support makes sure that the customer is able to use the platform to its maximum potential as well as a resource portal and also the provision of customer training. If you need a place to start their automation takes only 66seconds to set up.

Active campaigns have a unique forum where customers get to collaborate and talk to each about how to use their platform for better performances.

Active Campaign has advanced software but they really try to make it simple and easy to use. Their simple marketing solutions and the CRM offer a comprehensive email marketing management system. This software offers tools for email designing, scheduling, and segmentation as well as features for newsletter building and SMS marketing.

 Active campaign enables you to see exactly how your automation looks, and how easy it is to update them down the road if I make some changes to my marketing strategies.”

This platform has some other really interesting features including;

  1. SMS  features
  2. Predictive sending
  3. Automation maps among other brilliant features

Their prices are fair depending on how many contacts you have.

Getresponse pricing 2020

Active Campaign is committed to your success and they provide the best services.

6. Omnisend

#6 online marketing platform is Omnisend. Omnisend started off in 2014 as just an email service provider called Soundest and became the Omnichannel marketing automation platform in 2017. Omnisend was developed to help eCommerce businesses make their marketing relevant.

The best thing about Omnisend is the website segmentation of customers for emailers which is extremely helpful. You can create smart segmentation from various lists that allow you to send the right messages to just the right person. That way, you can help increase your own sales while helping your contacts find the perfect products.

Omnisend has continued to update its platform since it began. The most recent update is being able to send a confirmation notification which makes email marketing really simple and easy. Below is a demonstration of how easy it is to set up email automation with the Omnisend dashboard.

Omnisend also gives you opportunities to customize the things to your own liking and this makes it really powerful.

Omnisend pricing is really fair and simple: you only pay for the number of subscribers you have and the feature set you need starting from $16/month.

Omnisend pricing

The platform is among Shopify’s top 5 for email marketing and marketing automation. Omnisend also has an automated discount feature.

Other features that may be interesting about Omnisend are;

  1. Flexible drag and drop visual editor for beautiful emails all the time
  2. Actionable reports containing the data you need to perfect your campaigns
  3. Dynamic forms for email capture
  4. Sending messages on autopilot

With Omnisend email marketing is made easy to use and it is really worth it.


Our #7 top email marketing platform is Gist. Gist offers a range of services aimed at fully supporting the customer from the moment they subscribe. Gist operates was formerly called Convert Fox until its rebranding in 2018. As of this update in February 2019, over 20,000 use this service to the audience through the entire customer lifecycle and utilizing the following key services:

  1. Email marketing automation
  2. Marketing automation
  3. Live chat, chatbots and help desk
Gist email marketing offering

The best part of Gist’s email marketing services is its scalability. For a small business website, you can scale with the number of contacts in the database, and at the same time have access to all their advanced features. There are heaps of features to choose from such as the powerful marketing automation using tags as well as integration. You can track all contacts on the website and send them down different sequences depending on their actions. Gist is good for welcome emails and follow-ups, but it is super powerful when you start to really grow your website.

Another point that I’d like to bring up is their customer support. Their live chat support is always helpful when you have a question about how to use a certain function. Their customer service is just phenomenal and you even get responses during non-business hours and on weekends

The most interesting feature is the live chat which is really helpful if you have any questions about how to use a certain function and Gist has a 5 minute average response time on live chat. The chat interface is clear, simple and great looking for the end-user and makes chat management really straightforward for the organization.

Gist offers many other great features that will enable you to do so much including;

  1. Increase website conversions with chatbots, forms and, 24/7 automated meeting scheduling.
  2. Grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete email marketing campaigns at scale.
  3. Assist customers in real-time with a collaborative inbox, automation, and self-service support.

Gist provides a rich integration between the solid chat platform and email marketing. Not only can you get in touch with your email and chats but you can also have the ability to create a knowledge base and better service your customers.

