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A buyer’s journey is mapped with a tool called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. CRM tools make it easy for you to track the customer journey and optimize each step leading to more sales. In 2021, the leading marketers and sales team are competing to crank up sales and most use CRM software to ease the pressure of all the tasks associated with customer acquisition to onboarding.

Why do salespersons and marketers use CRM Software?

According to BigContacts, CRM can increase revenue by 41% per salesperson. The same study indicated that CRM can increase customer retention by as much as 27%, fostering long-term relationships with more upsell opportunities.

What is CRM Software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which essentially assists sales departments and salespersons to manage and improve business interaction with a customer and eventually increase revenue.

As seen by the stats above, clearly there is a high ROI investing in CRM software, about $8.71 in earnings per every dollar spent. Over 770% return! If you want to get started with CRM software to see earnings seen by other major brands and Fortune 500 companies, read further.

What is the Best CRM Tool in 2021?

To come up with this list of ten best CRM software, I personally tried 23 CRM software available in the market in 2021. I can honestly say that anyone starting out may find it hard to differentiate one from another.

After tens of hours researching and comparing all the top CRM software, we decided to use the following factors to rank them:

  1. Contacts and sales lead management
  2. Performance management
  3. Workflows and opportunity management
  4. Pricing and support- live chat and call
  5. CRM hosting and speed
  6. Automation and personalization

Using the above factors, it was clear that Salesforce was a distant leader among all the CRM software we reviewed. Salesforce scored well with contacts, leads and performance management.

Here is a list of all the top CRM Software of 2021:

  1. Salesforce CRM
  2. Freshsales
  3. Hubspot
  4. Zoho CRM
  5. Nimble
  6. Nethunt CRM
  7. Nutsheel CRM
  8. Oracle CRM
  9. Insightly
  10. Adsoup
  11. Engagebay
  12. Pipelinedeals
  13. Agile CRM

Reviews of the Best CRM Tools:

#1.Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is our #1 pick as the overall best CRM that is currently used by more than one million individuals and businesses. It was founded in 1999 in San Francisco, its current headquarters. 20 years later in 2019, Salesforce was ranked first among the top 100 best companies to work for. It has a range of services that can be summed up as Software as a Service company that is currently publicly traded in the NYSE. In 2020, it had more than 35,000 employees and it turned a revenue of $13 billion a net income of $1.1 billion.

saleforce products range CRM packages

Major brands such as BBVA, Uniliver, and T-Mobile, among others use Salesforce to drive sales and revenue.

Salesforce CRM clients

The software is hosted on a cloud platform and it is a favorite for thousands of marketers because of its holistic software that caters to sales targeting, acquisition, analytics, marketing, communications, and more.

Salesforce CRM homepage, top pick

Below are the key features of Salesforce:

  1. Contact and Opportunity management: The CRM allows you to collect data of your potential customers by leveraging various sources to put together a unified profile.
  2. Optimized engagement: The CRM tool enables you to dynamically deliver the next best action for each individual at scale.
  3. Performance: You can set goals, targets and see how you perform over time against your goals.
  4. Workflows: The software has a visual workflow creator that allows you to drag, drop, share, and track files and updates
  5. Personalize Feed: Salesforce allows you to customize your feed and you can opt for what you prefer to see first by changing the settings.

Video review of Salesforce:

Salesforce Pros

  • You can get started with a 14-day trial
  • You get unlimited file storage with any of the plans
  • You can easily import data in excel format
  • It is very easy to set up, fast and reliable as it is hosted on the cloud.
  • You can easily customize your Salesforce platform and is compatible with iOS and Android
  • You get access to several third-party tools as it can be integrated with tools such as Mailchimp, Outlook, Excel, Zapier, and more
  • Advanced data analytics and campaign management data

Salesforce Cons:

  • Salesforce does not offer a free plan
  • They don’t offer deployment locally, on-premise.
  • It only supports English – other languages not supported.

#2.Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is our second best CRM tool for marketers and developers looking for a reliable inbound marketing tool.

