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What is a Landing Page and why use it?

A landing page is a standalone web page that is created specifically for a digital advertising campaign. Basically, it is where a guest lands after clicking a link in an email or advertisements from Google, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, twitter among other places on the Web.

Landing pages are common with CPA marketers and among essential tools that optimize sales and sales funnels to convert leads into customers.

It is essential to note that landing pages differ from web pages because landing pages are designed with a single goal called a call to action (CTA) while web pages have many objectives.  Web pages have many distractions because it has many clickables while landing pages have few links that enhance a visitors’ chance of inquiring about a product.

All businesses that wish to achieve success in their digital campaign should use landing pages because they are the best option for increasing conversation rates of their digital campaign at low lead costs and sale costs.

There are two general types of landing pages,

  • (1) those that you build to attract visitors at the top of the funnel and
  • (2) those that you develop to convert guests at the bottom of the funnel.

Top-of-funnel landing pages aim to get members of the target audience to provide their contacts, follow the marketing firm on social media, participate in online events, or take other steps that entice them more into the business. Comparatively, bottom-of-funnel landing pages persuade customers to purchase products.

What is a Landing Page Builder?

A landing Page Builder is a drag-and-drop software that allows digital marketers to create platforms that compel visitors to purchase their products. Landing Page builders are totally flexible unlike website software that is not flexible, even WordPress, the easiest website builder. Examples of landing page builders are Unbounce, Instapage, Hubspot, Leadpages, GetResponse, and Wishpond.

Benefits of Using Landing Page Builders

There are two basic methods of creating landing pages, either by building it on your website or by using landing page tools. Creating landing pages on your website is cumbersome because it involves adding hundreds of additional marketing tools on your website, especially if you lack a solid design and coding skills.

 I prefer using landing page builders because they allow you to create and host your landing pages using a third-party service. Also, landing page builders provide you with easy design interfaces and testing options. More importantly, landing page builders provide you with a custom domain name, heatmaps to track engagement, and landing page tools maximize conversions.

Tips and Strategies to Succeed When Building a Landing Page

You should ensure that your landing page enhances the optimum conversion of leads regardless of what landing page builder you choose to use. Below, I will give you the most useful strategies I have applied in the past  when creating landing pages for my websites:

  • Ensure they are readable at a glance by using direct and clear and written in a font that is attractive and easy to read.

For example, you should use short words, sentences, and paragraphs, place the CTA above the fold, and use big fonts.

  • Communicate the value of the product to the guests

For instance, a landing page should explain how visitors will benefit from purchasing a mobile protective screen.

  • Place critical information just above the fold

For example, keep the header and the button page above the fold to enhance its visibility to guests from the start.

  • Use contact forms of the right size to ensure that you collect the information necessary to enhance your marketing skills only.
  • Use images that relate to the theme and aim of tour landing page

For instance, use pictures of cuisines, child activities, and rooms in a landing page that is marketing a family hotel instead of using images of agricultural crops.

  • Use sections moderately to ensure that guests understand the purpose of the landing page
  • Minimize the number of links on the headers, footers, and navigation of the landing pages to avoid distractions concerning the purpose of the page, for example, avoid links of unrelated blogs and support articles.
  • Optimize your landing page for SEO to optimize visitor attraction, which promotes conversion probability. For example, ensure that your landing page performs fast and it is mobile responsive.
  • Design your landing page for conversion by facilitating the visibility of CTA from the start. For example, the reading flow should lead to the CTA or the contact form and visual aids such as arrows and lines should lead guests to the CTA or the contact form.
  • Use a CTA that zings on the screen to nudge visitors to click on the product links.
  • Finally, ensure that your landing page looks and functions great on mobile devices to optimize conversions of mobile users.
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Below, I have ranked the best 11 landing page tools on the basis of their:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Templates
  • And their unique aspects


LeadPages is our number 1 pick among our 11 best landing page tools. Leadpages was developed in 2008 by Avenue 81 Inc. The company, a subsidiary of Drip Inc. Leadpages optimize conversions by collecting quality leads via growing your email subscriber list with opt-in offers, instant digital file delivery, selling products and services through built-in checkouts powered by Stripe, and engaging your audience through webinars, downloadable resources, and appointment rescheduling.


