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There are more than 4 billion internet users daily. Firms have quickly adapted their marketing strategies to take advantage of the digital market. Digital marketing has many components, including SEO, emailing, search engines, websites, social media, content, etc. Any medium that can help a business market its brand on the internet should be optimized to grow its online reputation.

With the current digital infrastructure, brands have a unique opportunity to make their product known and interact with customers using social media. However, without the proper marketing tools, planning your marketing campaign can be unnecessarily complicated and fruitless. Here are some of the tools I have used and go beyond making the work more accessible; they teach you a lot of marketing strategies in the process.

#1. Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can view the latest trends, and Google visualizations to be in a better position to market your product in the latest trend. Google Trends can provide brilliant ideas very fast and is pretty easy to use.

Using Google Trends, it is also pretty straightforward to do an analysis of your competitors. You simply enter the name of the industry or keywords you intend to view and hit enter. Unlike Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends does not provide data on the average searches of a keyword on Google. However, Google Trend categorizes your preferred keywords based on popularity. 

There are many uses of Google Trends in digital marketing. Some of the most common methods are:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • In ad campaigns

Google Trends is probably the best platform when finding trending topics across the web. With this information, you can optimize your marketing strategy to get your brand known faster. The platform also suggests the most relevant keywords for your content to optimize for SEO. Moreover, Google Trends will let you know what your target audience is searching for on search engines.

While it is most famous for its ease of use, Google Trends also offers diverse marketing applications. The platform, unlike other marketing tools with the feature, categorizes the popularity of different keywords into countries and regions. With this feature, you can view where your competitors’ keywords are most effective.

#2. App Annie

Mobile marketers need to drive organic traffic to their apps to ensure they remain viable. With App Annie, marketers can easily harness the power of paid search ads through its comprehensive marketing strategy.

App Annie now has a revamped ASO capability, which allows customers to understand the market trends to improve accuracy and confidence in their business. With the accurate data provided by App Annie, app owners have the ability to succeed in sustainable user acquisition and app discovery.

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App Annie’s central goal is to not only improve an app’s organic traffic, but also to improve the pay from search ads. Moreover, App Annie offers a comparatively larger marketing suite for intelligence products, enabling experts to launch and enrich the best apps in the world. Succeeding in marketing your app in app stores lowers customer acquisition costs and greatly improves downloads for less.

#3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the newer elements in Google AdWords. However, search engine marketers are very familiar with the marketing tool. For content marketers that have not considered using the tool, it could be a huge slipup.

Google Keyword Planner offers its users powerful insights into the most popular and pertinent Keywords to your brand. While Google stopped revealing the keywords that direct organic traffic to your website from a search query, the keywords provided by the Keyword Planner have the potential of improving traffic to your site and providing value to your site’s visitors.

#4. SEMRush

SEMRush has been one of the most reliable digital marketing tools for a few years running. In 2020, the tool is getting even better. The SEMRush platform helps you identify the different trends around you and their current rankings on the internet.

SEMRush is also an excellent all-in-one SEO platform. What’s more, the tool helps you classify keywords, set up your on-page SEO, backlinks, and check live rankings. Here’s how you could use SEMRush as a blogger:

  • To understand current success
  • To find new keyword opportunities
  • To better understand your competitor’s marketing strategy
  • To keep track of the current and historical rankings
  • To find a more suitable marketing strategy

SEMRush recently updated its AI engine to embolden the potential of the tool in content and SEO marketing. This and other premium features offered by SEMRush make it the backbone of many successful online campaigns. Thousands of firms are already using SEMRush every day to bolster their blogging and marketing strategies.

The usefulness of SEMRush, just as in other marketing tools, depends on how you choose to use it in your digital marketing strategy. The great advantage associated with SEMRush is that you can access different tasks from the same software. The SEMRush software provides services like

  • Keyword research,
  • Rank tracking, SEO,
  • Social media,
  • Link building, and
  • PPC

Most firms approve the application’s reliability in providing up to date data that helps them make educated decisions about their marketing strategy. With the stiff competition in online markets, it is essential for firms, especially startups, to keep tabs on their competition.