For their pricing, gist offers fair prices for their tools and it saves money and time especially something small starting businesses need. If you have less than 1000 email contacts, you can use Gist email marketing including email marketing automation software for free. However, it is not ideal if you want to use it for a commercial website like an affiliate site. The free plan is only available for personal sites. Its professional plan costs $39.99/month with no set limit to the number of email contacts.

Gist email marketing pricing

Mailchimp’s free plan allows up to 2000 email contacts while Gist’s free plan allows up to 1000 email contacts. Although the emails are still basic and the interface looks a little dated their software package is powerful and Gist has been deploying new features on a regular basis and I feel confident that this will be good for the future.

You can get started with Gist and take advantage of their 21-day free trial here.

8. Automizy

Automizy gets to be #8 on the list. Automizy is an Email Marketing Software that is designed to increase your open rates.

The Automizy’s Subject Line Tester is one of the features Automizy is best known for. It is used to try different subject lines before sending them to make sure their emails stand out in a crowded inbox and drives subscribers’ attention.

Automizy also has a feature that I found most interesting which is the ‘automatic resend’. When sending a campaign, you just set-up automatic email resend to non-openers, sending them the same email with a different subject line to trigger their interest, and for them to make sure that the emails do not feel spammy; they resend the email after 2 days from the original campaign.

Automizy also uses segmented automated emails which help save time while sending the right email, to the right contact and at the best time as well as their contact tagging and conditions to make every email personalized to their subscribers’ actions.

Quite a good number of companies have reported an increase in email opening rates in a short time after using the following features available at Automizy;

  1. Automated transactional emails
  2. Email subject line tester
  3. Resend emails to non-openers
  4. Contact segmentation
  5. AB testing email subject lines

Automizy’s pricing is fair and simple as possible compared to other email marketing platforms and the pricing also varies according to your number of subscribers plus they also have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

9. Mailerlite

Mailerlite has incredibly progressive software that is simple and flexible and seems to work perfectly across all devices. It offers email campaigns and email automation with other associated services such as landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys.

Mailerlite email marketing reviews by 2 customers

 The integrations feature enables you Supercharge your email marketing by connecting your MailerLite account to other web services enhance your workflows, leverage customer data and a whole lot more.

Below is an intro video of Mailerlite:

Mailerlite gives you the opportunity to make some of the best email newsletters. Their drag & drop editor makes it super easy. You don’t need to hire developers to create fantastic and professional email newsletters. Other features that enable this include;

  • Drag & drop editor
  • Rich text editor
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Newsletter templates
  • E-commerce campaigns

Mailerlite is so well designed, it is logical and light, not complicated and at the same time it can do everything you need to manage your online contacts.

Through Mailerlite you get to also grow your subscribers’ list through awesome features including;

  • Landing pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Embedded forms
  • Subscriber management

That enables you to capture more people across the internet.

Below is a Mailerlite tutorial on how to start sending a newsletter to your subscribers.

 MailerLite’s paid plans are more affordable. The free plan doesn’t have all the features, but with 1,000 free subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails, it’s still a good deal.

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Mailerlite email marketing pricing

Mailerlite Vs Mailchimp: Both Mailerlite and Mailchimp offer a free email marketing service but have varying contact limits and emails per month.

Mailerlite offers a free plan for up to 1,000 contacts and up to 12,000 emails per month Mailchimp offers a free plan for up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month
Mailerlite was founded in 2010, 9 years after Mailchimp was foundedFounded in 2001
It allows you to create one master list and gives you the ability to add tags and segments depending on their behaviors. It easy to remove tags and add tags.It allows you to create different lists without the ease of adding or removing segments and tags.
Mailerlite cheapest plan is $10 per month. The plan allows up to 1000 contacts but can send an unlimited number of emails per monthMailchimp’s cheapest plan is $9.99 per month. The plan allows up to 50,000 contacts and can send up to 500,000 emails per month
Get started with Mailerlite hereGet started with Mailchimp here.

You can try Mailerlite for free or their premium plan with a 14-day free trial here.


