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This post is a detailed review of Squarespace and it goes into details with pros, cons, pricing, and comparison with other site builders such as WordPress, Wix, Webnode, and several others.

Squarespace is another site builder that is available for free is you want to use a sub-domain. Squarespace, the company behind this web building tool is based in New York and according to Wikipedia, it employs over 700 employees and was founded in January 2004. It is currently headed by the founder, Anthony Casalena.

Squarespace Pricing

Below are the four Squarespace pricing plans you can choose from.

$12Personal: A good solution if you don’t need an online store.
$18Business: Includes an online store with a transaction fee of 3%
$26Online Store (Basic): Sell online without transaction fees.
$40Online Store (Advanced): Use advanced ecommerce features


  1. Great themes and templates that you can be confident you’ll find one from over 100 available to choose from
  2. It has several features that make it great to be used as a blog such as; rich-commenting feature, multi-author functionality, post-scheduling, AMP support and more.
  3. Great support
  4. You can easily set up a mobile app, four currently available.


  1. It does not autosave content as you work on posts
  2. One sub-navigation
  3. Not very highly rated with loading speed.


Video Review:


Squarespace vs Wix

Squarespace Wix
1. Themes are limited to what the website offers.1. It has unlimited themes including the option of tailoring your own themes.
2. It has few but better designs and quality templates2. It has many templates but of average design and quality.
3. In case of a change of templates, the content is not lost as it stays intact.3. In case of a change in templates, the content that had been created is lost.
4. When selling products online, there is a transaction fee that is charged.4. When selling products online, there is no transaction fee charged.
5.It does not provide an option of choosing other features except the one it offers.5. It provides the option of choosing features from other web hosters.
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Squarespace vs WordPress

Squarespace WordPress
1.Has to control over one’s content1. User has control over their content
2. If you have an online business store, it limits the number of products one can sell based on the purchased plan.2. If you purchase an online business store it does not limit the number of products that you can sell.
3 Customization is limited to whatever tools Squarespace has to offer.3. Unlimited customization as there are many tools to choose from i.e from other websites or you can tailor your own.
4. No option to look for other web hosters hence you are limited to whatever prices they have to offer4. There is an option of looking for other web hosters for better/cheaper prices.
5. When running an online store a transaction fee is charged for the sale of products.5. When making sales it does not charge any transaction fee and the money is solely yours.

Squarespace vs Shopify

Squarespace Shopify
1.Offers better description of products’ features when advertising i.e size, colors1. One needs another application to be able to describe products when advertising.
2. It has a few payment options that are the most popular in the world2. It has a wide range of payment options
3. It has no application market to advertise and sell products through.3. It has an app market that allows one to sell products across different platforms eg social media.
4. It has specified time when they offer customer support4. It has a 24/7 customer support system including a live chat option.
5. It is not easy to use as it requires time and technical knowledge to operate.5. It is very easy to use to open an online store and operate.
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Squarespace vs Weebly

Squarespace Weebly
1. It has more built-in templates with better design and quality.1. It has fewer templates with simple design and quality.
2. Limits customers to only a few payment options.2.Has a wide range of payment options for its users and their customers.
3.Has an option of multiple authors running the blog website.3. Only one author can run a blogging website
4. It does not have a free plan but only offers a two weeks free trial.4. It has a free plan without a time limit to it.
5. It has a more expensive plan when opening an online store.5. It has a cheaper plan when opening an online store.

Squarespace vs Godaddy

Squarespace Godaddy
1.Time-consuming when building a website and more expensive to purchase a plan.1. Faster to build a website and is cheaper to purchase a plan.
2.Better design and quality templates2.Simple design and quality templates.
3. The content remains intact even when you change the templates.3. The content is lost when you change templates.
4. There is a transaction fee charged when selling products online.4. There is no transaction fee charged when selling products online.
5. There are more blogging tools eg a comment section for readers5.only offer basic blogging tools eg being able to separate blog posts into several categories.

Squarespace vs Webflow

Squarespace Webflow
1. User is limited to only using the built-in templates.1.No limitation to use only templates as you can tailor your own elements.
2. It does not require one to have the prior web design knowledge to be able to run it.2. It requires one to have the prior web design knowledge to be able to run it.
3. It has fewer templates that are not easily customized.3. It has more templates including free ones that can be easily be customized.
4. It does not have a free version and one has to purchase a plan first.4. It has a wide range of plans including a free plan that one is only required to pay. I only got the hosting.
5. It has a smaller client case that is freelancers, small and medium businesses.5.Has a big customer base that includes eg all sizes of businesses, non-profit, freelancers, etc.
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