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HubSpot Overview

HubSpot Inc. or CRM (customer relationship management) ranks as one of the pioneering CRM providers; we can say that focus on Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs). The platform includes a freemium version, as well as a variety of add-ons. These aspects can make HubSpot grow into an end-to-end tech solution for SMBs.

HubSpot was conceived in the minds of Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan as fellow students at MIT in 2004 after seeing a change in shopping and purchase behaviors. Consumers were turning a blind eye on intrusive bids. HubSpot was started on inbound, the concept that users do not want to be butt in by marketers or bothered by salespersons, but instead, need to be helped. 

The inbound program currently continues to encourage business globally to pay more attention to helping and focus on their clients. The HubSpot development platform enables companies to team up (from marketing to sales) to customer service.

HubSpot acquired PieSync in November 2019 which can be useful to HubSpot clients as PieSync offers a blend of live and historical data synchronization. This feature functions both ways between apps but in the background.

As such, HubSpot users sync actual data which translates to more accurate info offered just when sales representatives require it even during a live call. 

What HubSpot Does

HubSpot has many functions that are beneficial to businesses and includes hubs such as:

  • HubSpot CRM

This is a free service as HubSpot believes the whole organization must be able to have an integrated opinion of your clients. HubSpot CRM is the fundamental database that influences every HubSpot product and the core of the software. Learn more.

  • CMS Hub

HubSpot’s CMS (content management software) is adaptable for marketers, potent for developers, and offers clients a customized, protected experience. Learn more here.

  • Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s marketing software has the whole ball of wax necessary for a fruitful inbound marketing approach that swells traffic, converts leads, and demonstrates ROI. Click here for more information.

  • Sales Hub

HubSpot’s sales software comprise of a complete set of tools to increase sales output, cut deal cycles, and enhance your sales process. For detailed information, click here.

  • Service Hub

The customer service software from HubSpot facilitates easy connection with clients, assist them in succeeding, and turn the clients into your business promoters. Learn more here.

Each hub is effective solo but outshines together.

HubSpot’s platform seeks to help businesses grow with its over 200 integrations and the capacity to create personalized apps that it matches every business.

HubSpot Founding and Growth

HubSpot was founded on June 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States by Brian Halligan (CEO) and Dharmesh Shah (CTO). Other key people in the company include JD Sherman (COO), (CMO), Kipp Bodnar and Kate Bueker (CFO).

In eight years, HubSpot sprouted from nothing to more than $100 million in revenue. Widely recognized for their inbound marketing ability, HubSpot’s rocketed development path makes the company the second-fastest SMB SaaS firm to ever IPO.

HubSpot grew from $255k in returns in 2007 to $15.6 million in 2010 and acquired Oneforty (the Twitter app store created by Laura Fitton) later that year. 

HubSpot Data Storage

One question that clients will always ask is: where does HubSpot store my data? But it is a valid question nonetheless. In Europe, GDPR is a compulsory consideration as POPI is in South Africa. As such, the EU has no authority to store personal data whatsoever, but it can be transferred to secure locations.

When answering this question, two factors should be put into consideration. First, where is the location of HubSpot infrastructure? And second, where is my data stored?

The entire Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) data are kept on the company’s (HubSpot) product infrastructure, hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) the US East Region.

To support the handling of local data in Europe, HubSpot leverages the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) in the European market, located in Frankfurt, Germany region. This comprises of analytics, leads, and email events.

By hosting data storage services in both AWS in the US and GCP in Germany, HubSpot has improved both their performance and consistency by setting them nearer to end-users. HubSpot first processes and secures all client data before transferring it to the US for storage. GCP’s cloud infrastructure offers extra redundancy for all HubSpot clients.

When Did HubSpot Go Public?

HubSpot publicized the pricing of its IPO (initial public offering) of 5 million common shares on October 8, 2014, at a value to the public of $25.00 per share. All the shares were being offered by HubSpot.

Underwriters were being granted a 30-day option to buy an extra 750k common shares to cover up over-allotments. The shares were scheduled to start trading on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) on the same day under the ticker sign HUBS.

