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Best Woocommerce Hosting

Are you trying to decide which WooCommerce Hosting provider is most suitable for your online store? Well, we know how hectic it gets as you try to go through all the information on hosting platforms provided by the biggest library in the world, the internet. So we have gone through all the WooCommerce Hosting providers of 2020 and trimmed them down for you so you can focus more on growing your business.

About Woocommerce

Let us start with a few facts about WooCommerce:

Woocommerce is an eCommerce platform that is built on WordPress and is profoundly known for being open-source, flexible and customizable. Whether it is setting up a new business or taking a brick-and-motor one to the vast online world, Woocommerce has been made incredibly easy to add, especially if you have a WordPress site. And you don’t have to worry about payment since WooCommerce offers 140 region-specific payment gateways to choose from including PayPal and Amazon Pay.

WooCommerce has an impressive legacy that includes +150 team members in 32 countries. It also boasts over 82,000,000 times of downloads and more than 3,800,000 sites using it as of April 2020, and the numbers keep going up. So, if you’re worried about your choice on eCommerce, then hopefully the numbers will assuage your worries.

Now, before we dive into the providers that we have availed for you, a few facts have to be taken into consideration. First, WooCommerce is not the cheapest option available. If your store is small and your intention is only selling a couple of items, then you find other alternative such as Bluehost WordPress site. However, if you own a small business that wants to sell quickly, then WooCommerce will most certainly give you value for money. You can find more tips on the best hosting for small businesses on our detailed article by following this link.

Below, we will provide you with five platforms that we have handpicked, and we will help you navigate through them as you make the best choice for hosting your business.

Reviews of 5 Best Woocommerce Hosting Providers in 2020

#1. Siteground Woocommerce

Siteground is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce hosting with over 2,000,000 domains to date. It is one of the few recommended WordPress hosting companies by and Yoast. Their Managed WooCommerce Hosting will enable you to scale your online shop and support faster and safe processing of orders. 

This platform has the following pros:

Siteground is reputedly extremely fast as it intertwines quick pick-up and resolution in its operation. With Siteground Woocommerce hosting, you get free Cloudflare CDN service and Smart Caching so your site will have a tremendous load speed.

 And with any problems cropping up, SiteGround has friendly and high-rated customer support which is available 24/7 via phone, chat and ticket. 

A free pre-installed SSL boosts your security together with that of the clients’ transactions and you WordPress and WooCommerce will be updated automatically to ensure the safety of your site against exploits. With the above in mind, your website will also be safe against threats with AI Anti-bot System and daily backups of data.

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With this platform, building a site is relatively easy as they have several available beautiful options for stores. And if you need to move your Woo shop, they offer a free plugin known as Siteground Migrator. If you feel like your store needs professional transfer service, Siteground provides this for free with their GrowBig and GoGeek plans. 

Talking about plans, Siteground offers you the following:

 N/B: These plans have a 50% renewal discount on the regular price for one 12-month renewal only. Also, they include a special price for initial invoices only.


  • The Startup Plan has a special price of €0.33 per month and a regular monthly fee of €9.95.


  • GrowBig is SiteGround Best Sellers and goes for a special price of €6.45 and a regular monthly fee of €17.95.


  • GoGeek goes for a special price of €11.95 per month. Its regular price is a monthly fee of €29.95.

However, SiteGround has cons too, which include:

The platform has renewal prices that you’ll need to include in your budget, so if you plan not to spend much, this is a liability.

The contract purchase periods for SiteGround also lack a shorter duration since one can only get deals for 1,2 or 3 years.

Siteground offers no free domain.

If you need to view and weigh all the features provided by SiteGround for WooCommerce hosting, , here is the link.

#2. Bluehost (

Bluehost as a WordPress Host is widespread and is officially recommended by the team of

With Bluehost, any plan you chose will entail the following features:

  • A free domain
  • Auto-Install for WooCommerce
  • A free SSL for security
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Marketing Credits

Bluehost also has the following additional pros:

First, sites are easy to build on Bluehost with instant WooCommerce integration and the vast and diverse WooCommerce extensions included ensuring configuration is optimized.

Once you have built your store on this platform, you will be able to control it by quickly adding or removing anything that is on the inventory.

Payment is secured by a free SSL certificate and dedicated IP.

 In case of any difficulties, you can reach out to their support team. 

Opening a WooCommerce store with Bluehost is possible for as low as $3.95(special price) and free professional help availed in setting up your store. Below is a snapshot of the pricing plans for Bluehost.

Bluehost has a few cons, as seen below:

Although they have a customer support service that is always available, their size means high numbers are needing this support so you as a client will probably wait for longer durations of time before getting served.

If you need detailed info on Bluehost and its suitability to WooCommerce hosting, here is the link.

#3. WP Engine (

First and foremost, you should note that the WP Engine Toolkit for WooCommerce plugin is not available to the public but to clients that have subscribed to certain of their plans. This tool is designed to optimize the performance of any WooCommerce site and providing KPIs for performance assessment.