We choose Leadpages as your best landing page tool especially because it has fresh designs that facilitate an immediate conversion. Besides, its pages are customizable and highly responsive

Below is an intro video to Leadpages:

Features that make Leadpages outstanding are:

  • Has a drag-and-drop editor, which is intuitive and glitch-free
  • Has over 130 free templates  plus a huge market of paid templates that allow you to create new landing pages easily and fast because you just edit and hit publish
  • Has tons of marketing integrations that enable you to connect to your favorite email marketing service, webinar tool, CRM, and many more
  • Has hosted landing pages that host all your landing pages
  • Easy A/B testing that informs you landing pages versions  that perform best
  • Detailed analytics via dashboard analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, among others
  • It has an unmatched page load speed, which is 2.4 seconds faster and has a 30% higher performance score than other leading page software. Subsequently, you win more conversions, customers, sales, and a higher PPC ad quality score.
  • Has automatic SSL encryption, Subaccount login, and GDPR Compliance that enhance the security of your landing pages
  • Has Leadboxes which enable you to create a conversion-boosting two-step opt-in easily.
  • Has Lead links that allow you to sign up existing subscribers to an offer in one click
  • Has Leaddigits that enable your leads to opt into your email list of the webinar through mobile phones and automated text messages.


Besides its unparalleled features, Leadpages is the most affordable yet effective landing page tool.  Leadpages allows you to build your landing page through monthly and annual payment plans. It is advisable for you to choose the annual payment to enjoy a 39% off and a free domain. Leadpages offer land page software through three plans, the Standard, the pro, and Advanced Plans. The Standard plan costs $25/month, the Pro is tier is priced at $48/month, and the Advanced plan costs $199/month, all billed annually.

All plans have several standard features, which are:

  •  High-converting websites with code-free customizations
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited leads and traffic
  • Unlimited pop-ups and alert bars
  • Rapid page load speed
  • Lead notifications
  • Mobile Responsive pages
  • Lead magnet hosting and delivery
  • SEO capability
  • Real-time analytics
  • 40+ Integrations and
  • GDPR compliance


Also, Leadpages is the best landing page tool because it provides its users with over 130 templates that are highly converting and mobile-responsive that cover all industries. Examples of the most highly converting templates are the Super Basic Squeeze Page, E-Book Download Page, Free E-book Opt-in Page, Simple Wellness Opt-in Page, and the Free Guide. I am convinced, hence, that any person can find a suitable template to create a landing page easily and fast.

Ease of Use

Leadpages is one of the easiest  landing page tool to use because of its:

  • It’s easy to move content around through its drag-and-drop feature
  • Can edit pages to make them mobile-responsive

Despite its ease of use, you should consider some of its cons, which are quirk landing page builders, standard templates, and A/B testing for Pro users and above.

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Unbounce is our number two pick in the overall best landing pages 2021, especially because of its proven high rate of conversion, which is over 650 million since its founding. Rick Perreault and other five co-founders developed Unbounce in 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia, which they launched in 2010. Today, the company enjoys immense success as it has offices in Europe, Australia, South America, Canada, and the US.

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unbounce landing page

Unbounce prides itself with high conversion rates owing to its features that are divided into Build, Customize, Convert, and Optimize Categories.