HubSpot: Who Owns the Data?

HubSpot, Inc. and its Affiliates are dedicated to protecting customer data and privacy. The Product Privacy Policy indicates everything you need to know on data collection, use, storage, sharing, transferring, and processing.

The data is processed under the direction of HubSpot’s clients, and the company neither has direct control nor ownership of the personal data it processes on the customer’s behalf. Clients are accountable for conforming with any laws that need providing notice, disclosure, and getting consent before shifting the personal data to HubSpot for processing intents.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy, launched in November 2016, ranks as a global front-runner in free online training for inbound marketing, customer service, and sales professionals. It specializes in singular topic courses, comprehensive certificates, and bite-sized pieces of training for experts seeking to expand their career and business.

As HubSpot’s official learning resource, the Academy purposes of training users on the HubSpot software for both personal business growth. In 2019, HubSpot had 26,000 inbound attendees and boasted more than 248k experts trained and certified. 

HubSpot Offices

With its headquarters in Cambridge, MA, HubSpot has ten office locations across nine countries, including the United States, Australia, Belgium, France, Colombia, Ireland, Germany, Japan, and Singapore.

The number of employees in HubSpot as of 2020 is more than 3,500 in ten global offices, who serve over 78,700 customers in more than 120 countries. The company has more than 150 User Groups in 21 countries and over 400 integrations. 

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HubSpot Revenue

HubSpot has been performing quite well financially, as indicated in its financial reports. HubSpot Reports Q4 and full-year 2019 results as released on February 12, 2020, financial highlights are as follows:


Q4 2019 Revenue:

  • Total income was $186.2 million, an increase of 29% in comparison to the Fourth Quarter of 2018.
  • Subscription revenue totaled $179.1 million, an increase of 31% in comparison to the Fourth Quarter of 2018.
  • Professional services plus other returns totaled $7.1 million, a decrease of 2% in comparison to the Fourth Quarter of 2018.

The full Year 2019 Revenue:

  • Total income added up to $647.9 million, a 32% increase in comparison to 2018.
  • Subscription revenue added up to $646.3 million, a 33% increase in comparison to 2018.
  • Professional services plus other returns added up to $28.6 million, a 12% increase in comparison to 2018.

According to the business outlook on the data obtainable as of February 12, 2020, the company is issuing guidance for the 1st quarter and full-year 2020, as seen below:

Q1 2020 Revenue:

  • Expected total revenue ranges between $192.5 million and $193.5 million.
  • Expected non-GAAP operating revenue ranges between $9.5 million and $10.5 million.
  • Expected non-GAAP net income per common share ranges between $0.22 and $0.24.

The business outlook assumes nearly 48.2 million weighted average diluted shares owing.

The full Year 2020:

  • Expected total revenue ranges between $840.5 million and $844.5 million.
  • Expected non-GAAP operating revenue per common share ranges between $54.0 and $58.0 million.
  • Expected non-GAAP net income per common share ranges between $1.24 and $1.32.

The business outlook assumes nearly 48.6 million weighted average diluted shares owing.

HubSpot Stock and Share Price

HubSpot stock, HUBS (NYSE) share price is 225.04 as of this update in June 2020. Its stock price is at its all-time high. Below is a snapshot of its share price over the past year and you can check its current price using Yahoo Finance here.

yahoo finance Hubspot share price chart

HubSpot UK

HubSpot has a reputation for the best service providers or agencies in the UK. Its agencies have been useful in helping businesses generate more leads, boosting revenue, and improving customer engagement and relationship.

You can get help with HubSpot’s CRM implementation, marketing, web development, sales enablement, app development, and much more. ClientFirst, a UK-based Platinum HubSpot partner agency comprises of a full-service marketing agency with dedicated HubSpot designers, web developers, and inbound marketing specialists.

As such, ClientFirst possesses HubSpot’s marketing strategy and offers its onboarding services and tailored staff training in all aspects. Are you a UK-based HubSpot beginner or an inbound pro looking for a certified partner? Then ClientFirst might be your solution. 

