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In 2020, if you want a high ROI on the video you’ve shot, you need the best available Youtube video editing software available. Whether you are a beginner or aspiring to be on IMDB’s list of best video editors, the quality of your work relies on the tools you employ.

According to Wordstream, 87% of online marketers use video content and if you are a marketer or anyone looking for a successful marketing strategy, you should lean on video. Video is the preferred media as it has proven to have the best ROI, same way blogs were in 2004 and the same way podcasts are in 2020.

I tried video editing in college, back when I was passionate about doing a video on campus on what the faculty thought about Occupy WallStreet Movement. Back then, I was a staunch liberal and really wanted everyone on campus to know the view of each professor regarding the inequality and unfairness in the financial markets.

While editing, I took Bernie’s rallying call. I don’t remember exactly what was in the clip but it sounded funny and when I uploaded it on Youtube, it got a lot of views. I have since various video editing software over the past 8 years and I feel confident to share my list of top editing software you can choose from.

This guide has a detailed review of each editing software as well as a detailed comparison that will enable you to pick the best for you depending on your skills and the features you need for the video editing work you have.

Now, let’s go to our most important question.

What is the Best Youtube Video Editing Software in 2020?

While there are many video editing software available in the market in 2020, the software the qualify to use the ‘BEST’ tag are few when you consider the following:

  1. The input/the file transfer format
  2. The Editing features
  3. Transitions
  4. The computer you are using and the OS that the computer runs on
  5. Video and audio settings
  6. The output/video file rendering

Adobe’s software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is my overall best video editing software available in 2020 when you keenly consider all the six factors above. I’ll go into details on why it made it as my #1 pick but first, here is my whole list of 10 best video editing software in 2020

11 Best Video Editing Software for Youtube in 2020:

Reviews of the Best Video Editing Software for Youtube

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is my overall #1 pick for this list of best video editing software for Youtube you can find in 2020. I have used Adobe since 2012 but this Pro tool combines all you’ll ever need for any video you need to edit.

Adobe Premier Pro CC, overall #1 best video editing software

The tools in this Pro CC version allow you to do video editing like a Pro, even if you are just starting out. For beginners, it has a streamlined interface, with easy drag-and-drop tool that you’ll really enjoy as a beginner. It also has a companion mobile app which you can use to see how the output will look like.

They’ve built it by integrating workflows independently so you don’t have to exit your timelines and believe me, this will save you a lot of time.

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One testimonial of a satisfied customer mentioned how he was able to do edit three videos in the time it used to take him to edit one video when using another similar software. Thanks to Adobe Sensei technology, you can rely on it on an array of automated tools that will make your life easier.

Regardless of the video format you want, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is our number #1 pick as you can easily use it to edit video footage in these three latest formats

  1. Ultra,
  2. High-end 8k and,
  3. Virtual reality.

In addition to its flexibility with the format, you can use, Adobe Premiere Pro CC delivers videos optimized for any screen. This software is also compatible with other great adobe tools such as Adobe Stock, Audition, and After Effects which you can use to enhance the quality of your video. You won’t have to exit the Premiere interface to get a motion graphics template from Adobe Stock or Adobe After Effects.

Another good reason that’s often overlooked is the fact that you can easily publish your content on the major video platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube using their Google VR180 format.

If you are into Virtual Reality Videos, Adobe will get you sorted with its VR 180 feature. You can make the most immersive 360-degree videos and can optimize the effects and format, with no limit.

You won’t be worried about colors, adjustments, and backgrounds when using Adobe Premiere Pro CC as it comes with Lumetri color tools which will make it easy to pick or remove background options with Chroma or to make precise curve adjustments.

If your sound is great when you record without any adjustments, good for you! However, if your voice will need some audio editing, its Essential Sound Panel has audio sliders that will enable you to easily add effects such as stereo balance which can make a lot of difference if your voice volume is not consistent. There are other features too that Essential Sound Panel has including; reverb, compression, flangers, and amplification.

Bottom line: Adobe Premiere Pro CC will give you the complete package you need to create a professional video. You can start with a trial here.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

When you are considering a video editor for your YouTube, Adobe Premiere Rush has got to be one of your go-to options considering they are one of the most popular video editors out there. They are suitable for both beginners and professionals. They provide professional non-linear video editing.

Adobe Premiere Rush has many powerful features that help you release videos easily and fast. Some of their features includes; their video editing app which enables you to edit on the go, an incredibly intuitive interface that easily lets you to add titles, motion graphics, and color changes.

You can use Adobe Premiere Rush in Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

You can get Premiere Rush at an affordable price of $9.99/month.


  • Allows video content editing in real time
  • Supports many video formats including HD, HDV and flash video
  • Built-in non-linear video editing
  • Works with a variety of devices; android, desktop, iPad and iPhone


  • Requires a lot of resources

3. Window Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker is a free and basic Youtube video editor for Windows users specifically. It has an intuitive interface with an easier version of video editing systems, which makes it perfect for those who are venturing out on video editing; they can do quick edits that don’t require much skill in video editing.

Some of the features you get for video editing include; title customization tools, auto movie options, 130+special effects, transitions titles as well as drag and drop function. It does not have powerful features, so as you explore deeper in video editing, you will need a more powerful software.

It is currently not available for those using Windows 8 and above.

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  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Great video editing features for one who is beginning
  • Drag and drop function
  • Fun transitions and themes


  • Known to be prone to crashing so the need to save frequently
  • Can’t create high-demanding videos
  • Only one video track allowed
  • Video overlaying is not possible

4. Virtual Dub

Virtual dub software is a free Youtue video capture and processing tool for Windows users. The software was initially designed for capturing your video, trimming, cleaning it up before exporting it to another program for processing.

