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This piece was compiled by our team of capable experts who have spent hours in searching and going through a variety of email marketing courses. The courses below are what we consider as the best email marketing courses for you and anyone you might recommend this article to. Please feel free to recommend it to anyone that needs detailed info on the best email marketing courses available today.

Why Take an Email Marketing Course?

Before we go through the listing and description of the best email marketing courses, let us first consider a few reason why you should take an email marketing course.

First and foremost, email marketing is becoming a ‘thing’ now and has been for a while. Most businesses incorporate email marketing in their operation as a tool for communication and boosting sales. As a matter of fact the 2023 forecast for active email users is supposed to reach 4.3 billion. No one likes lagging behind so why not be among the users projected with skills that will make you standout with outstanding performance from effectively using email marketing?

An email marketing course will aid the above by providing vital techniques and resources for honing your digital marketing skills. And if you don’t want to get stuck in a rut, constantly using the same email marketing routine then an email marketing course will do you a world of good.

Below, you will find a review of the best email marketing courses for strategizing your digital marketing.



HubSpot Academy: Email Marketing

This email marketing course offered by HubSpot Academy is designed to help you grow your business by creating the most effective email marketing strategy. The strategy learnt from this course will encompass segmentation, management of contacts, email deliverability and analyzing sent emails.

HubSpot Academy also gives you the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into action through a free account that comes with email marketing tools.

With HubSpot Academy, you should expect to get the course of your choice, be it quick and practical or a comprehensive certification.

And, to show just how popular they are, HubSpot Academy has had the privilege of advancing 200,000+ careers.

Here is a sneak-peek of HubSpot Academy’s course curriculum for email marketing, number of videos and the duration taken:

  1. Understanding Email Marketing- 3 videos, 19 minutes.
  2. Creating a Contact Management and segmentation strategy- 3 videos, 15 minutes.
  3. Sending the right email-3 videos, 18 minutes.
  4. Creating a high performing email- 3 videos, 27 minutes.
  5. Understanding email deliverability- 3 videos, 29 minutes.
  6. Outlining the design of Your Marketing Emails- 3 videos, 21 minutes.
  7. Analyzing Your Marketing Emails- 3 videos, 16 minutes
  8. Testing Your Marketing Emails- 3 videos, 19 minutes
  9. Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing- 3 videos, 32 minutes
  10. OPTIONAL: Get Started with HubSpot Free Email- 1 video, 1 minute. (HubSpot Academy Site)

In total, this course has 11 lessons, 28 videos and 9 quizzes.


3 hours 18 minutes.


This course is Free

Managing Email Marketing Lists and Campaigns (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning understands that marketing campaigns that are effective and robust mailing lists are two things that go hand in hand. As a result, this course from Megan Adams (digital marketing expert) is tailored to help you with the building and management of your email marketing list.

Megan Adams guide you through the process of choosing a platform for email marketing, contact addition to your list and segmentation, and keeping that list intact so your emails reach the targeted audience. Her course has been watched by more than 22,000 viewers.

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Megan Adams’ course will also include:

  • How to write compelling emails and CTAs
  • How to reduce bounce rates
  • Usage of A/D Testing for testing the varying versions of an email
  • How to go about automating your campaigns

Below is a screenshot of the contents of this course:


1hr 21m 39s


This course is priced at $34.99 if you wish to buy it.

It also has a plan that costs $29.99 per month and comes with a 1-month free trial. Below is a screenshot of their pricing plan and the features included: Content Marketing – Newsletters

This course was released in September, 2019 by the author Melodie Tao and has 7000+ views to date. In this course, Melodie will guide you through the best practices required for the successful and effective integration of email newsletters into the strategies you have for content marketing.

The most important facets that will be addressed for you in this course include:

  • Importance of data base growth
  • Email customization to fit customer preference
  • Social media integration
  • Consistency

The contents of this course are contained within the following parameter:

  • Introduction
  • Building Your Database
  • Email Content that Converts
  • Customize Your Emails
  • Optimizing Your Emails
  • Conclusion

(From website)


36m 29s


This course has a plan that costs $29.99 per month and comes with a free month. It shares the same features as the plan included in LinkedIn Learning.

● Managing Email Marketing Lists and Campaigns

This course is now LinkedIn Learning.

ClickMinded: Email Marketing

ClickMinded course for email marketing promises to teach you how to precisely increase sales massively by incorporating powerful email marketing and automation.

ClickMinded has done well so far and is being used by such moguls in the industry as UNICEF, Microsoft and Grammarly.

ClickMinded claims that growing an email list isn’t just enough for growing sales. They say that the problem with an underperforming email marketing strategy is usually not in the size of your list but the main problem reclines in you not increasing your subscriber’s intent to make purchase. Powerful stuff. Just go through the statement again if you need clarity on the issue. You will see just how relevant ClickMinded is.

The argument from ClickMinded is, most email marketing strategies tend to treat subscribers the same way. For example, a customer that has just added something on their cart will receive the same message as someone that hasn’t opened their email in months. ClickMinded insists that an effective and awesome strategy for email marketing has to be one that delivers relevant communication to your customers at the time that the communication is useful to them. This way, the customer won’t ask why they are receiving the message but will feel supported and grateful for the effort.

This level of relevance in messaging might seem problematic to you especially if you’re handling a vast number of subscriber. But every problem tends to have a solution somewhere behind it and according to ClickMinded, the solution here is by using automation for the segmentation and delivery of emails to subscribers.

ClickMinded claims to help you accomplish 2x or 3x your sales by using an email marketing strategy that is 99% automated.

The course on this platform is taught by Lucas Chevillard who works for Airbnb as their Email Strategist.