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The plugin also boosts conversion rates and uses Payment Request API for the provision of one-tap payments for buyers.

WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit for WooCommerce also incorporates the following as extras:

  • Auto Logout option for customers who are no longer on the site enhances site performance by reducing server load.
  • Guest Attribution, which is present to ensure that users that have checked out as guests have their respective and proper accounts receiving their orders.
  • WP Engine also has a Customer Order Index which minimizes issues of inefficiency and slow speeds by using a finely set index of customer data and order data.
  • KPI Log for keeping track of the different kinds of metrics needed to monitor the performance of your site.
  • Disable Cart Fragment JS, which plays a huge role in solving missing cart issues on either your header or sidebar.

You will get the following pros with WP Engine:

  • The platform boasts 24/7/365 customer support through either live chat, email or telephone.
  • A One-Click Staging Environment lets you test updates available in a staging environment first to avoid conflict with your site.
  • Automated backups and restore functionality for data.
  • CDN and built-in caching for speed optimization.
  • Auto Migration plugin that simplifies migration to just a couple of clicks.
  • WP Engine also offers Multi-Site Conversion that is easy to set up and turnoff.
  • Scalable architecture that allows users to manage traffic spikes easily.

WP Engine has pricing plans that are as follows.

  • Startup at $25.00 per month
  • Growth at $95.83 per month
  • Scale at $241.67 per month
  • Premium at $368.00 per month
  • Premium 1 at $552.00 per month
  • Premium 1.5 at $828.00 per month
  • Custom: Call their sales specialist

We have provided this link if you need more info on their pricing plans. 

If you need detailed information on WP Engine and how well-suited it is to WooCommerce, please visit their site here.

WP Engine has its cons and limitations too, which include:

  • WP Engine lacks both Email Hosting and Domain Registration.
  • cPanel is absent.
  • WP Engine disallows some plugins that are crucial in most sites. 
  • No free domain

#4. Liquidweb (

Liquidweb is a platform that, like a few of those we’ve discussed above, cannot be touted as merely being good because it is cheap. Liquidweb can be considered as somewhat expensive as you will see on the part we have provided on its plans and pricing. However, Liquidweb pricing can be deemed more palatable once you realize that they offer great features and value-added plugins.

Some of the features that Liquidweb provides specifically for WooCommerce include:

  • Mobile Optimization for all pages
  • Free SSL certificate for security
  • Abandoned cart recovery via Jilt feature
  • Technical help in setting up stores
  • PCI compliance scans that are optimal ( extra fee)
  • PDF invoices

On top of these features, Liquidweb gives you excellent support at any time of the day, seven days a week. Their plans also offer secure and efficient scalability.

You will enjoy fast speeds on Liquidweb with such incorporations as Nginx, PHP 7, specific configurations and image compressions. 

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Plus, you can migrate your site for free if you feel like moving to Managed WordPress.

Liquidweb will also never charge you page-view counts or overage fees since they have no traffic limits stipulated.

Liquidweb offers you Nexcess WordPress plans that are optimized for scalability with no hidden fees. These plans are:

  • Spark Plan at $19 per month.
  • Maker at $79 per month.
  • Builder at $149 per month.
  • Producer at $299 per month.
  • Executive at $549 per month.
  • Enterprise at $999 per month.

Managed WordPress has an offer of 14 days free trial period for any interested client.

If you need to review their plans and pricing and obtain more info on Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting, please follow this link.

However, Liquidweb has a share of its cons too. 

For one, the platform isn’t cheap. The lowest tier as has been shown above is $19, and the platform charges undeniably high fees for additional tools and payment gateways. And their email services are charged separately from the pricing of their plans.

This platform might prove to be trying to set up for beginners with little technical know-how.

Their user interface isn’t very friendly.

#5. HostGator (

HostGator hosts over 8,000,000 domains and is considered as one of the leading companies for web hosting. 

HostGator boasts a user-friendly interface being among the most intuitive platforms operating during this era. 

The sites on HostGator are also easy to customize with vast numbers of themes and plugins at your disposal.

However, the above features do not compromise quality whatsoever. WordPress is elegantly set with simplicity included for easy use.

With HostGator, you will also get such amazing features as:

  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited disk space for storage.
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • Unlimited Subdomains.
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts.
  • 45-Day money-back guarantee.
  • cPanel Control Panel.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring of your server.

On top of these features, HostGator is fast and reliable and offers free migration services.

You have several plans to choose from when it comes to HostGator. All these plans have different prices and features included. The plans are:

  • Hatchling Plan starting at $3.95 per month
  • Baby Plan starting at $5.95 per month
  • Business Plan starting at $5.95 per month

For your convenience and in case you need to compare the above plans, please click on this link.

Host Gator has its share of cons too. 

This platform, for one, offers no free domain and the renewal fees for its clients are considerably higher compared to the other platforms.