With this software, you can cut, resize, or trim video clips. You can also add captions, transitions, and more. Also, it allows you to adjust speed in videos and export videos and movies in 2K and 4K quality.

It is beginner-friendly and good for quick edits.


  • Free
  • Very quick and easy to install and use
  • Supports most of the widely used video formats
  • Streamed user interface


  • Limited features

5. iMovie

iMovie is a free video editor for Mac users. It is mostly suitable for amateur Youtube content creators.

It is easy to use and uses storyboard workflow for basic video editing. You can apply color grading, green screen effects, narration, and sound tracking. If you are using it with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you will get exceptional performance.

It has been recently updated to offer touch bar support and 4k video functionality. Better still, you can now process video clips with enhanced speed. Because of Apple’s compatibility, you can easily import video, audio, and photos from iCloud.


  • Easy to add texts
  • Ability to add visual effects and background music
  • Corrects shaky videos
  • You can edit clips up close


  • Only available for Mac and IOS users
  • Limited video editing capabilities

6. Movie Maker Pro

Movie Maker Pro is a good choice for those starting out on video editing. You can have a lot of fun with it; you can edit, enhance, and mix videos and make a movie.

It comes with basic editing features, including; trimming, merging, and rotating clips. Additionally, it has 30+ transition effects for enhancing your videos, filters for varying the tone of your videos, and 30+ different fonts for your subtitles. You can also add background music or edit your video soundtrack using the music Editor. It supports 4k resolution on both HD and Full HD videos.

It is compatible with windows.


  • An affordable tool for you to create movies and videos
  • Many transitions and filters


  • Lacks tutorials and guides
  • Lacks drag and drop function

7. Blender

Blender is one versatile software not only can you use it for video editing but also modeling, rendering, animation, and VFX or creating games. It does not offer many features that can be used for video editing, but there are still several things you can do with it such as trimming, inserting transitions, or applying filters. Additionally, its timeline enables you to add limitless videos, audios, and image files as well as the ability to access chroma vectorscope, view live preview, and histogram.

As a user, the Audio mixing and wave visualization features give you creative freedom while speed control and layer adjustment enable you to apply many video editing actions.

This software is not beginner-friendly.

It can be used in Mac, Linux, and Windows, and it is free.


  • It is free
  • Great video editing features
  • Keyboard shortcut that makes you work so much easier
  • Exceptionally powerful features
  • Perfect for professionals


  • Difficult to learn and use

8. Final Cut Pro X

Final cut Pro X has some of the best video editing features making it the perfect choice for professionals. It is has gained much more popularity since its prices were significantly reduced from $999 to $99. Now it boasts a market of over 2 million users.

It has a fantastic interface, a three-pane view with a trackless Magnetic Timeline, for dual monitors. 

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You can import clips and organize them as Roles in the library, and use them as video, music, titles, voiceovers, and much more.

With Final Cut Pro X, you are spoilt for choice; they offer 149 video effects, 183 title animation templates, 109 audio effects, and 100 transitions. Once you are done with video production, you can apply these transitions with ease.

Its other amazing features include unlimited video tracks, chroma keys, exporting options such as 4K and 360 videos, multi-cam editing, high-performance speed, text editing in 3D, and more.

Final Cut Pro X is great for content creators.


  • An intuitive interface
  • Many effects and transitions
  • Speedy editing and exporting videos


  • Only available for Mac

9. Microsoft Movie Movement

Microsoft Movie Movement is a simple editor from which you can do quick edits such as adding titles and music. It is ideal for those who don’t need advanced video editing functions and beginners.

Some of the features you get with Microsoft Movie Movement include; adding background music from pre-composed themes from popular names as Funky, Strolling, and Energetic or import music. Additionally, it offers fade-to-black transition effects and opening freeze frames.

Microsoft Movie Movement is a great tool for sharing your videos. All you do is press the Share button to post your videos to places such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, OneNote, and Dropbox.

You can get Microsoft Movie Movement for free when you download it on Window store. It can also be used in ARM-based and Intel-based computers and smartphones. However, it is not very compatible with iPad, iPhones, or Android devices.


  • Free
  • You can create enjoyable videos easily
  • Ability to trim footage from middle and ends
  • You can add background music


  • Limited compatibility with other applications except for windows
  • Doesn’t have transitions

10. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is powerful Youtube video editing software and VFX software for Mac or PC. It shines for its 180+ visual effects, unique special effects, and MP4 H.264 exporting support.

This editor has excellent features; high quality settings, including pause playback options that save you viewing delays that are common with high-resolution formats. Also, it features a customizable layout panel, seamless alignment tools, 360- degree and colorist workspace, and full 2D and 3D compositing.

When it comes to video rendering and exporting, this is where Hitfilm stands out; you can export a movie in the background as you work in the editor.

If you are a professional YouTuber, Hit film Express is perfect.


  • It has exceptional abilities to create special effects and amazing visuals
  • Fun online video tutorials


  • Suitable for projects that require high-quality effects
  • You need to have the skills to use

11. VideoPad

VideoPad is a video editor with two paid versions; the Home Edition and Master Edition. With Home edition, you can only have two audio tracks and no external plugins, but with Master Edition, there are no limitations on the number of audio tracks or external plugins.

Recently, VideoPad has been upgraded to support 360-degree video capabilities. It also allows you to add animated titles, simple texts, background clips, and image overlaps.

It features an intuitive UI, making it easy to use and hence ideal for beginners.

VideoPad can be used in Windows and macOS.


  • User-friendly
  • Support most video formats


  • It has no great features aside from the basics