#10 on this 2021 list of best email marketing software is Convertkit. We use Convertkit ourselves here at 10Webtools but we stand strongly behind it. If you are trying to decide like we did, whether to go with Mailchimp or Convertkit. I’ve embedded a video below where a user of Covertkit explains how he was able to double the open rate when she switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit.

Convertkit is an independent company mainly serving creators such as bloggers, authors, musicians, designers, freelancers, and other professionals who earn living via the internet. The company is run by 48-member team spread across 38 cities

 They offer a cloud-based email marketing automation and lead generation platform built to lighten their day-to-day workload. This is equipped with email building, scheduling, and custom segmentation tools as well as landing page design options.

Convertkit has a total of 48 team members across 38 cities who are really dedicated to their work. Convertkit is really dedicated and genuinely concerned about their customers. The team creates software solutions for customers and they show a genuine desire to help independent creators who need affordable yet comprehensive tools to do their work.

Another thing about Convertkit is its independence (100%). The company doesn’t believe in going public or selling their company to larger firms because these factors might make it difficult for them to pursue their vision. Also, they don’t have investors to answer to, making it easier for them to fulfill their customers’ demands. 

Their platform enables you to spend less time on email marketing and more on creating .through Convertkit you get to;

  • Create simple emails that deliver and convert
  • Watch your subscriber journey come to life as you build a custom path connecting events, actions, and conditions through their automation.
  • Organize and understand your subscribers by grouping them with tags and segments.
  • Build a system to fuel your business with easy integrations

In regards to their pricing, I’d say for such a powerful platform the prices are really amazing and will be worth every penny. Talking of pennies, below is a snapshot with Covertkit’s pricing plans including their free plan.

convertkit pricing 2020

Here is a video with full details of Convertkit vs Mailchimp:

If you are looking for a software provider that offers quality products then Convertkit is the right place for you.

If youu want to get started with the free plan or with the paid plan, you can sign up with Covertkit here


Aweber is our 11th email marketing platform in this list and is one of the oldest email marketing service provider for quite some time. It was founded 22 years ago (founded in1998) by Tom Kulzer, the founder, and CEO, who speaks very highly about the services they offer to affiliate marketers. Unlike Mailchimp, Aweber welcomes affiliate marketers and in fact, they’ve optimized their email services for affiliate marketers.

It has built a customer base that currently stands at 100,000. These thousands of independent entrepreneurs and small businesses. From 2016, it has won 4 consecutive Stevie Award in customer service and sales services.

The platform offers a comprehensive cloud-hosted platform for hardcore email marketers.

Aweber homepage

With Aweber, customers can get access to autoresponders, email deliverability tools, subscriber management features, as well as for analytics solutions. It can also be integrated with platforms like Drupal, Word Press, and Unbounce for easier campaign management.

Aweber has amazing features all through. Their platform is also beginner-friendly and fairly techno-challenged people find it easy to navigate through it and build relationships with their target markets.

AWeber does their best to help you create email marketing strategies that target your audience and this way, you get to enjoy a remarkable user experience every time you utilize their platform. They provide powerful simple features including;

  •  Drag and Drop Editor where you get to choose from over 700 mobile-responsive email templates.
  • HTML Templates that help create and send professional email newsletters with ease.
  • Email automation
  • Subscriber segmentation (Send targeted emails to subscribers based on information like personal preferences, geographical location or actions they’ve taken with previous emails).
  • Detailed guides on how to get started with email marketing on their website and on their Youtube channel.

Apart from these, there are so many more amazing powerful features to choose from.

Aweber has a great pricing plan starting from $19/month.

Aweber pricing

Aweber delivers results and they not only make sure that they create quality solutions but also help you maximize it for your business. They always want to hear the customers help them refine their products and services which I think is a really great thing they do.

Here is a video review of Aweber and its comparison with Mailchimp:

You can get started with Aweber with a free one month trial here.