HubSpot Valuation

HubSpot current valuation primary analysis lookup enables you to check Fiscal Quarter End and other HubSpot indicators or other equity instruments. Enterprise Value refers to a company valuation proxy that estimates the current market value HubSpot Inc, company.

The current valuation is critical in determining a merger or takeover cost of a firm. The measure allows for the whole liquid asset, exotic equity instruments, and outstanding debt that the firm has on its balance sheet. When a merger takes place, the parent company will have to assume the target firm’s liabilities. However, it will take over all cash and its equivalents.

The current HubSpot valuation is $7.22 billion. 

Enterprise Value might be a valuable tool when comparing companies with different capital structures. Current cash (cash equivalents) and long-term liability can have a substantial impact on any given company’s market valuation.

Consistent with lately released financial statements, HubSpot’s Current Valuation of 7.22 billion is 62.2% below that in the tech sector. Yet. It is notably greater than that of the Software Application industry. The Current Valuation for the entire stocks is 56.57% above the company

HubSpot Website

HubSpot’s CMS Hub powers websites and facilitates easy growth, reliable for both developers and marketers alike. Developers create sites using flexible themes and content structures that marketers can easily edit and build their pages on.

As such, customers obtain a customized, secure experience, making it a win for everyone. HubSpot offers a 14-day free trial or demo for its clients to ensure they are satisfied before investing their money on it.

A HubSpot website includes these features that make the claims mentioned above possible:

  • Website Themes

You can use one of the pre-made website themes from HubSpot that include an option for personalized development. The themes will enable you to create a solid website with fewer concerns about incompatible designs, navigations, or logos.

  • SEO Recommendations

HubSpot website includes an SEO recommendations home screen that offers you an easy platform to enhance your website and make a start.

  • Drag-and-drop Editor

The drag-and-drop feature on HubSpot websites enables you to update and build pages without the need for tech skills or using custom code. The website makes sure you have a seamless experience when publishing your site changes.

  • Contract Attribution Reporting

This feature helps you evaluate the influence of your site and enhance your strategy by looking at which types of content, sources, and campaigns are propelling many leads.

  • Adaptive Testing

With HubSpot’s website, you can always optimize your site easily by selecting up to five alternatives of a page, and it will scrutinize and provide the best performing option.

Website migration and restructures can be challenging and difficult, but you can be assured that HubSpot got you covered. The web builder has more than 2,000 professional agencies all over the world, a loyal migrations crew, and 24/7 esteemed phone support.

CMS Hub Professional starts at $300/m and includes all the useful features for creating a robust, improved site that converts. It also supports dozens of popular and fantastic CMS apps, including Canva, Google Search Console, JotForm, Privy, Wistia, Hotjar, and CoSchedule.

Other CMS Hub pricing plans include CMS Hub Enterprise, that starts at $900/m, with extra features such as two brand domains, among others. 

HubSpot Wiki

HubSpot has used a corporate wiki since the first few months the firm was launched. Over the previous three years, the company’s Vice President of Inbound Marketing at HubSpot, Mike Volpe, said they had recorded tremendous benefits. This has resulted in HubSpot’s growth.

Wiki has played a significant role in informing their employees about the business strategic goals and growth. HubSpot conducts several meetings a week to ensure the newly employed sales rep, marketing, and product crews maintain their work.

Using a wiki, HubSpot has been able to get more ideas from people as most pages on the wiki are debates concerning HubSpot’s strategy and innovations. Many useful firm initiatives began without the management team’s support, but talks on wiki influenced strategic decisions.

A wiki aids everybody in HubSpot to contribute to all the different decisions. It has also aided maintain the firm’s culture as the number one place to work in Boston by the Boston Business Journal. HubSpot has a page named HubSpot Lore and Mythology that they use to track amusing things people talk about and do in the firm on the wiki.

