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There is a massive array of survey apps present in the online survey market today. Most of these survey apps operate differently and serve different functions. If you are looking for survey apps that pay cash, read this other list here.

After carefully reviewing an approximate 100 survey apps, here is my list of the 13 Best Survey Apps in 2020:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Ipsos i-Say Panel
  3. InboxDollars
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Pinecone Research
  6. MyPoints
  7. LifePoints
  8. Survey On The Go
  9. National Consumer Panel
  10. Google Opinion Rewards
  11. Qmee
  12. Toluna
  13. BzzAgent

Reviews of 13 Best Survey Apps

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the best survey app in the market. I give this precedent following the high user ratings and positive reviews posted by various random users across the globe. The Survey Junkie app is very flexible and can be used by both android and iPhones. Interestingly, users from either platform prefer to use Survey Junkie as the statistics below indicate:

No. of ReviewsUser Rating
Android phones8,2204.3/5
Trust Pilot8.9/10

It is no surprise that Survey Junkie is rated highly among surveying apps for a myriad of reasons. First off, Survey Junkie has a very intuitive and smooth Interface that lets users interact easily with their respective participants while using the tools and features available in the app.

Moreover, Survey Junkie has a direct and transparent payment process. You can withdraw your earnings at any time as long as it is on or above the threshold, $10, via Paypal.

Even further, you can be able to earn easily from Survey Junkie as you earn points for each and every survey that is completed regardless of whether you’ve met the survey criteria. As each point is equivalent to one cent, reaching your target is easy as you can make up to $2 in each survey.

Get started with Survey Junkie here

Ipsos i-Say Panel

Ipsos i-Say Panel is a UK based survey app that enables users to earn cash by taking online surveys. Ipsos i-Say is on my list of the best survey apps because of its unique reliability in delivery. I would even say that when comparing the payouts made by the array of survey apps in the industry, Ipsos i-Say is by far the best.

Ipsos i-Say Panel survey apps owe its credibility and success to its mother company Ipsos, which is considered among the largest and best online market research firms. In a nutshell, the company already has vast experience in data collection strategies thus making them have a competitive edge over their counterparts.

Ipsos i-Say Panel is also very sensitive to the speed of delivery and they have well-planned systems that facilitate this process. For instance; Ipsos i-Say sends email notifications to its users regarding any new surveys. It is up to you to demonstrate interest and ability to undertake the survey before they reach their participant cap.

When you subscribe to Ipsos i-Say Panel, you will be prompted to give Paypal account details as the payments are credited in cash, via Paypal or via gift cards. You can be able to withdraw funds instantaneously as long as it is more than the threshold, $5.


Not many survey apps can compete with the unique strategy that InboxDollars apply to conduct their surveys. With this app, you can be able to earn cash not only by conducting surveys but also by sharing your opinions on various subjects.

InboxDollars is an easy to use survey app that pays users to simply read emails, conduct surveys skim the internet, and play games online. Their simple agreement terms allow many users to rely on the app to get their survey’s worth.

While most survey apps typically pay from $0.50 to $5 per survey (depending on the length of the survey), it is rare to find a survey app that is willing to pay up to $10 for a single survey taken. Furthermore, InboxDollars also pays its users via Paypal or through gift cards depending on user preference.

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All in all, InboxDollars has received a lot of positive reviews from various users who also submit that InboxDollar’s unique way of presenting the offers into categories makes it easy to use. The survey app even has a $5 welcome bonus (similar to Swagbucks), that keeps you ahead of the game even as a beginner.


Swagbucks is a very interesting and fun survey app to use as it has a straightforward interface that is easy to use when conducting surveys. Swagbucks is also a highly flexible app that can be used in both android and iPhones. The table below enumerates the relative view of users regarding the app:


Swagbucks not only allows you to get cash via the surveys, but also incorporates getting cash through shopping online, playing games as well as discovering new content on the internet. This is a relatively fun way of making money if you ask me.

In addition, the Swagbucks app also uses transparent and secure methods of payment; either through gift cards or through direct payments via Paypal. You can be able to access your earned cash instantaneously as long as it is above the threshold amount specified.

Swagbucks offers an attractive $10 welcome bonus for new users. This is a marketing tool that enables the app to have more users; a mutually beneficial relationship. As if this is not enough, Swagbucks offers a $5 sign up bonus for target points earned within the first few months after the signing up process.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a well-respected name in the survey industry. The survey app is owned and ran by the Nielsen group, headquartered in New York. Even so, the survey app can be used in various countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada.

Pinecone Research is worth being in my list of the best survey apps for one important reason: its focus on international research to improve the value of products for tomorrow’s market. After all, who doesn’t want better quality right?

This might very well be the reason why it has a relatively hard signing up process. For you to join and log in with the survey app, you have to be invited by an individual who is already a member or through join links attached to specified websites.

Furthermore, Pinecone Research has a flexible and highly attractive payment plan. First off, unlike other survey apps in the market, Pinecone Research pays its clients via Paypal, cheques, Amazon eCards, Catalog and gift cards, as well as Prepaid virtual visas.

Pinecone Research is very reliable that it pays its users a guaranteed $3 minimum payout for a single survey. This amount also happens to be the minimum amount that you can withdraw from your pinecone account into your Paypal account.


In the online survey market, there is probably no better-experienced company than MyPoints. This survey app company was started in 1996 and has maintained its relevance through active progression ever since.

MyPoints typically uses a rewards point system to award its users with their earned gains for taking surveys, playing online games, watching videos, and making purchases from respective retailers. It is an easy to use survey app with a relatively fast registration process.

Unlike other survey apps in the industry, MyPoints has an easy registration process where all you have to do is click on the ‘join now’ button, fill the registration form provided, and boom! You are in. Further, the survey app offers free 100 points for the first download of MyPoints balance.