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SEMRush, unlike competitors like MailChimp, does not offer a free version of the software. Instead, the firm provides a free 7-day trial. The trial will give you access to all the features of the software. The reason SEMRush has been one of my favorite marketing tools for many years is its efficiency and consistency. I have tried hordes of digital marketing tools priced higher than SEMRush, but none of them matches its features and accuracy.

#5. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most efficient email marketing tools on the market. To improve productivity and efficiency, MailChimp offers email sharing services for bulk mail. That way, you can sensitize multiple customers on an offer or promotion in your store conveniently. MailChimp is free for use to all startups with at most 2,000 subscribers on their mailing list and up to 12,000 emails monthly. The tool also offers top-notch features for larger businesses for a fee.

The software features a beautiful layout, with all basics in reporting covered. If you are interested in automatically informing your audience about product updates, then you should consider getting MailChimp. Some of the leading features included in the tool include:

  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Landing Pages Optimization
  • Mobile App
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data Insights
  • Social Media Advertising Options
  • App Integration
  • Documentation
  • Marketing Automation

MailChimp has a unique pricing strategy when compared to its top competitors. For every 500 additional users, you will be required to pay a little more. This is by far the most flexible pricing system in digital marketing tools. It is one of the main reasons the tool has such a wide following on the internet. Here are features that are added onto the paid version of the software:

  • Unlimited Emails Monthly
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Custom Branding
  • Live Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Comparative reports
  • Advanced segmentation

#6. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is one of the most essential marketing tools for startups, medium, and large organizations today. SoGoSurvey uses online forms and surveys to gather data from a wide array of internet sources. It is much-admired for its outstanding versatility and security features.

The software is a feedback management tool that is mostly used in the creation and management of employee and consumer experience. It covers the whole customer journey and which stage they are in the purchase of an organization or product. Among other tasks, SoGoSurvey allows its users to create multiple surveys, quizzes, and personally customized forms. The tool also offers reporting and distribution tools.

With top-notch features including branching, an inbuilt templates library, skip logic, a drag-and-drop interface, and much more, SoGoSurvey offers quality survey creation that is simple and effective.

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The tool offers a free trial package that offers unlimited creation of feedback surveys. The firm also provides a lot of promotional offers to its users, making it one of the cheapest digital marketing tools on the web. 


Launched in 2011, Ahref is perhaps the best SEM and SEO tools available on the market. While this is due to a few top-notch features, it is mainly because through Ahrefs Site Explorer; you can learn almost anything about your competitors.

According to PCMag’s Associate Features Editor, Rob Marvin, SMBs should opt for the standard and advanced plans depending on the amount of data your firm intends to research and the frequency of alerts.

Ahrefs is one of the most professional SEO tools with features ranging from keyword management to market analysis. Among the few negative comments on Ahref on the web is that its interface is not easy to understand, especially for beginners. Other than that, it is a solid choice for professional digital marketing.

Opening at $82 monthly for its lite plan, the tool is highly powered with SEO tools. Ahref boasts one of the most extensive backlink indexes on the web, with 12 trillion historical backlinks per day. That makes it an exceptional SEO and crawling tool to cover your basic keyword research and monitoring competitor behavior.

The firm has also invested more in the tool’s interface since our last review. The user experience is not fancy, and the tool’s keyword optimization is above average, though being overshadowed by Moz Pro and SpyFu. All factors considered, Ahref is a valuable digital marketing tool when paired with your firm’s SEO too suite.

Here are some of the top-notch features you could take advantage of in the Ahref SEO tool:

  • Position tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Organic traffic analysis
  • Premium UI and UX
  • Data-driven Ideation


While each of the tools named above offers exceptional digital marketing features, none of them or any other across the internet is capable of leading your firm to success on its own. With enthusiasm and the right mix of tools, it will be much easier for your online business to gain a commanding presence. Whether your business is a startup, medium enterprise, or a large organization, digital marketing tools have become a must-have to succeed in the business objectives.

Depending on the industry and business type, a marketing strategy that involves the right mix of the tools described above is bound to take your business to the next level. There are, however, a lot of work to be done beyond streamlining your marketing plan. Some of the tools listed will guide you through other business functions beyond marketing. Choose your preferred marketing tool and guide your firm into success.