As such, the wiki acts as an archive that new employees know all the inside jokes that date back to 2004, thus maintaining the company’s culture in many ways. Most of HubSpot’s personnel place their stuff on the wiki, from data to presentations to reports, and more.

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Therefore, tracing something becomes easier than sending it via email, and through the wiki, the info becomes accessible to many people.

HubSpot Webinar

Webinars are useful in today’s content landscape for teaching and engaging a given audience. Live webinars are a highly adaptable content category you can use to indulge leads in all the buyer’s journey stages. You can also use them to engage with buyers and answer your viewer questions, and find highly-qualified leads to send straight to the sales team.

When your team choose an engaging topic to discuss in the webinar and collects the content for the event, you can concentrate on the planned promotion of your webinar. HubSpot lets you create a series of assets to teach your audience and push registrants for your webinar. 

The assets include:

  • Call-to-action (CTA) to promote your webinar in a range of formats

The CTA is created to spark curiosity within your budding audience number in the form of a plain-text link, an image, or a text button. The purpose of all this is to lead people to your landing page to enroll for your webinar.

After creating the webinar, you can insert website pages, blog posts, emails, and more. While this allows you to experiment with your CTA placement, you are checking how viewers engage with our CTA as well as where most ticks originate.

  • Landing page and form to capture registrants

This page on your website is committed to the promotion of your webinar and has two different elements, including the form and the compelling text. The components persuade the viewer to complete the form to exploit the webinar content.

The landing page’s most crucial part is the form as it collects a list of registrants for your webinar. As such, it should appeal the viewer to complete the form on the page, telling the viewer you have the best offer, and ensure you convince them it is valuable.

  • A follow-up email to verify registration

Make sure you always send your leads a verification regarding their successful registration. In HubSpot, when this is done, they can send them to the thank you page plus a follow-up email.

You can set-up a follow-up email in two ways after the form is submitted: either the Send a follow-up email or Add to Workflow options on the form. The first is a non-stylized email while the second is more stylized. Regardless of the method you use for your follow-up email set-up, this info must be there:

  • Your webinar’s date and time
  • A link or page to access it
  • Any deliverables or readings to complete before attending
  • Extra offers to exploit before or after the webinar
  • Workflow to nurture the presence

Registration numbers are crucial, but so is ensuring that your registrants turn up to the webinar. Workflows can be used to send scheduled communication that nurtures the presence of your registrants to your webinar.

You should create a fixed-date workflow positioned around your webinar’s date and use it to send communication before and after the chosen date. Ensure you encourage completion of any pre-work essential to understanding the webinar and link to extra readings to entice the registrants on the topic.

What is Inbounding Marketing?

Inbound marketing refers to a technique for attracting clients to products and services through social marketing, SEO, branding, and content marketing. It’s one of the best and inexpensive methods of converting strangers into clients and your business promoters.

HubSpot Pros and Cons


  • Easy website management
  • Tracking budding clients is easy
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable customer support
  • It’s free
  • No customization limits
  • Utilizes a similar database with a marketing platform
  • Compatible with other CRMs


  • Relatively new
  • Lightweight
  • Inflexible with complex sales processes

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot’s marketing hub has three pricing plans:

  • Starter – includes 1,000 contacts and critical tools to aid small marketing crews to get started with engaging and converting leads. It starts at $40/m, billed $480/year.
  • Professional – includes 1,000 contacts. It’s a comprehensive marketing software to aid developing teams to rise with automation and customization. It starts at $800/m, billed $9,600/year.
  • Enterprise – includes 10,000. Its HubSpot’s most powerful marketing software that offers innovative teams more flexibility and control. It starts at $3,200/m, billed $38,400/year.

You can choose the Starter Plan plus CMS Hub Professional and get all you need to create a powerful, optimized site that converts, starting at $350/m.

HubSpot Workflows

Hubspot workflow refers to a tool that automates your sales, marketing, and service procedures. Internal processes contain deals assignment to your sales team and rotating leads, while external methods include lead nurturing and email marketing campaigns.

Are HubSpot Certifications Worth it?

