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Final Cut Pro X is a video editing software tool used in post-production where it allows the user to edit videos, audios, do advanced color grading, work out closed captions, among others. It was originally developed by Macromedia Incorporated but Apple Incorporated acquired and continued to develop the software in 1998 where it has expanded its capability into becoming one of the best video editing tools globally today.

Final Cut Pro X was initially released in 2011 with the stable version of the software being released in late 2019. It combines various precision editing tools together with a standard workflow to form a high-performance software tool that delivers a comprehensive application.

Final Cut Pro X Download

 Final Cut Pro X has an easy download process and can be easily accessed from the developer’s site or other third party sites for free. The video editing tool has a large installation memory file of 2867MB thus requiring a larger disk space before installation.

Nonetheless, downloading the installation files does not mean that you can simply install it and start using it automatically as it is not plug and play enabled. It uses a shareware software license that usually means a limited usage time until the full package is paid for.

Final Cut Pro X Pricing

I reckon that Final Cut Pro X has relatively fair pricing quotations for as little as $299.99 to get access to all the software features available for video editing. However, Final cut can be used for free for the first three months as it offers a free trial version of 30 days, where new customers can be able to access various editing features and get a relative feel of the software.

In recent times, given how the Corona virus has left many individuals working from home, Apple Inc has extended its trial versions to up to 90 days, where beginners and students can be able to acquire experience in using the professional tool.

Even so, apple has not specified when the 90 – day free trial offer ends. What remains unchanged is the fact that after the trial period ends, the customer is then prompted to pay for the full package to get access to all Final Cut’s features and be able to perform video editing functions seamlessly.

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Final Cut Pro X Features

Upgraded metal engine – Final Cut Pro has a new metal engine that allows its users to work at faster speeds. The metal engine can accommodate more complex projects as it is able to handle larger frame sizes.

Further, the metal engine also enhances an accelerated performance such that rendering can be done at amazingly fast speeds and with real time effects application.

Final Cut Pro has all the editing tools of post production required; magnetic timeline used in video editing such that the user can compose and create the post production elements all at the ‘speed of thought.’

The new version of Final Cut Pro X also incorporates an advanced multi – cam that allows the user to edit up to 64 angles of different videos and of different formats.

In addition, Final Cut Pro X has an improved video noise reduction tool that lets you use simple controls to adjust intensity and eliminate grain.

The video editing tool features an improved motion and compressor components that make it easy for you to build amazing effects while creating custom export settings that suit your preferred output.

It also has an advanced color grading with a dedicated color inspector that automatically corrects the indifferences in color schemes by using color wheels, saturation curves, keyframes, color curves as well as hue curves for correction.

The latest version of Final Cut Pro X expresses the videos more realistically by using the High Dynamic Range (HDR). The HDR applies editing and grading of imported files much realistically by displaying the HDR brightness levels. It also lets you convert HDR to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) using tone mapping before broadcasting.

Moreover, Final Cut Pro also combines ProRes with RAW such that you can import, edit and grade videos using RAW as is received directly from your camera sensor. If you are using Mac Pro with the afterburner card, videos can be edited using the ProRes RAW much faster than the typical speeds editors are used to.

Final Cut Pro X works directly with other third party applications through collaboration, Stock Media, Asset Management, Transcription by using the extension for review and approval.

If you are looking for a video editing tool that will allow you to edit videos in a 3600 equi – rectangular manner, Final Cut Pro X is just the software for you. You would find it easy to create 2D and 3D titles then add them to your Final Cut 3600 video projects. Similarly, you could create advanced motion graphics on a separate platform and simply add them to your Final Cut Project.

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Perhaps Final Cut’s Virtual Reality (VR) feature is what I find most interesting. Final Cut lets you watch your 360 video in real time using the VR headset playback. You can also use the mirror function to control the video functions separately on Final Cut via the computer’s screen.

Final Cut Pro X Update

If you are looking for a video editing tool that does not prompt unnecessary updates, Final Cut Pro X is just the software for you. As compared to other video editing softwares, Final Cut Pro X has an automatic update protocol that prompts you to update specified features of the software.

The latest version of the software was released in December 2019 and has a myriad of advantages over its predecessors. For starters, it solves the problem of the visual artifacts becoming visible onscreen for systems using Nvidia graphic cards. This is especially for users that have enabled the reduced transparency feature.

The new update has also been able to fix the issue of loading unintended projects into the operational timeline. Further, the update has taken into account system stability where users can now have stabilized sharing and even when scanning media via the browser.

I also found Final Cut’s update convenient when working with Sony XAVC media, not to mention the super increased reliability in the importation and exportation of CEA 608 captions.

Final Cut Pro X Reviews

Final Cut Pro X is highly praised by most users who have been impressed by its more than adequate functions in video post production. First off, the simple interface auger well with most users as it improves usability.

One customer in March 2020 reckoned that it was easy to learn, “Having taught myself to use Final Cut Pro X, I’m super impressed by its intuitive design. Combining FCPX’s intuitive design and the numerous online tutorials available on Youtube, the learning curve is swift and steep so I have no complains whatsoever.”

Andrew Peterson on the other hand adds that Final Cut Pro X is easy, efficient and effective. He says, “The render speed of Final Cut Pro X is incredible. Everything is rendered while you’re working, so the exporting of a file does not take long.” “The color correction system is fantastic. Final Cut Pro X now allows full – blown color correction to your projects.”

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Final Cut Pro X Pros and Cons


  • It has very advanced color grading schemes
  • A sound Multicam editing
  • Equipped with motion graphics templates
  • Can continue to use libraries used in the trial version within the purchased version.
  • It also has a Virtual Reality playback
  • Incorporates a non – linear intuitive design


  • Has a simple interface for more professional tastes
  • Is only available for use in Mac OS and no other platforms whatsoever

Final Cut Pro X Classes

You can learn how to use Final Cut Pro X professionally through taking paid online classes on various platforms. Udemy currently offers a one – hour basics learning class at only $14.99. This class entails:

  • Feeling comfortable with Final Cut Pro X
  • A better understanding of the editing Process
  • The importation of video, audio and photos into a project
  • Shortcut keys that make your work faster and efficient
  • Media project management for ease and efficiency
  • Exporting final project to intended output source

PluralSight is another online course learning institution that offers relatively insightful basic learning of the software.

Else you can opt to learn the software through Youtube tutorials or through online community platforms for free. However, this process does not have continuity in learning thus you might find that you have diverse information with no systematic process of application.

Final Cut Pro X Alternatives

As Final Cut Pro X does not on Windows or Linux, there are other suitable alternatives that serve the same functions as Final cut on these platforms.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. ShotCut
  3. DaVinci Resolve 16
  4. HitFilm Express
  5. Lightworks

All in all, Final Cut Pro cannot really compare to any of these video editing software owing to its uniqueness in application, simplicity, and usability. While the other software offers alternative options to using Final Cut, they cannot beat Final Cut’s deep understanding of user requirements in delivering up to standard quality videos in the post-production phase.