Hubspot CRM Tool Homepage

Hubspot, the company behind this CRM tool was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah who attended MIT. In 2007, its revenue was $255,000 and by 2018 its revenue had grown to $513 million. A lot has changed with Hubspot after it went public (NYSE: HUBs) in 2014 but one thing remains, it’s giving Salesforce a credible challenge.

Here is an intro video of Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is one of the Hubspot software solutions it provides. Itis appropriate for businesses of all sizes and it won the TrustRadius award for the best CRM software for 2019. 

Hubspot Award 2019

Hubspot provides CRM solutions through different products, which are Sales leaders, Salespeople, Marketers, Customer Service Teams, Operations Managers, and Business Owners. Hubspot CRM is most popular because;

  •  It provides customized views
  • It has a deal and Task Board
  • It provides phone integration
  • It offers email integration, which enables you to keep track of who, when, and what you have emailed.
  • It has a drag and drops communicator
  • It has market synchronization tools
  • It has social media integration features
  • Has Sidekick integration tools
  • Has Templates, tracking, and Scheduling tools
  • Has Custom Support Form Fields that connect you to your contacts database
  • Has  a meetings tools that help you schedule all your meetings by synching to your Google or Office 365 calendar in real-time
  • Its Canned Snippets enable you to create reusable messages through email and chat.
  • Hubspot CRM has reporting tools that provide you with insights that simplify you to export and distribute the trends the system indicates


Hubspot prices its CRM solutions based on the product and plans choices of clients.

The most basic Hubspot CRM solution is a free CRM plan that comes with free CRM tools, free marketing tools, free sales tools, and Free service tools.  Free CRM tools include contact management, contact website activity, companies, deals, and tasks and activities while free marketing tools entail all features of Hubspot CRM, forms, email marketing, ad management, and list segmentation. Free service tools include all features of HubSpot CRM, live chat, conversational bots, team email, and conversation inbox, while free service tools include all features of HubSpot CRM, ticketing, live chat, conversational inbox, and calling. Free Hubspot CRM has various guarantees, which are unlimited users, it is forever free, and it stores all your data.

Other HubSpot CRM products are Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and HubSpot  CMS, where each has various tiers that carry different pricing.

Marketing Hub provides CRM solutions in four different tiers, the Starter, Professional, Enterprise, and Starter+HubSpot CMS.

The Starter tier costs start at $50/month, the Professional plan costs $800/month, the Enterprise costs $3,200/month, and the Starter+Hubspot CMS costs $350/month.

The image below shows the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise Market Hub tiers and their costs.

Sales Hub also provides CRM solutions via the Starter, the Professional, and the Enterprise tiers that cost $50, $500, and $1,200 respectively, billed per month. The Starter plan supports one paid user, the Professional tier includes 5 paid users, and the Enterprise tier supports 10 paid users as shown in the image below.

Service Hub also supplies CRM solutions in three different tiers, the Starter, the Professional, and the Enterprise, costing $50, $400, and $1,200 respectively, billed per month. The Starter tier supports 1 paid user, the Professional includes 5 paid users, while the Enterprise supports 10 paid users as highlighted in the image below;

Finally, HuSpot CMS provides CRM solutions at $300/month, with the promise of supplying every feature you need to build a powerful, optimized website that converts.

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Hubspot also supplies CRM solutions through Growth Suite, which is a combination of HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. Growth Suite entails all the marketing, sales, and customer service software that is fully integrated and discounted at 25% off the standalone prices. Growth Suite has three tiers, the Starter Growth Suite, the Professional Growth Suite, and the Enterprise Growth Suite.

The Starter Growth Suite costs at least $113/month, the Professional Growth Suite is discounted at 25% off standalone prices, and the Enterprise Growth Suite is priced at $4, 200/month.