Yes. HubSpot certification is a useful tool for building your knowledge base, advancing in your career, and showcasing your ability for different tasks.

How HubSpot Works

HubSpot lets organizations merge their marketing support tools data, including everything a marketer needs to grow web traffic, convert web visitors into leads, and ‘bind the circle’ to deliver a measurable ROI.

Its web builder also offers the capacity to design, create, host, and modify a site without the need for tech skills. You edit using a drag-and-drop feature.

HubSpot Personal

HubSpot offers personal branding and development tools, all under one roof. It also allows you to link your social media accounts, such as Instagram.

HubSpot Starter

The Starter tier is in HubSpot’s Sales Hub category and costs $50/user/m. The Marketing Hub Starter lets you customize each of your brand’s touchpoint to reach your clients. It also enhances their perception via reliable communication between your clients and your brand.

HubSpot Marketing Starter gives you 24/7 customer support through chats and emails.

HubSpot Project Management

This user-friendly productivity tool in HubSpot’s software enables you to manage all your projects where you perform your marketing errands. The templates integrate with your entire Marketing tools for smooth execution, accelerated output, and time-saving

HubSpot for Outlook

The HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in lets you track and log emails, and utilize some HubSpot sales tools directly in your email account. Currently, it’s available for Windows only and doesn’t require a connected inbox to use it. 

Remember, the Microsoft Store’s Outlook isn’t compatible with this tool. Once correctly installed, the add-in appears in your Outlook desktop account’s main ribbon.

HubSpot for Startups

This tool is specially designed for startups that require tools, plan, and support for growth that is both scalable and fast. Startups with over $2m in named funding plus Series A are qualified for 50% off in their initial year, and 25% off ongoing.

Startups with below $2m in funding are qualified for 90% off their initial year, 50% in the second, and 25% ongoing.

HubSpot for Gmail/Extension

Gmail integrates with HubSpot to bring HubSpot’s power to your inbox and record your emails. In CRM, Gmail combines with features such as Contact Management, Meetings, Documents, Email templates, and more.

In Sales, HubSpot for Gmail extension integrates with Canned Snippets.

HubSpot for Mac

HubSpot is compatible with macOS and works perfectly fine, and includes all the benefits accessible in the native app.

HubSpot for Chrome

HubSpot Sales Chrome browser extension lets you track and log your Gmail sent emails and utilize some of HubSpot sales tools straight into your inbox. You can also search your HubSpot contact database and trigger calls with contacts straight from your inbox.

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HubSpot for SMBs

HubSpot CRM allows SMBs to create profiles for every field, set-up sales funnels, and move your lead profiles via all steps to record their position in the process. Typically, HubSpot is compatible with small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that have sales teams and look to draw leads and clients online.

HubSpot API

The API is created to let you build a functional integration fast and efficiently, and are the ones that drive the HubSpot app. All HubSpot’s APIs are systematized around REST and uses many standard HTTP features, and JSON.

APIs are designed to possess likely, upfront URLs and utilize HTTP response codes to show API errors. HubSpot APIs allow for OAuth and API keys authentication, but OAuth is recommended for security in commercial use.

HubSpot Alternative

While HubSpot has a reputation for excellent services, you might consider some alternatives for the same services depending on your needs. These include:

  • Aritic PinPoint: a full-stack marketing automation tool for fast-growing businesses that allows you to automate SMS, emails, social media posts, and push notifications.
  • SendinBlue: a new player in CRM with impressive features that are worth a try, and doesn’t include an Enterprise tag, which is an advantage for all business sizes.
  • Ontraport: provides an integrated system that lets you customize the viewer’s journey and get impressive outcomes. It is ideal for eCommerce stores.

HubSpot Affiliate

Joining the HubSpot Affiliate Program is a straightforward method to generate new income from your content while facilitating the growth of the SMB community. You can make a commission of up to $1,000 for each bought product.

HubSpot Automation

HubSpot has automation software for both marketing and sales. Its workflows tool is automation beyond email to cut time spent on repetitive tasks and scale your growth. Email automation maintains a follow-up on your prospects and uses data to find the top-notch sequences.