Mailigen is our #12 in email marketing software of choice. Mailigen is based in Riga, Latvia with office locations in New York, London, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Mailgen email software

Mailigen was established in 2010 and is very cost-effective, flexible and easy to use for people who have little technical skills. Mailigen has won an award for its high functionality and has acquired notable clients who include Forbes, Toyota, Honda, etc.

Mailigen is suitable for any size of business and has a wide range of plans based on the size of the list of recipients or the email credits that one buys. There is also a 30-day trial version that does not require billing information that businesses can use to check if its efficient enough for them before purchasing a real plan.

Mailigen has interesting features that include;

  • One can send unlimited messages using any plan.
  • Email automation where one can schedule emails to be sent at a later date or time.
  • SMS marketing allows one to get phone numbers from sign up forms creating an opportunity to reach the target audience at any place and time.
  • It offers an online survey integration where the email responses are stored in a database and later used to split data into separate segments and create personalized emails.
  • It provides analytics on how many of your subscribers opens and clicks on your email campaigns on their mobile devices.
  • Mailigen corrects the repetition of emails as any duplicated emails are automatically deleted.

Although Mailigen has only no-predesigned templates, it offers a ‘what you see is what you get’ editor that does not require high technical skills and makes it easier to create beautiful emails with pictures and more.

Mailigen integrates with Google to enhance its reporting tools as Google can gather much detailed reporting tools. It also integrates with CRM which is useful in following up on clients.

Mailigen has an option of single opt where people just sign up and double opt that involves signing up and confirmation that helps one to choose the people to add who also want to hear from you. Lastly, Mailigen has a very effective customer support system which include a live chat, email, phone and even better a resource center that makes sure their customers understand everything that they may need to know.


Benchmark is our  #13 in email marketing choice.

Benchmark is viewed as international as it’s present in 15 countries around the world. It is best for small businesses as it offers affordable plans and has a very effective customer support system. Benchmark won an award for its fast and friendly customer service that includes a chat, blog, newsletter and also a phone line and email.

Benchmark has a wide range of plans for every size of business. These plans depend on the number of subscribers that a company has. The plans also have varying tools; as the price increases, you get access to more tools.

benchmark pricing

While using Benchmark, one has a choice of having ad-on to the plan they have purchased. One can pay a few dollars(5 dollars and above) on top of their plan to get access to the following;

  •  Upgrading from basic storage to unlimited storage for their images.
  • Having a dedicated IP.
  • For highest quality subscribers.

Benchmark also offers a free trial version that allows you to see if it works for your business before purchasing a plan.

Other Benchmark features that caught my eye are;

  1.Automated tools eg the drag and drop tool.

  2.A large number of high quality and customizable templates.

  3.An inbox checker that allows you to preview emails before sending them to the recipients.

  4.A/B split testing tool that is efficient in determining the time your subscribers are likely to open your emails.

  5.A list management tool that allows you to categorize your customers according to their preferences and no preferences so you can send the appropriate content to them.

  6. Email campaign analytics tool that gives a report on your emails on the number of clicks, email opens, subscribers and unsubscribers.

Benchmark has an automation tool that can send welcome emails to new subscribers and will also perfectly time when to send follow up emails to prospects.

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Benchmark is the best pick for small businesses as it is easy to use even for new users and has a large number of features leading to a marketing campaign success.


Sendpulse is our #14 in our email marketing choice. Sendpulse was introduced in 2015 and has gained over 250,000 customers worldwide.

sendpulse email automation tool

Sendpulse offers very affordable plans that start as low as 10 dollars. There is also a free trial plan that allows one to send up to 15000 emails monthly and have 2500 subscribers. However, this free trial is only available for a limited period of time and is advantageous to bloggers whose aim is to market themselves or their products.

Sendpulse has some outstanding features that include;

  • SMS notification which not only allows one to send push up notifications but also to have a personalized SMS service where the messages are not easily ignored or blocked.
  • It has an analytics feature that allows users to check on the performance of their campaign based on the number of clicks, open rates and also the devices used to open the email.
  • A large number of pre-designed templates can also be customized to one’s like or preferences.
  • Email automation tool that has the following features;

1.Automated series to send welcome emails to new subscribers.

