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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing denotes the use of email to advertise services or products while nurturing relationships with budding clients. Essentially, email marketing is direct mail done electronically rather than via the postal service.

In short, email marketing can be categorized to as any email that is sent besides order verifications and direct responses to clients’ questions. It is a part of Internet Marketing which comprises of online marketing through sites, blogs, social media, and more.

Email marketing can consist of newsletters with company updates or ads for sales and exclusive subscriber deals. At its best, email marketing enables businesses to keep their clients informed and personalize their marketing messages to their audience.

At its worst, email marketing can chase clients off with persistently irritating spam emails. The two major benefits of email marketing include ease and price, as compared to other forms of marketing or advertising products or services.

About Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email marketing can be an influential channel to bring new and repeating law firm business in with its low-cost pricing and ROI (return on investment). If you want to reach your aimed or anticipated law firm audience, using email is more effective.

For you to successfully use email, you should begin with segmenting your contacts to make sure that you send emails that is relevant to the recipient’s interests. To ensure ultimate productivity, automate your email marketing using drip campaigns.

Law Firm Email Newsletter

Lots of law firms and lawyers have heard the idea of email marketing and newsletter. As such, it is not rocket science to them. Have you lately been considering new cost-effective marketing techniques that generate more consistent marketing results for your law firm? Then newsletters are the way to go.

From peers to colleagues, peers, and potential customers, law firms deal with many different faces every day. It would be disappointing to struggle remembering each name & face or contact or meeting subject. Lawyers lead a busy life and balance a tight schedule between office and family/home life.

Email newsletters can be distributed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to make sure your law firm stays top of mind with its existing audience. This is extremely influential since that audience is the firm’s most reliable and largest group of supporters.

Since they are familiar with your firm’s services, e-newsletters will prompt their trust and increase the number of referrals that they might have redirected elsewhere.

Law firm Email Marketing Examples

  1. Contact Form Verification Email

  1. Win the Client Email

  1. Reengagement Campaign

Law Firm Newsletters Example

Check more information on these samples from different sites.

Tips for Email Marketing for Law Firms

A recent study shows that there are approximately one million accredited lawyers in the US, where 74% of them work for private practice. That high number and huge arena can elevate anxiety which is logical.

Yet, the Internet era has simplified things, with top-ranking in Google, an effective site, an active social media presence facilitating an increase in the number of clients with their success. If you can leverage the influence of the web, then you will not need to wait for customers to come knocking on your door based on basic references.

But if you need to pay more attention to your practice or you are tech-savvy, we would recommend you link up with a law firm devoted agency that offers such marketing services. 

Which email marketing tips for law firms are essential for your success?

  1. Address a Specific Audience

Sometimes you might have a law firm email marketing plan but still fail to nail your expectations. Do you know why? Perhaps you do not have a well-thought-out email marketing tactic. The fact is, you cannot fulfil a set of your audience needs with a general email.

With targeted emails can earn you 18x times more income compared to an email containing a general message. Besides, targeted emails make each client feel special, which is your firm’s benefit. So, the trick to the ladder of success is: targeting your audience.

  1. Outline a List of Recipients

Your next step should be outlining a list of recipients, which you can derive from your former clients or create links. Alternatively, you can pay for a list of contacts and begin sending emails.

While building your own list might seem tedious, it is useful in familiarizing with your audience. This, in turn, will increase the number of lead-conversion rates for your law firm.

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You can use these tips to draw your client list:

  • Social media contacts
  • Existing clients
  • Former clients
  • Website visitors

Creating a list is a sure path to success, and the objective should be to make your emails worth it. Rather than putting your email in the spam box, your client should respond with a question.

On the other hand, you can employ a law firm web designer to create a coherent site. Make sure you post legal content on your site so that your audience can ask questions in the comment section. Following this tip is a definite technique to create an email list.

  1. Select Your Content

The Internet is influenced by content! Is it creating a website or sending an email? Your clients will recognize you via your words and the quality of the content you offer. As such, make sure you concentrate on choosing the eloquent content for your customers.

And since most people conduct searches via mobile phones, make sure your site is mobile-optimized.

If you want people to read your emails, then ensure that you create curiosity by deciding on interactive content. You can achieve this by choosing trending issues in the law sector and writing related facts and info. Alternatively, you can share your experiences when handling critical matters.

You can also include in your content things such as a newsletter, videos, free legal advice snippets, event notification, any law updates, and articles dedicated to specific content. Choose your words intelligently and keep off from certain words in your subject line.

  1. Choose Your Email Provider

Is this really significant? Of course, yes! There is a pool of options that provides sending group emails services on the market. As such, make sure you choose a well-reputable email provider from the pool that offers reliable services to its clients.