HubSpot Business Card Scanner

Scanning contacts into HubSpot is easy using their app on Android and iOS. You just take the business cards, launch the app on your devices mentioned above, and click Create Contact. HubSpot will auto-parse the data on the card and map to the precise HubSpot property. HubSpot scanning applies machine learning (ML) tech for smarter scans, and it’s all free. 

HubSpot Buyers Journey

This refers to the process buyers undergo to become aware of, mull over, and evaluate, and decide to buy a new product/service. The awareness stage is where the buyer understands their problem, then define the problem and research solution options on the consideration stage. Finally, the buyer chooses a solution in the decision stage.

HubSpot Book

HubSpot published and released a book on Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs, authored by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, with a foreword by David Meerman Scott. The book teaches readers on improving Google rankings for more traffic, and much more.

HubSpot Demo

HubSpot has demos for nearly all their services, from CMS Hub Marketing to sales, and much more, that makes it user-friendly. There’s also a demo on HubSpot introduction and use.

HubSpot Email Tracking

Email tracking removes the guesswork and helps you know when a prospect becomes a lead, gets your emails opened, and calls answered, and demonstrates the lead’s history at a peep. As such, you can close deals quickly and avoid lag.

HubSpot Free

HubSpot CRM is free for all levels of clients that give their prospect paying customers a feel of what it looks from the inside. But for advanced features and business needs, you can subscribe to their plans mentioned above.

HubSpot Email Signature

You can set-up a signature for your HubSpot user profile to be used for your CRM-sent emails. To add an email signature in HubSpot, login to your Account and click your Account Name, then Profile & Preferences. Scroll down to Signature and click Edit signature, key in your signature, and use the icons in Simple editor to insert an image, text, or link, or HTML.

HubSpot HTML Email

When creating an email with HubSpot via drag-and-drop, you generate an HTML email. You can send and receive emails of two types, plain text emails and HTML emails (styled via HTML and aligned CSS). HTML emails are easy to spot as evident in most styled, multimedia marketing emails in your inbox.

HubSpot Guide

HubSpot provides guides for all its services and more, including Sales Interview Questions, Entrepreneurship, and more. Find them here.

HubSpot WordPress

Using the free HubSpot WordPress plugin, you can make your visitors leads through live chat, engage leads with CRM, forms & popups, chatbots, and email marketing. As such, you can track your business development with analytics using WordPress plugins, plus over 400 HubSpot integrations.

HubSpot Google Analytics

Google Analytics rank as the most popular free digital analytics software that allows you to scrutinize thorough detail on your site visitors. It offers useful intuitions that are valuable in shaping your business’s success strategy.

HubSpot Help

HubSpot Support options depend on your product plan, with CRM Free accounts via Community, and Starter accounts via Community plus email and chat. Enterprise and Professional accounts support via Community, email and chat, and phone.

HubSpot Integrations

The HubSpot app ecosystem has over 200 robust integrations, including Wistia, Zendesk, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, and more popular globally used tools. When you begin with HubSpot, integrating this software is straightforward. 

HubSpot Instagram

You can reach HubSpot via Instagram using @hubspot for more information and updates on their offers, products, and services.

HubSpot Import

Importing deals or firms to HubSpot CRM is an easy process, just like with contacts. You just select the gear icon of any Deals, Companies, or Contacts (on the left) table view, and select Import. Say the type of record you intend to import and pick a CSV file to import. 

HubSpot JavaScript

You can use you, design manager, to host and edit JavaScript files, learn how to create it and link it to a domain or template. Use this info on HubSpot Knowledge Base. HubSpot JavaScript tracking code is exceptional to each account and lets HubSpot monitor your web traffic.

HubSpot Keyword Search

Most business buyers who wish to purchase a service or product begin by using a search engine to locate salespersons and product info. As such, you need a high SEO ranking to be visible on the competitive market. HubSpot offers an automated keyword tool for free (a 30-day trial) to help you become visible.