2. Trigger feature where a subscriber gets emails depending on an action they performed.

3.Date specific feature that schedules emails to be sent at a specific date.

Sendpulse is built on Artificial intelligence that studies the behavior of the subscriber and determines several factors eg the best to send follow up emails to new subscribers etc.

sendpulse subscriptions

The fact that for Sendpulse one makes a plan to pay for the number of campaigns that they are willing to conduct rather than to the number of subscribers makes it a very commendable email marketing service that any business should give a try.

15. MoonMail

Moonmail is an Omnichannel communication platform that has amazing features that make email marketing easier for anyone in need. MoonMail is a cloud-based email marketing tool suitable for small to midsize companies in all industries, particularly marketing agencies, designers and developers. Key features include configurable email templates, email automation, and reporting.

Their Cloud Email Marketing is truly Feature Rich. You get to create, send and measure the impact of your Cloud Email Marketing campaigns in a ridiculously easy way.

The software operates using Amazon AWS, but an Amazon AWS account is not required to use MoonMail. Users can also import data from Mail Chimp.

Moonmail is a Powerful platform and one of its amazing features include;

  • Drag and Drop Editor

You don’t wait for designers! Create engaging email marketing campaigns by yourself using simple Drag and Drop tools.

  • Deep Analytics

Use a detailed set of real-time reports to track interactions within your campaigns like clicks, opens, delivery rates and much more.

  • Only Pay for What You Send

No plans, no email credits: 100% flexible! Shape your marketing strategy and pay only for sent emails.

  • Built-in Clicks Heat maps

Visualize where your contacts click and better understand how they engage with your email marketing campaigns.

  • Free Set-in Email Verification and List Cleaning

Clean your contacts list with our Artificial Intelligence-powered tools

Moonmail has a bunch of integrations, through Zapier which is free but can require a paid plan depending on your usage.

Moonmail offers support in several languages which is a plus for them

Their pricing is per month and not bad compared to other software.

Although Moonmail is not easy to use and very tough to get it working, its customer support guides you through everything you need to know.

16. Ontraport

Ontraport is visual marketing automation and reporting platform that works together to give you everything you need to run your business in one centralized, easy-to-use platform.

The range of options on this platform can sometimes feel overwhelming but thankfully they have a range of support resources available to help.

Ontraport’s Campaign Builder is the solution’s core feature, and the place you’ll probably spend the most time in the system once you’ve designed your forms and landing pages. The pre-made campaigns are very helpful with getting started and each comes with a checklist to ensure everything is properly set up before going live.

Ontraport also encourages collaboration on campaigns by allowing you to share workflows with other users. If you build something particularly useful, you even have the option of putting a price tag on it and selling it to other Ontraport users – if you’re not generous enough to give it away for free!

Ontraport has award-winning customer support via phone, chat, and email during most business hours. They’re clearly committed to the success of their customers, holding a 97% satisfaction rate and all their reps work from one central location for seamless communication between support and development.

A huge range of good features – With Ontraport, you get a CRM( Store every customer click, purchase and action throughout your campaigns, and rest assured its managed effortlessly behind-the-scenes), shopping cart, affiliate management tool, landing page/microsite creator, auto-responders, a Word Press membership platform, online event/webinar creator, and task automation for a few hundred dollars per month.

ontraport pricing

Ontraport is quite reasonably priced for the number of features they get to give you. Its pricing starts at $79/month. Unfortunately, Ontraport does not have a free trial but they do have a free demo that you can sign up for.

17. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is the leading provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business. Millions of marketing professionals at more than 250,000 companies around the world use campaign monitor.

Campaign Monitor makes it radically easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns using their powerful email builder to design pixel-perfect, branded emails that look incredible in every inbox, on every device.