  • It is free to use, forever, even to non-paying Hubspot CRM customers. Furthermore, Hubspot free CRM product allows you to include unlimited users,which means you can add your entire franchise team in the plan.
  • Hubspot CRM solutions have a Live Chat tool with all its users (Free or paid), which facilitates communications with all your business participants on board
  • Hubspot provides its users with useful customer interactions automatically, which enhances follow-ups. For example, HubSpot CRM solutions’ Gmail and Outlook extensions enable you to track email opens and clicks to see how users are interacting with your emails automatically.
  • HubSpot CRM software has no customization limits. Contrary to most CRMs, HubSpot allows you to modify everything to your brand and particular sales procedure.
  • HubSpot CRM software does not demand any integration because it uses the same database as the marketing platform. Integration is unnecessary because HubSpot CRM is connected natively with the HubSpot marketing tools, which allows you a smooth transition of leads in marketing, sales, and communication.
  • HubSpot CRM is compatible with other CRMS without affecting your functions in other CRM platforms.
  • HubSpot has excellent customer support via live chats on the website, tweeting, and phone calls.
  • HubSpot has flexible pricing, based on your company’s size and particular CRM needs.


  •  Firms with large sales team may find HubSpot CRM as lightweight to their needs as the software  is relatively new
  • HubSpot lacks adequate flexibility compared to other CRMs, especially to companies with complex sales procedures.
  • HubSpot CRM has limited depth compared to more specialized competitors, especially with extremely specific operations.
  • HubSpot CRM attracts an onboarding fee on in addition to the regular monthly prices, which ranges between $600 to $5,000

#3.Freshsales CRM Tool

Freshsales is our third best CRM tool that has fully-pledge Sales CRM software in 2021. The company behind this CRM tool is called Freshworks and was founded in March 2010. By 2018, the company had grown its sales to over $100 million reaching a user base of over 150,000. 

The tool is appropriate for all business sizes and enables your team to keep track of your business contacts and solve their queries through its simple and easy to use interface. 

This review looks in detail the major features of Freshsales, its pricing, pros, and cons


Freshsale key features include:

  • A 360-degree customer view because you can access your clients’ social profiles, identify customer touchpoints such as the website, product, interactions, and appointments from a single screen
  • Provides lead scoring that enables you to know which sales lead is likely to become a customer. That is, Freshsales’ lead scoring prioritizes follow-ups with data-backed insights
  • Has auto profile enrichment through social profile information
  • Freshsales has territories that enable your business team to focus on leads that are closing more deals, and identify territories with potential business
  • Freshasales has a website and in-app tracking, activity timeline, Behavior-based segmentation, and advanced lead scoring that enable you to understand your visitors in real-time, which powers your next conversation.
  • It has a one-click to call feature at no extra or hardware costs
  • Has a feature that can store all your conversations history
  • Freshsales has 2-way email sync, email tracking, sales campaigns, and personalizing templates that enable you to manage and maximize emails
  • Freshsales has customized reports, visual sales reports, revenue analytics, reports dashboard, sales cycle and velocity reports, sales activity reports, trendline reports, reports scheduling, update fields, set follow-up tasks, which allows you to get more work done with little effort via Intelligent Workflows.
  • Has  a Freshsales mobile app that allows you to close deals anywhere through push notifications, the calendar, log calls, and notes
  • Freshsales has integration tools that allow you to integrate with apps such as Freshworks Ecosystem, Segment, Google Calendar, Zapier, Freshsales fro Web, MailChimp, and HubSpot Marketing.
  • Has in-depth reports that enable you to forecast your sales via customer reports, visual sales reports, revenue analytics, reports dashboard, sales cycle, and velocity reports, sales activity reports, trendline reports, and reports scheduling.
  • Freshsales has visual sales pipeline, deal status at a glance, simple drag-and-drop navigation, action-oriented follow-ups, track deals on the go, deal age, and multiple sales pipeline that enhance the efforts that enable you to close deals faster.

Video Review of Freshsales CRM


Freshsales provides CRM solutions through four tiers, which are the Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest.

The Sprout plan is suitable for startup businesses, which is free, forever.

Blossom plan is fitting for small teams and is priced at $12/user/month, billed annually, or at $19/user, billed yearly.

The Garden tier costs $25/user/month, billed annually, or $35/user, billed monthly. It is most fitting for growing teams.

