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Founded in 2014 by Fanis Despotakis, Panos Siozos, and George Palegeorgiou, LearnWorlds is a European-based E-Learning platform that offers online marketing tools to entrepreneurs and companies. It was part of our top online creation tools in our 2020 list. The platform combines interactive video, social features, and interactive e-book that allow anyone to build friendly learning experiences. 

LearnWorlds is a robust, user-friendly, and reliable online training solution for both individuals and businesses. It is a completely customizable, white-label solution to educate associates, clients, and staff, or sell online courses to an extensive audience.

LearnWorlds has gained fame in the flooded online course platforms world as it offers several unique features creating a course and engagement. It also provides vital selling tools for your courses and being cloud-based, you are assured of maximum security.

LearnWorlds is a Plug-n-play platform that enables course creators to pay attention to what’s essential in their venture. It is user-friendly, offers handy site design and customization, responsive customer support, and tools for marketing your course.

LearnWorlds has exhibited rapid growth and boasts over 1000 clients in more than 70 countries, with half of its customers based in the US.


LearnWorlds includes a beginner-friendly pricing plus multiple packages for its clients to choose from, including the Starter, Pro Trainer, and Learning Center plan.

The starter plan costs $29/m plus an extra $5 transaction fee per course sale. Its features include custom domain, community content dripping, unlimited courses, quizzes & exams, video hosting, and more.

The Pro Trainer plan costs $99/m and has no transaction fees. Features include a blog, certificates, affiliate mgt, ability to create payment plans and subscriptions, Zapier integration, question banks, and more.

The Learning Center plan costs $299/m and includes extra features such as bulk student import, Copyright Protection, white-labeling, interactive video, and more. There’s a fourth tier that is more enterprise-focused, but you get pricing details only by calling LearnWorld’s support.


  • Supports multiple learning tools
  • Expert course design
  • Allows video editing on the fly and adding interactive elements
  • Robust online community builder and marketing tools
  • Handy copyright protection features
  • Beginner-friendly pricing
  • Native blog creation
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  • No native mobile app and site themes
  • Basic course reporting tools
  • Limited payment options (pick one)
  • Does not handle EU VAT natively
  • Till process isn’t conversion-optimized

LearnWorlds Demo

LearnWorlds offers a one-hour full demo per week when you sign-in to the Academy or Register an account. It covers topics such as branding and theming, course creation & set-up, pages builder, back-office/admin, integrations, and marketing tools. Check here for more info.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable

At first glance, both LearnWorlds and Teachable seem quite familiar as offer robust features, but there must be something that distinguishes them. Both platforms are user-friendly, and provides unlimited video hosting, texts, and PDFs, but with differences in details.

LearnWorlds has the upper hand in online learning and gives your brand topnotch branding and customization. It offers course completion rules, live classes, grade book, interactive videos/eBooks, copyright protection, SCORM* & HTML5, which Teachable doesn’t.

If you wish to promote and sell an online course, Teachable is a fantastic option as it includes robust marketing features and a Teachable App. It’s ideal for solopreneurs, bloggers, creators, artists, and YouTubers with interest in starting a course business and side-income.

LearnWorlds, on the other hand, is ideal for educators, SMBs, and entrepreneurs who value education and wish to offer quality experiences to their clients, staff, and students.

Both offer PayPal and Stripe integrations for payment options. In terms of pricing, they tie on the higher end at $229/m, but LearnWorlds offers the best value for the price at $29, compared to Teachable at $39/m. Unlike LearnWorlds, however, Teachable includes a free plan.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific 

Both platforms have very many similarities with robust features and positive customer reviews, user-friendliness, and more. While LearnWorlds focus on SMBs, educators, and entrepreneurs, Thinkific aims to enable expert course creators and mid-sized businesses.

Both LearnWorlds and Thinkific offer easy course creation with robust features, but Thinkific doesn’t offer quizzes, interactive videos, question banks, or grade books. When it comes to website landing page builder and design, both are excellent but Thinkific doesn’t include WordPress SSO plugin or page design templates.