How many emails do they offer per account? What is the provider’s client base (number of subscribers)? These among other questions should be factors to consider. If you are uncertain, you can seek expert advice from people with this knowhow.

  1. Set for the Campaign

After you have considered all the factors mentioned above, the ultimate step should be setting up for the campaign. Implement your strategy and create substantial content by selecting an appropriate template and dialectal for clients to understand easily.

  1. Appropriate Timing

What does this entail? It involves knowing the best or appropriate time to send your campaign emails. If you did not know, studies have shown that there are specific moments in time when you should send out emails.

Some software or email marketing providers such as MailChimp can be tailored to these suitable times.

Content Marketing 101 for Lawyers

Naturally, legal experts tend to be eloquent people who logically distill facts and forcefully build compelling cases. As such, it is nontoxic to assume that many attorneys and solicitors will have a fine grip of what constitutes terrific content marketing for law firms.

With that kind of info, they can take the lead on creative ideas that will appeal to the appropriate clients. Yet, in-house teams are often confined within the creation of content filled with legal lingo (excessive legalese) which does not read well, or slightly intimidate the general public.

Therefore, we shall give our guide to content marketing for lawyers in this section.

  • Get SEO-Savvy

Every online marketing activity begins with getting your site up to scratch, and making your law firm service pages SEO-friendly. Dedicate quality time to full keyword research for it plays a vital role in your recognition in the SERPs.

When you study which phrases and words you should target, it is useful in creating more focused content that guarantees to work harder on your behalf. Depending on your location, ensure you are conversant with a range of local search terms throughout your site.

You can apply AdWords Keywords Planner to ensure your text features the most common phrases, “divorce lawyers in Ohio” for example. This should increase your Google ranking, but make sure you use the keyphrases wisely or you will be penalized.

  • Pay Attention to Your FAQs

Google ranks as the first SEO that comes to mind when looking for legal advice. Therefore, make sure your content answers the questions directly as per the client’s request to rank higher in search results.

Answer the Public is also a great alternative as it will help you visualize the exact questions people are searching on Google relating to your specific niche. For instance, if divorce law is your expertise, you will find all the questions in alphabetical order.

Even if your site page does not rank #1, you will earn more clicks as you will be answering the right or relevant questions that meet their specific needs. As such, regardless of where you publish your content (a blog post or service page), ensure you take your time to directly answer questions to grow your search visibility. 

  • Build Your Case
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This part should come naturally to legal pros, and publishing case studies must be core to your content marketing as it shows how good you can be at your job. Due to the sensitive nature, it is not easy to detail the particulars of the people you have helped and the cases you triumph.

Yet, if possible, it is judicious to publish at least one case study for each part of law in which you function. While some law firms avoid this totally, it is beneficial for many clients to take pride in your success with cases.

When you document your process defining your client’s challenges, detailing your services, and stressing the ultimate result of the case, it is a relatable real-life story. While other online marketing activities might draw clients to your website, a good case study may be the clincher that gains their business.

  • Start Shooting

Video content has dominated the web and the trend only continues to rise. Do you want to catch someone’s eye on social media? Nothing could do this better than a video. YouTube ranks as the second-biggest search engine globally and having video content about your law firm on YouTube escalates your marketing.

Do you know why video content is so naturally attractive? It is because the human mind is equipped to react to movement. As such, it is probable that people will click play if you start shooting. One advantage about videos is that they can be easily shared to the social media platform and embedded on your law firm’s website.

Therefore, ensure you shoot a good video so as to maintain visitors on your site for longer, which will, in turn, boost user engagement, resulting in higher ranking. It’s no brainer! The longer people stay on your website, the better-quality Google notices it.

  • Stretch Out to Business Periodicals

You can submit guest articles to top industry periodicals or publications, for instance Criminal Law & Justice Weekly, which comes with several benefits. For starters, a top leadership article on up-to-date events can elevate your influence among peers. This, in turn, has the potential to attract referral business.

Secondly, you will have fantastic content to share on social media, which adds a sense of trustworthiness to your law firm, and finally, you will get citation links from popular websites. As such, target journals that your would-be clients are likely to be reading, such as parenting websites, sports mags, and more.

Remember, instead of attempting to sell your services directly, include useful content that frames you as an expert on the subject. Why so? Too advertorial articles are likely to be outrightly banned by the publication’s editor.

Concisely, Google considers citation links as recommendations, which means the more you have, the more the ranking you earn.

  • Court Clients with Your Content

Any type of marketing aims at attracting custom. Thus, if you follow the phases featured in our listing above, it should be useful in keeping your content strategy on course. 