Your will get the following from your course:

  • How your business and email marketing fit
  • The framework for email marketing
  • Strategy for the segmentation of subscribers
  • How you can create a massively successful email campaign and workflows like Airbnb
  • How you can optimize your campaigns
  • A bonus of Chatbots and favorite tools


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This course includes 7 comprehensive classes and each course ranges from 3-6 hours long.


ClickMinded offers you the following license choices:

  • ClickMinded Email Marketing Training- single course for $497.
  • ClickMinded Digital Marketing Bundle- Lifetime access to all ClickMinded courses for $997.

For more on these choices and the features included, visit them by using this link.

Udemy: Email and Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

This Udemy course was created by Bryan Guerra and has 41,000+ students to date. The course is designed to help you with:

  • Building email lists.
  • Utilizing email lists.
  • Remarketing to leads that seem profitable.
  • Selecting profitable products from Affiliate Marketing.
  • Making financial progress with Email and Affiliate Marketing.

Udemy has been chosen by top-notch companies such as Lyft, Pinterest and Adidas to construct career skills that are in-demand and this are mega establishments so Udemy has to be special.

You will have an option for either free courses or paid enrollment. The Free courses come with online video content whereas the Paid courses come with online video content, Certificate of Completion and Instructor direct message and Q&A.


3hours 43minutes of on demand video


Udemy offers you an opportunity to enroll in either free courses or paid courses. To get more info on their Free and Paid Courses, please visit their site here.

All the courses come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Free Course (LinkedIn Learning)

If you are currently using Mailchimp or considering using it as your platform, then this course is designed to make this popular platform work seamless and profitably for you. This course that was created in December 2019 is therefore more suitable for Mailchimp beginners.

As a beginner, you will get the best guidance from Virginia O’Connor, a Mailchimp expert, as she walks you through setting up a Mailchimp account, importation of subscribers and the basics necessary for sending email newsletters.

Virginia will also walk you through message targeting using tags and email marketing automation. You will be guided through the creation and testing of your email campaigns and the interpretation of results that, well, result from your campaigns.

And after covering the basics outlined above, she will then proceed to helping you with rounding out your marketing strategy plus engaging subscribers.

This course has been watched by 5,000+ people who work for such companies as Microsoft, Upwork and Fiverr.

We have provided a snapshot of the contents of this course below.


57minutes 10seconds


This course can be purchased at $9.99. It can also be accessed by unlocking ‘Learning Chimp’ from LinkedIn at a monthly fee of $29.99 and a 1-month free trial period.

Digital Marketing Masterclass 2019 – 23 Courses in 1 (Udemy)

This course from Udemy was created by Phil Ebiner, Diego Davila and Video School Online Inc. The course claims to completely encompass digital marketing with such skills offered to you as:

  • Business growth
  • Job acquisition in the marketing industry
  • For helping a client grow their business

The course is designed to enable the growth of your business through Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and so much more. It currently has 170,000+ students just to show.

And if your question is, what exactly will I learn or gain, then here are a few things for you:

  • You will learn the use of diverse digital marketing strategies that have been proven.
  • You will gain tips for improving the identity of your brand and how you can grow the audience of the same brand.
  • You will be taught how to exploit social media platforms to grow your business via social media marketing.
  • Your email list will grow, website traffic will increase and your social media following and subscriber count will shoot through the roof.
  • The techniques availed will also help you increase conversions.


32.5 hours on-demand video

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The course goes for a price of $199.99. New students can also get a discount of 94%. A 30 day money back guarantee is also included.

The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course (Udemy)

The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course from Udemy is tailored for your learning on how to use Mailchimp, grow the subscriber list for your campaigns and build campaigns that are of a high quality. The course has 14,000+ students and was created by COURSE ENVY.

This course will enable you to learn the following:

  • Easily navigate and understand the Mailchimp platform
  • Build email lists that are hyper-segmented for your Mailchimp account
  • To create A/b split tests
  • Set up squeeze pages
  • Build sign up and opt-in forms in Mailchimp
  • Create highly effective email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp
  • Create email content with high open and conversion rates


4.5 hours on-demand video


This course is priced at $49.99.New users can also get the courses at a discounted price of up to 78%. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Start & Run a Local Viral Email Marketing Home Business

This course was started by Chris Towland and it has had more than 9700 students since it was published. It entails info on how you can start and run a home business that really works without the need for any sales skills. This course has been built for anyone who wishes to own a simple and viral home business from anywhere in the world.

Here is a short list of the things you will learn from this course:

  • You will learn how to run a highly profitable home business that is also simple
  • You will get a reliable source of income
  • You will be able to work for very few hours every month at whatever time is suitable to you


5.5 hours on-demand video.


The course costs $194.99 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. New students can also get a discount of up to 92%.

Email Marketing: Start growing your own Email list today – Best Email Marketing Course

This the best email marketing course out there and rightly so. It boasts 26,000+ students from a top rated instructor, Phil Ebiner, who has handled more than 1 million students over 114 courses.

This course is best for email marketing newbies, people with trouble increasing subscription to their list, people who need guidance creating opt-in forms and anybody with less than 1000 subscribers.

This course is designed to help you do the following:

  • Catalyze the growth of your email list
  • Learn how list-building works

The course takes all sorts of people with different levels web design and marketing experience into consideration and provides the necessary resources to enable anyone to get started and sprint right through to mastery.

You will start right from the basics and be taken step by step through list-building and at the end, you will be signed for an exemplary service for email marketing.

You will also be taught about lead magnets, what they are and how to create them. And, on top of all these, you will learn to create stunning opt-in forms and customize them.


2.5 hours on-demand video


This course costs $99.99 and has a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. New students can also get it at a discounted price of $13.99.