The Estate plan is priced at $49/user/month, billed annually, or at $65/user, billed monthly. The Estate plan is appropriate for large teams.

The Forest Plan is most suitable for enterprises. It costs $79/user/month, billed annually. The Forest Plan allows yearly commitments only.

freshsales CRM tool

All Freshsales plans provide unlimited users, unlimited contacts, unlimited support via 24/7 email, chats, and phone support.


  • FreshSales enables email tracking, which facilitates your marketing success
  • Freshsales is one of the few CRM platforms that permit calls to be transferred to it directly and without any hardware or software installations.
  • It provides event tracking of the previous conversations and to use them to plan future communication, which enhances your chances of closing deals and leads more effectively
  • It provides efficient lead management by providing an all-round view concerning critical details and conversations and differentiating between pending, won, and lost deals.
  • Freshsales has reliable customer support through 24/7 via phone calls, email, or live chats.
  • Freshsales provides smooth integrations, which enable you to learn what customers think about your product and also enable you to predict their renewals and purchases.
  • Freshsales offers great flexibility with the sales procedure.
  • It provides a 21-day free trial


  • The software takes a long time to load when used in a heavily loaded database
  • One needs extensive training to understand the software because of its clustered look
  • Analytics is not available with the free plan

Those are our first three reviews of the top CRM software/tools in 2021. Kindly check back soon as we continue to review more CRM tools you can choose from.

#4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has earned the fourth spot on our best CRM list with an awe-inspiring 150,000 businesses empowered in 180 countries. This platform offers your business transformation from their position as the world’s favorite management software for customer relationships.

Zoho CRM was released in November 2005 by AdventNet Inc. a company founded in 1996. The company has grown exponentially through the years and now boasts nearly 7,000 employees globally and by 2019, Zoho had more than 50million users.

Zoho CRM is used by a number of the best companies in the world including Netflix, Suzuki and Amazon. In addition to this impressive clientele, Zoho CRM was selected by PCMag as the winner in their Business Choice Awards for CRM.


Zoho helps you conquer your customer journey through every stage by availing the following among its many features:

• Sales Force Automation

This feature is designed to help you save time immensely by the automation of routine sales, support functions and marketing. You can create workflows that are optimized for the reduction of manual data entry, get rid of redundancies and speed up the whole thing.

• Omnichannel

The interaction of your customers and your brand is mapped out decently with this feature. It helps you interact in real-time with either your prospects or customers.

• Analytics

Zoho includes reports, analytics and forecast in your CRM to enable you to keep track of the performance of your business. These inclusions are important when you not only are gauging performance but also breaking down quotas into achievable goals.

• Performance Management

Zoho CRM offers this feature for the acceleration of the productivity of your sales team. You will get potential revenue accurately forecasted and attained by the use of productivity games.

• Predictive Sales and Intelligence

You can receive assistance with your CRM data by using an AI assistant called Zia. Zia is included in Zoho CRM and it can perform a variety of tasks including detection of anomalies, fetching any information you require and automating tasks.

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• Customization

Zoho CRM gives you the opportunity to flaunt the uniqueness of your business by the combination of an array of features that can be used to shape your CRM to fit your business.

• Marketing Automation

This feature helps you with the generation of new leads, marketing campaign execution and also the comparison of sales revenue to ad spending with the integration of Google Ads.

• Mobile Apps

The Zoho CRM Mobile Edition is included to help you stay in connection with your business. It can be vital in keeping you better informed, retain excellent connection with colleagues and clients and enables you to react to change as fast as possible.


The integration of your account with third party applications is enabled by this feature. Plus, it can also help you in leveraging data from your Zoho CRM by the creation of complex workflows.


Zoho CRM has the following paid plans:

• Standard- starts at $18 per month per user

• Professional- starts at $30 per user per month

• Enterprise- starts at $45 per user per month

• Ultimate- starts at $55 per user per month

The platform also offers Zoho CRM Free Edition with such essentials as mobile apps and leads and up to 3 free users.

They have also introduced Begin Plan which is tailored for small businesses and starts at $9 per user per month.