The reward points can be redeemed through gift cards, cash, or travel miles according to user preference. More so, you can earn bonus reward points by inviting friends to join the platform or even print coupons via their main site.

Nonetheless, the service is only valid in the US and to Canadian citizens. Even so, users in these countries can only access the mobile app if they are using an iPhone. Else, you have to access its incredible features directly on their website.

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The reason why Lifepoints makes it to my list of the best survey apps in the market is that it uses real-life scenarios to create money. Lifepoints is a community of individuals with the same goal of bettering the life of a human being in this dynamic world.

In specific, Lifepoints is dedicated to gathering real-life data on how the quality of products and services offered by various big brands can be improved. In essence, LifePoints acts as an innovative tool in which brands use to better their products and services for better applications in the future.

All you have to do is sign up and write on the experiences within your environment to earn your money. It seems too good to be true, but it is in fact true. Anytime you go shopping or go to the movies or watch videos online, you can earn money by simply sharing your opinions on these experiences.

LifePoints is also a trusted service with a community of over five million members and a fan base of up to one and a half million people on Facebook. This wide user profile can simply access funds by converting their points into cash through Paypal, or gift cards used across various shopping platforms.

Survey On The Go

Surveys on the Go is not your typical survey app. For starters, it does not have a web app but rather uses mobile apps exclusively in the android and iOS platforms. As the name suggests, all you have to do is fill out the prompted surveys, get paid, and move on to the next survey.

I particularly rank this survey app as one of the best as it allows you to choose on the topics that you want to fill a survey. Don’t get me wrong; you still have to be invited to participate in the survey before you can go ahead and start selecting the survey topics that you would like to engage in.

Further, the app gives you the availability to choose whether to indulge in audio or video surveys for your convenience. Also, Surveys on the Go has a minimum threshold of $10 which can be accessed directly via Paypal, credited to your visa card, or used as gift cards for other online shopping platforms.

National Consumer Panel

The National Consumer Panel (NCP) is yet another survey app with a very high experience within the survey industry. Originally started as Nielsen Homescan in 1987, and later as NCP in 2008, the survey giant focuses on household items used within the US. It is so widely used that it has acquired the name ‘mini – USA’ over the years.

Unlike other survey apps, NCP has specialized in obtaining information pertaining to physical products circulating within America. As a matter of fact, the survey app has been and still is, very instrumental in influencing the products that manufacturers and retailers alike, need to improve, sell, or develop.

Furthermore, it is very easy to use as you only need to scan the barcodes of shopped items and give comments on them, earning your money. Scanning your weekly purchases might be the primary way of making money using the survey app and is directly proportional to the period of time you have been a member. However, you can earn extra points by participating in their surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards

When considering the best survey apps in the market, it would be amiss not to mention Google Opinion Rewards and their importance in today’s life routines. Almost every person on earth is connected to the internet via their mobile devices. The android operating system and its attachment to Google are widespread.

Google Opinion Rewards is a great survey tool that utilizes this connectivity to determine how to offer interconnectivity by improving the quality of their products and services. It is an in-house survey tool that enables Google to gather relevant data regarding various uses and applications of its services.

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This relationship is mutually beneficial as you (the user) will be able to earn Google credits that would enable you to access more of their services at an advantage. Google Opinion Rewards sends out random surveys periodically while you respond preferentially.

Participation earns you valuable credits that once accumulated, could be able to buy you any Google services that you may need. Further, it has an easy to follow sign up process that gets Google ready to monitor your devices while simultaneously keeping track of your credits.


In much of the recent survey apps, I think Qmee is the best upcoming survey app in the market right now. This is because the Qmee survey app is based on a technological set up that applies to most individuals today. Imagine an app that is also a browser extension.

This survey app enables you to earn cash by simply referring other friends, participating in surveys, and shopping for products and services via the internet. It basically enables you to earn cash by recording your experiences within the online environment.

Once you sign up to a Qmee account (preferably via your android or iPhone), you can be able to start accumulating rewards and instantaneously request for the awards. Awards can then be credited to your Paypal account, gift cards, or offer donations. More so, there are no defined threshold point rewards required to withdraw your cash at any time.


Toluna Influencers is yet another international survey app that qualifies to be on my list of best survey apps out there. The Toluna group incorporates millions of market researchers that provide them with valuable information that helps them work with big brands worldwide.

Toluna is basically invested in sending out surveys that prompt you into answering questions regarding targeted products or services. You will then earn reward points for participating in the online surveys depending on the time and complexity of the survey.

Nevertheless, Toluna members have alternate ways of earning credits into their Toluna accounts. For instance; you could earn 500 points by making a referral to a friend. Furthermore, you could also earn reward points by participating in, ‘sponsored mini – polls’ and ‘profile surveys.’

Even so, I have to mention that there is one major factor that is detrimental to their progress: time flexibility. Once a request is made to redeem the accredited points, Toluna estimates an approximate maximum of eight weeks before the process is complete. I would say that this non – versatility is virtually harmful to the dynamic nature of online business.


Finally, I have to mention BzzAgent in my list, owing to its outstanding performance in media surveying. I have chosen to include this survey app because it uses intricate marketing techniques in a mutually beneficial relationship between you and BzzAgent.

As BzzAgent is a large company and a big influence on big brands, it approaches its surveys from a business perspective and rather indulges you in testing products. These products are typically owned by their respective clients who outsource the online marketing research function.

Once you sign up with BzzAgent, you will be required to participate in various activities besides surveys. Some of these activities involve posting of photos and videos of products and writing opinions and reviews about those products on social media.

It would be prudent to mention that BzzAgent offers rewards based o the level of achievement or the milestones that you’ve completed in completing various tasks. These rewards can be redeemed for various offers on company products as well as cash.