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing for Law Firms

Choosing the best or suitable email marketing services provider for your law firm depends on a number of factors. The most general factors that you should keep in mind include the length of the email list and your objectives.

  1. Budget

First off, your budget should always take the lead. While WYPIWYG (what you pay for is what you get) jingle is real, you should not strain too much while you work on a tight budget. Go for that service price that fits your budget.

  1. Free Trials or Demos

Second, exploit the free trials that the email marketing service provider offers to see exactly how the system works. If they do not provide free trials, hop on to the next provider. If what they offer are Demos, then make sure that you have questions on your fingertips.

With this, you can maximize the demo session to make sure that you derive as much detail as possible before it ends. Make sure you check all the significant features for your law firm.

  1. Pricing Transparency – Extra or Hidden Fees

Are there any extra charges or fees incurred for crucial features for your email marketing services? Or are there features that the provider will have you pay for and you will never use them? It might be disappointing spending your hard-earned dollars for insignificant features.

When you have your email marketing set up and running, then plan for your initial campaign. Revenues on email marketing are the premier of any online marketing technique, and you will be attracting new leads for your law firm practice very soon.

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Four Best Email Marketing Software for Law Firms

It is clear-cut that email marketing boosts interaction or engagement and maintains a good rapport. The main question is, how do you choose the appropriate email marketing software for your law firm?

We have tackled most of the questions that you might have about email marketing for law firms. Now, let us have an insight on the four-best software in our listing.

  1. Constant Contact: Excellent email marketing software for apprentice legal marketing law firms. Intuitive interface, law firm-specific features, and customizable templates.
  2. MailChimp: User-friendly, virtually intuitive with fully-integrated analytics at all subscription levels. Ability to A/B your emails.
  3. GetResponse: Outstanding features for email marketing software for law firms. Includes more interactive tools, allows landing page designing.
  4. VerticalResponse: The Bugatti of email marketing services that compliments its pricing. Offers all you would need in a pro email marketing software for law firms. Includes full-service email marketing.

With this brief review, let us look at the in-depth review on the four-best email marketing software.

Constant Contact

With Constant Contact, you get a complete featured 60 days free trial. It includes a straightforward sign up process without the need to enter payment details until you finish your trial. When the trial is over, charges will depend on the size of your email list, with a 2000 contact list priced at $45 per month.

While extending its outreach to law firms, Constant Contact offers a number of templates to aid in simplifying your email marketing campaigns. You can either use them, modify to your needs, or create yours from scratch.

Other Constant Contact offerings include social media marketing tools, image and file hosting, delivery and open-rate tracking, and tools for creating and survey & coupon. Besides, you get useful tools for growing your list.


  • Robust features
  • Affordable pricing
  • Decent tools
  • A free trial


  • Does not integrate with Lexicata or Clio


MailChimp is another email marketing provider that offers a free trial, easy set-up, and most of its features are accessible for free for a list of 2,000 people. For the free service, however, you must not send more than 12,000 emails a month.

While some useful features are set aside for premium clients, MailChimp offers you quality service. You can use the free version to fully manage your list and send emails efficiently. MailChimp also provides full analytics to help you in email tracking.

To simplify list management and message creation, MailChimp offers a pool of features, such as access to a wide range of pre-made templates. It also includes A/B testing to aid tweak and maximize results. For list growth, the provider offers hosted sign up forms and integrations with other trendy services.


  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Fully integrated analytics
  • A free version
  • A/B test
  • Integrates with Lexicata and Clio


  • Not specifically customized to the legal community


GetResponse offers its clients a 30 days free trial and after it ends, you subscribe at $25 per month for a 2,000 contacts list which includes a few basic features. If you need more advanced features, the other pricing tier is costly at $50 per month, which allows for a 5,000-contact list.

The provider offers the majority of the tools available with other providers, but stands out by providing some extras such as landing page creation and webinars. Is your law firm or practice searching for more engagement with subscribers? GetResponse extra features can be a huge bonus.


  • Robust features
  • Interactive tools
  • Organization & distribution of webinars
  • Landing page design capability


  • Integrates with a pool of diverse platforms, though mostly for retail apps.


VerticalResponse offers plenty of functionality into a reasonably priced, user-friendly bundle for small businesses. It consists of features such as event-triggered email, template management, list & newsletter management, and bounce & click-through tracking.

You also get a WYSIGWYG email editor. VerticalResponse free version includes up to 4,000 email with a 300 contacts list. With their Pro package you can send up to 25,000 contacts list for $232 monthly.


  • Improved functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust features
  • Intuitive email editor
  • A free version


  • High-priced for small businesses