Or you can try Zoho CRM Plus to deliver exceptional experiences at a monthly fee of $60 per user.

Zoho CRM has a free trial for all the paid plans. 

For more on their pricing and plans, follow this link.


Zoho CRM has the following pros:

• Easy to use

• Seamless integration with other apps

• Easily understandable analytics

• Management of clients leads and meeting on a single platform

• Progressive design and functionality

• Affordable pricing

• Mobile friendly


• Regular bug attacks

• Support can take a lot of time to respond

• Limited depth in functionality

#5. Nimble

Nimble is our fifth pick of the best CRM with a reputation for being the only platform that builds itself for you so you don’t have to meddle with setting up. This CRM has been designed simply and smartly for G Suite Teams and Office 365.

Nimble was founded by John V. Ferrara in 1990 with the main objective of having a platform that goes beyond the confinements of native contact management by giving users such incorporations as a ‘smart contacts’ app for collecting info on prospects and having a smooth integration between the CRM and social media data.

The company was started with an estimated $3,000 and ten years later it had more than 350 employees and 150m+ users globally and it hasn’t stopped growing since then. 


Nimble CRM offers you the following features:

• Today Page which helps you with the organization of your social signals, pipelines and so on in one dashboard that is extremely intuitive.

• Relationship Management for the automatic combination of over 160+ apps and CRMs into a single relationship manager that is unified.

• Live Profiles for the provision of contact records you can easily access and act upon.

• Segmentation feature for organizing contacts and attributing precise actions to these segments.

• Reminders with a Stay in Touch feature for following up on your follow-through.

• Activities feature for the management of your team’s to-dos.

• Nimble Prospector that enables you to work effectively from anywhere.


Nimble has the following plans and pricing:

• Nimble Business- starts at $25 per user per month.

This is the only plan available and it includes all the features. It has a 14-day trial period.

For more on this plan and its features, visit their site here.


• It integrates well with other apps and functions

• It is simple without compromising efficiency

• Excellent customer support

• Regular updates and improvement

• Relatively easy segmentation and tagging features


• The contact categorizations present have a limited dropdown customization option

• Their email limitations may be annoying 

#6. NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is our 6th best tool for managing customer relationships. It is cloud-based and integrates with Gmail for the direct management of interactions and records from your inbox. Other than Gmail, NetHunt CRM also integrates smoothly with 15 other tools including G Suite and LinkedIn. This tool also generates leads and provides CRM updates via social media, email and chat messages.

The company was founded in 2015 and is located in Ukraine.


• Email Open Tracking

• Email Marketing

• Reporting & follow-ups

• Interactions with a 360-degree view

• Permission Management

• Client Management

• Segmentation

• Task Automation


NetHunt CRM has the following pricing tiers:

• Professional- Starts a monthly fee of $30 per user

• Professional Plus- Starts at a monthly price of $34 per user

• Enterprise-  Starts at a price of $60 per month per user

All these plans include email campaigns, open API, the entire CRM essentials, support via email & chat and iOS + Android apps for mobile. 

NetHunt also offers a special Startup Plan for startups and enterprises with a large team can contact their team for a custom quote request.

Plus, you get a 14 day free trial period with all the features accessible.

For more on NetHunt CRM pricing, click on this link.


• Easy to use

• Unlimited campaigns

• Excellent customer support service

• Affordable pricing

• Automated email tagging

• Smooth integration with Gmail, LinkedIn and G Suite


• It is a bit limited if you need complex functionalities

• Limited customization options

• Formula field is a bit constrained

• Weak reporting feature

#7. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is simply a CRM that just works with surprisingly sneaky power and performance. This CRM service is composed of web and mobile (Android and iOS) applications and is ranked seventh on our list of the best CRM tools of 2021. It can be considered as the best solution for your marketing, sales and customer support needs.

Nutshell was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA and currently boasts empowering more than 25,000 sales and marketing professionals. The application has a record with 100% uptime and a 0.61% Error Rate.