I like how easy it is to set up email automation campaigns. Customers with custom templates really find campaign monitor fascinating to work with and also organizing and segmenting your lists will also be a breeze.

Campaign Monitor has a friendly interface, which has adapted perfectly to most marketing campaign structure and therefore to many company strategies in terms of design and configuration in order to reach more people. Their system also allows one to automate the process of sending emails.

Campaign Monitor also allows their customers to have control and monitoring of each of their campaigns, even allowing one to apply the AB technique in order to know which campaign is having greater acceptance and to be able to know what things to improve and what other things do not.

Their system also allows me to create forms in order to know the opinion of my clients and sectorize them by devices, in order to know what are the opinions of people who use computers and the opinions for those who use mobile devices.

The interface of the application has a colorful design and a structure that facilitates its use. The interface is quite intuitive and all the configuration and campaign creation options are well defined.

Campaign Monitor has a straight forward pay as you go pricing that is affordable plus they also provide clients with a free trial.

The only discouraging thing about the campaign monitor is that you are not able to customize HTML for auto-responders unless you’re building the full HTML email design. Other than that I found Campaign Monitor quite useful and super easy to use.


Mailchimp is our #18 in our email marketing choice. Mailchimp is an international email marketing service as it sends up to 600 million emails over their platform daily.

Mailchimp has very affordable plans. It has a free plan that allows one to send 10000-12000 emails every month and have at least 2000 subscribers. Compared to other email marketing choices, MailChimp’s free plan offers more features including an autoresponder selection and a built-in CRM. However, having a business paid plan has more features which include;

  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited live chat and email support
  • Unlimited contacts
  • multi-active testing and custom branding etc.

Mailchimp offers customizable templates and also automatically delete repeated emails. Other key features of Mailchimp include;

  • Adequate deliverability of emails as it takes keen steps when sending emails eg using abuse detection technology and using a large number of unique IP addresses.
  • Ability to run google ads, social media ads like Facebook and Instagram ads straight from the Mailchimp dashboard.
  • Timewarp feature that enables one to send their emails to their subscribers at a specific time in their time zone.
  • Mailchimp mobile apps that enable users to create marketing campaigns, track account activities among others using their mobile devices.
  • It integrates with eCommerce tools such as Woocommerce and Shopify that allows one to import customer email addresses to Mailchimp and tie them to your revenue.

Mailchimp has an efficient customer support system. For the free plan, one gets to have 24/7 email support for a month and for the paid plans there is 24/7 email support every day and chat on weekdays.

Mailchimp is overall a good email marketing service and I believe its large number of clients would also agree.

19. Mailjet

One question that people really ask is that Mailjet is cheap but does it perform?

Mailjet is a powerful email service provider used by +150,000 companies all over the world to create, send, and track their marketing and transactional emails.

Mailjet is a very easy-to-use platform with very striking features. With Mailjet comes their clean dashboard and easy to navigate menu and editor that makes setting up email campaigns a pain-free task.

Mailjet’s drag and drop editor is user-friendly allowing for a wide range of email types. The ability to design your own emails from a template or simply drop in HTML is a great deal for most companies plus the email builder is pretty easy to use and emails look decent across all mobile and desktop platforms.

Mailjet is an email solution for fast-moving teams and has more interesting features including;

  • SMTP relay that allows you to set up an SMTP server in minutes and send billions of emails that reach the inbox
  • Contact managements enabling you easily manage, segment and grow your audience
  • Transactional SMS API that is simple and reliable; Mailjet allows you to easily create and send personalized SMS messages to your customers in more than 60 countries.
  • Advanced A/B testing functionality; Mailjet lets you test not just two, but up to 10 different versions of your message. The best performing version is then sent to the rest of your list.

Their pricing depends on how many emails you plan on sending per month and they also have a free plan where you can send up to 6,000 emails per month (with a sending maximum of 200 emails per day) without paying them a dime.

Mailjet has too many options to choose from which most people find too confusing  but it’s a good platform all in all.

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