In terms of sales & marketing features, they are almost at par with Thinkific lacking one-click sales funnels but offering double payment gateway. LearnWorlds, however, prevails in school admin and security features with GDPR & data security, account sharing protection, and more.

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Again, LearnWorlds prevails in terms of pricing with a lower-entry barrier of $29/m against Thinkific at $49/m. That’s similar on the higher end at $229/m (LearnWorlds) and $499 (Thinkific). But it’s worth noting that Thinkific offers a free plan (though conditional).

LearnWorlds vs LearnDash

Both providers are notable platforms in online course training tools. LearnDash is user-friendly (course set-up and implementation), includes multiple functions, and offers excellent support. LearnWorlds, on the other hand, has all you need to develop your desired course, from robust features to user-friendliness, cheaper pricing than its competitors, and impressive templates.

LearnDash and LearnWorlds are suitable choices for entrepreneurs, all-size learning institutions, organizations, and businesses. They both support a range of platforms, including cloud, Windows, iOS, and Android.

While LearnWorlds provides a list of features that you can look at such as gamification, SCROM compliance, tests/assessments, and more, LearnDash does not offer product features.

When it comes to training, LearnWorlds prevails with multiple techniques, such as in-person, live online, webinars, and documentation. LearnDash only offers training in documentation form. In terms of pricing, LearnWorlds wins with a starting price of $29/m against LearnDash at $159/year.

LearnWorlds vs TalentLMS

LearnWorlds and TalentLMS (by Epignosis) are both solid platforms in the online training tools with close ratings in customer ratings. They are both user-friendly, offer outstanding support, and attractive features, only that LearnWorlds offers template management. Otherwise, they offer great performance.

They are both available in a range of platforms, from the web (installed) to mobile, as well as training options, including live online and documentation. TalentLMS has a reputation as the topmost reasonably priced LMS that fits the needs of companies of all sizes. LearnWorlds, on the other hand, is suitable for corporate training, entrepreneurs, and e-learning firms.

When it comes to value for your money, they both offer excellent features, tutorials, and more with TalentLMS starting at $29/m, while LearnWorlds starts at $29/m. TalentLMS’s ideal number of users ranges between 10-1000+ while LearnWorlds is 1-1000+.

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi

Both LearnWorlds and Kajabi feature in many lists as the top and leading e-learning platforms on the online course training tools market. They both offer an elegant package to online business and educators, but LearnWorlds beats Kajabi in most online learning aspects.

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Kajabi, on the other hand, is an all-in-one marketing automation platform extra ability to sell digital courses and products. It focuses on sales and marketing while LearnWorlds centers on providing engaging learning experiences. The choice depends on your needs.

They both impressive features for SMBs and more which makes them a great choice. Yet, LearnWorlds has gained popularity as the best platform to build, manage, and sell online courses. Unlike Kajabi, LearnWorlds offers functionality such as ease of course creation, interactive videos, auto-video transactions, interactive transcripts/e-books, and more. Kajabi offers efficient course customization but lacks student engagement tools.

Kajabi, on the other hand, excels in email marketing features as it offers automation & events (time-based emails) and pipelines (sales funnels). In terms of payment options, however, LearnWorlds has the upper hand as it offers beyond Kajabi’s Stripe and PayPal.

While LearnWorlds provides fully-branded white-labeled mobile apps to every user at an extra cost per month, Kajabi offers one Kajabi-branded app that includes courses’ comparison with their competitors.

In terms of pricing, LearnWorlds provides the best value for the price with a $29/m low-entry barrier, while Kajabi starts at $119/m. A huge difference, right? On the higher-end, LearnWorlds costs $299/m, while Kajabi costs $399/m.

LearnWorlds also includes an Enterprise level pricing which is not included in Kajabi.

LearnWorlds Affiliate Program

Participants of the LearnWorlds Partners Club Affiliate Program must adhere to certain T&Cs before entering into a binding agreement with the company. When you enroll in the Affiliate Program, LearnWorlds will review your site and either accept or reject the application. Click here for more information on their website.