Nutshell CRM incorporates the following features:

• Sales Automation for the designing and execution of a sales process

• Pipeline Management with four ways available for your see and manage your pipeline

• Contact Management with an exemplary record of customer contacts, info and conversations

• Reporting feature gauging performance and recommending improvements

• Team Collaboration for the unification of your team and colleagues

• Automated Emails for marketing campaigns


Nutshell CRM has two pricing plans:

• Starter- starts at $19 per user per month

• Pro- starts at $35 per user per month

Their most popular plan is Pro. All the plans in Nutshell have a 14-day free trial package included. If you need to view or try any of their plans, visit them through this link.


• User-friendly and intuitive features

• Communications are maintained well so collaboration is fostered among team members

• Automation capabilities present are effective and time-saving

• Pipeline management is easy and interactive


• Relatively steep learning curve for beginners

• Their UI is a bit cluttered

• Mobile app isn’t well responsive

• Limited integrations

#8. Oracle CRM on Demand

Oracle CRM on Demand is among our top ten picks of the best CRM with their Complete CRM solutions that offer broad and deep functionalities for driving sales and marketing, boosting customer loyalty and helping you deliver effective service. The combination of Oracle’s Complete CRM and its Commerce Solutions will enable your consumers to get an experience that is not only unified but also cross-channel as well.

The CRM division of the Oracle Company evolved in 1998 from a ‘Front Office’ team that had been founded by Mark Barrenechea in 1997 within Oracle Application division. Oracle would later make decisive and ground-breaking steps by acquiring Siebel Systems in 2006 and the more robust Upshot CRM.

With Oracle CRM on Demand Industry edition, your organization will get CRM solutions that is specifically tailored for your specific industry. You will also get the following featured:

• Businesses processes that are pre-built

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• Object Models

• Data Models

• Business logic


Oracle CRM on Demand has the following overall features:

• Data integration for customers

• CRM gadgets

• Price Management

• Capture for quote and order

• Social CRM


Oracle has an Oracle Cloud Free Tier for you. This tier includes:

• New Always Free- this has been designed for you to build, test and deploy applications for free on Oracle Cloud. This includes 2 Oracle Autonomous Databases and 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute VMs.

• 30-day Free Trial- which offers you $300 in free credits. With this plan, you will get 30 days access to Oracle Cloud services and storage of up to 5TB.

For more info on Oracle Cloud free tier, follow this link.

The paid plans in Oracle are simple and offer a price-performance advantage. They offer a Pay as you go package with such options as Universal Credits and bring your own license included. For more info, check them out by using this link.


• Simple and easy installation

• Wonderful and endless opportunities for integration present

• It includes a single-occasion sign in

• It is a comprehensive single-vendor solution

• Promotes collaboration 

• Free tier is included


• Their paid pricing is not affordable for small businesses

• Slow speeds

• Rigid and dull interface

• Not optimized for mobile devices

• It is complicated for beginners

#9. Insightly

Insightly was founded in 2009 and is based in San Francisco. It is our ninth-best CRM provider with 1.5M+ users and 25,000+ companies globally. With these figures in mind, Insightly is undeniably the most popular CRM software in the world. This is rightfully so for the users of Google and Office 365.

Insightly has been designed for you to keep a close eye on your customer’s journey and their entire buying experience. They have a deeply set belief that customers can only be retained by positive treatment rather than letting transactions define the business.

The companies empowered by Insightly include such mega-businesses as Sanofi, Bloomberg and Bosch.

Insightly enables you as a user to do the following:

• Use data to construct a hi-def picture of your customers

• Create engaging experiences by using marketing automation

• Use relationship linking to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship with customers

• Track and closely monitor information on the most relevant lead by using lead routing

• Create businesses processes that are complex and multi-step using workflow automation

• Successfully use emails by sending, tracking and saving them


Insightly has the following pricing plans:

NB: All the plans are billed annually.

• Plus- Starts at $29 per user per month

• Professional- Starts at $49 per user per month

• Enterprise- Starts at $99 per user per month

All these plans have features incorporated according to the specific plans. You can use this link if you wish to see a detailed comparison between these plans and their pricing.