Below is a video showing how you can build a landing page with Unbounce:

The building features include:

  • Drag and drop in all its elements
  • Over 1oo templates to customize your landing page
  • Clone and Edit tools
  • Copy and paste between pages tools
  • Custom Scripts and Pixels
  • Script Manage that enables your scripts to apply universally
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Mobile Layout Assistant, and
  • Customize mobile Pages

Customizing features include:

  • Over 100 templates
  • Complete design control without rules, grids, or boxes
  • Free Images from Unsplash
  • Built-in Google Fonts
  • Themeforest marketplace
  • Auto Image Optimizer
  • SVG images
  • Embed Videos, available anywhere
  • Parallax Scrolling that enhances the illusion of depth
  • Video backgrounds, and
  • Lightboxes that declutter your landing page and show additional text and images via visitor-triggered lightboxes

Conversion Features entail:

  • A lead-gen form builder that uses features such as checkboxes, radio buttons,  and drop-downs to capture the lead information you need
  • Two-step opt-in forms that inform you when your visitors are ready to convert
  • Custom thank you message
  • Custom form redirect, which allows you to send visitors to any web such as ebooks and white papers
  • Gated Content to capture and nurture leads

Optimization features include:

  • Dynamic text replacement to boost the relevance of leads, and consequently, conversion
  • Real-time data dashboard to check how your pages and tests are performing
  • A/B Testing to assess how a particular landing page influences visitors
  • Smart traffic, which matches each visitor to a landing page  where they are most likely to convert

Unbounce also eases its usability owing to its over 100-high converting landing page templates, which are ready to use too. Unbounce templates are divided by campaign, type, and special features.

Campaign-type templates include:

  • Books
  • Coming Soon
  • Click-Through
  • Ebook
  • Webinar
  • Ecourse
  • Products
  • Sales PAGES
  • Events, and
  • Lead Generation

Type templates include:

  • Agence
  • SaaS
  • Ecommerce
  • Minimalist
  • Real Estate
  • Mobile Apps
  • Travel
  • WordPress
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Health, and Restaurant

Special Features Templates include:

  • Parallax Effect
  • Video Backgrounds, and
  • Lightboxes.


Unbounce provides landing through three different plans, the essential, Premium, and Enterprise,  that are billed either monthly or yearly, depending on your preferences. The Essential tier costs $79/month, the Premium plan is priced at $159/month, and the Enterprise costs $399 and above per month, all billed annually.

The Essential plan is most suitable for start-ups because it includes everything you need to build, test, and optimize for increased conversion rates. The essential plan provides you with 75 landing pages, 8 popups, and 8 sticky barS. Comparatively, the Premium plan offers you with 150 landing pages, 16 pop-ups, and 16 sticky bars. On the other hand, the Enterprise tier provides you with over 375 landing pages, over 40 pop-ups, and over 40 sticky bars.

In my opinion, the annual pricing is the most affordable because you enjoy a 20% discount off the monthly pricing.

You can register with Unbounce or renew your subscriptions using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

Note, all plans have a 14-day trial, which you have full access to Unbounce landing pages. also, you have no obligation to continue using Unbounce beyond your trial period, you are not billed until after the free trial ends, and you can cancel at any moment by going to your ‘Account Management’, clicking on the Billing Section, and clicking the ‘Cancel’ button in the lower right corner.

Easy of Use

Unbounce is an easy to use landing page software because of its simple drag-and-drop page builder and flexibility that allows you to add codes as you desire. Additionally, Unbounce has over 100 templates that promote customization of your landing page, which promotes your branding. The Interface is also simple to use, which allows every member of your team to create landing pages. For example, Unbounce has integrations with Zapier that enable you to feed information between landing pages and CRMs. Finally, Unbounce allows you to edit pages to make them mobile-responsive.


Wishpond is our top 3 pick of the best landing pages tools of 2021 because it is appealing, intuitive, and powerful.


Wishpond is most suitable for small and medium-sized companies, and marketing agencies that desire to offer affordable marketing automation software for their clients efficiently and affordably.

Wishpond is an outstanding landing page tool because of its four distinct features, which are Publish Anywhere tools, Landing Page Builder, Powerful Optimization tools, and Customizable Forms.