• Exemplary tracking of new contacts 

• Easy sharing of information

• Tasks can be easily assigned and checked

• Customizable reports present

• Easy and user friendly interface


• Integration is limited and sometimes problematic

• No mobile app

• Limited mailing automation

• No automated reporting

#10. Engagebay

Engagebay is one software that provides a myriad of possibilities for creating a seamless experience for your customers. If you need an all-in-one marketing and sales CRM then Engagebay might be a good solution for your business. For this and much more, Engagebay has managed to be 10th in our listing of 2021’s best CRM service providers.

Engagebay is trusted by more than 15,000 customers who are more than content with the quality of service proffered.

Engagebay also provides an incorporated unified marketing suite with designing and managing tools for the successful running of customized campaigns.

The inbuilt CRM in Engagebay can be used by your business to:

• Organize business contacts

• Track pipelines

• Relationship management


You will find the following popular features in Engagebay:

• Simple Contact Management for your interactions

• Targeted Marketing for increased conversion

• Appointment schedule for effortless scheduling of meetings

• Visual Deal Pipeline for gaining extensive visibility into your pipeline

• Unlimited Mailboxes

• Analytics and custom reporting

• Segmentation feature for effective campaigns


Engagebay has the following tiers:

• Free- starts at $0 per month. includes 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails

• Basic- starts at $8.99/user per month and includes 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails

• Growth- starts at $29.99/user per month and includes 50,000 contacts and 25,000 branded emails

• Pro- Starts at $47.99/user per month and includes unlimited contacts and 50,000 branded emails

All these tiers have amazing features that you can view in detail by using this link.


• It has a Free tier

• Provides an all-in-one solution

• Friendly pricing for small businesses

• Powerful customer service

• Simple but powerful automation feature


• Limited templates

• Integration with other platforms is sometimes problematic

#11 .PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals is an enablement platform for sales pipelines and has earned this 11 eleventh position in our review by being a huge catalyst for different sales teams globally to win more deals faster.

PipelineDeals was founded in 2006 and has grown through the years to empowering 18,000 users worldwide.

The PipelineDeals app has won a number of awards. Some of them are shown in the screenshot below:


• Mobile Access via Android and iOS apps

• Account Management  which lets you view the entire customer account before and after a sale

• Sale Pipeline Management feature for handling the tracking of deals and potential conversions

• Dashboards and Reports that are unlimited and vital in creating reports in minutes

• Data Migration from any other CRM

• Integration with other important tools

• Automation for saving time


PipelineDeals has the following plans:

• Start- starts at $29/user per month

• Develop- starts at $39/user per month

• Grow- starts at $59/user per month

These plans have a discounted annual billing as seen in the screenshot below.

All these plans include unlimited reports & dashboards and free phone support in the U.S.

If you need to view these plans in detail, use this link.


• Powerful targeting tools

• Comprehensive data management and reporting

• Easy to set up

• Good customer support

• Constant and regular updates and improvements

• Affordable pricing


• Extremely limited integrations

#12. Agile CRM

Agile CRM was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, US. This service provider comes last on our list but not in the very least, well, least. It boasts more than 15,000 customers worldwide. 

Agile CRM provides a variety of CRM solutions including Small Business, eCommerce, SaaS and Real Estate CRM. It is trusted by 9,182+ businesses worldwide.


Agile CRM has features classified in the following categories:

• Sales Features- these include 360-degree view, deals, timeline, telephony, lead scoring, calendar, events, reporting, gamification and documents.

• Marketing Features- these include marketing automation, email tracking, email campaigns, analytics, social marketing, web engagement and mobile marketing.

For more detailed info on the features above, visit their site via this link.


This CRM service provider has the following plans:

NB: The prices included below are for biennial billing.

• Free- for 10 users

• Starter- starts at $8.99/user per month 

• Regular- starts at $29.99/user per month

• Enterprise- starts at $47.99/user per month

For more on these plans and the features incorporated, use this link.


• The interface is clear and user-friendly

• Friendly for small businesses

• It has a free plan

• Excellent customer support

• Easy set up and use


• Limited email templates

• Cluttered design

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