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The Publish Anywhere feature expands your marketing scope because it allows you to publish on your website, from your mobile device, WordPress, Facebook, and Wishpond subdomain.

The Easy Landing Page Builder has features such as:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Beautiful templates
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom CSS/JavaScript
  • Custom CSS classes
  • Copy/Paste objects

Powerful Optimization Tools include:

  • One-Click A/B testing
  • Unlimited testing variations\
  • Popups/modals
  • Slide-in popup
  • Welcome mat
  • Opt-in bar
  • SEO settings
  • Analytics/tracking tools

The Customizable tools entail:

  • One-Click A/B testing
  • Unlimited testing variations
  • Pop-ups/modals
  • Slide-in popups
  • Welcome mat
  • Opt-in bar
  • SEO settings, and
  • Analytics/tracking


Wishpond has different pres, depending on the plans one chooses between the Basic, the Pro, and the Growth tier.

The basic plan costs $45.month. The basic plan allows a maximum of up to 1500 words

 The Pro tier is priced at $78/month, which allow you up to 2500 leads

The Growth plan costs $129/month that allows a maximum of 10,000 leads

Note, Wishpond has a ‘free forever plan’ plan that allows you to generate over 200 leads.

All Wishpond Landing pages tiers offer a 14-days trial.

Also, all tiers allow you to use any of its primary apps, which are landing pages, popups, forms, and email marketing


Wishpond provides you with integration tools that make it easy for you to connect your marketing campaigns with the tools of your preference, which are:

  • CRM Integrations such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Batchbook, Highrise, Pipedrive, Base CRM, and OnePageCRM
  • Email Marketing App Integrations such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, and Eventbrite.
  • Help Desk App Integrations such as Uservoice
  • Survey App Integrations such as SurveyMonkey and
  • Phone and SMS App Integrations

Ease of Use

I give Wishpond landing pages a 5/5 concerning ease of use because:

  • It has a drag-and-drop builder
  • User-friendly, intuitive components
  • Mobile-Responsive pages by defaults
  • Easy-to-read analytics and lead list exports, and
  • A user-friendly interface


Instapage is our number 4 pick among our best landing page tools in 2021.


Instapage is the Advertising Conversion Cloud, the only landing page platform that creates, customizes, and optimizes post-click landing pages and experiences increased numbers. By automatically connecting advertisements with relevant post-click pages.

Currently, Instapage runs over two million landing pages at a mean conversion rate of over 16% across 100 nations, worldwide.

Instapage is supported by the English language.

Instapage is an efficient page because of its features such as Advertising, Instapage Builder, Design, Lead Capture, Optimization, Integrations and Publishing, Terms and Agency Management, Security & Support, and Enterprise.

Below is a video intro of Instapages:

Advertising features include:

  • PostClick Dashboard
  • Admaps
  • Conversion Analytics Solution
  • Advanced Google Ads and Analytics Integrations
  • Facebook Ads Manager Integration
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Drop-In Pixel Tracking
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Tag Manager
  • Page Grouping for Campaign Management, and
  • Mobile-Responsive Pages

Instapage Builders features include:

  • Thor Render Engine
  • Hiding Mobile Blocks
  • Instablocks
  • The Industry’s Best Landing Page Builder
  • Customizable templates
  • Mobile-Responsive Pages
  • Widgets
  • Custom Code Editing
  • Image Manager
  • Page Version History,
  • Template Upload/ Download and
  • Thank You and Confirmation Pages

Optimization features include:

  • PostClick Dashboard
  • Conversion Analytics Solution
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Drop-In Pixel Tracking
  • Dynamic Text Replacement, and
  • Tag Manager

Optimization Features, which include:

  • Post click Dashboard
  • Conversion Analytics Solution
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Page Grouping for Campaign Advertisement
  • Real-Time Reports

Integrations and Publishing features, which include:

  • Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • Integrations Overview
  • Publishing to Unlimited Domains
  • Publishing to WordPress, Drupal, or Custom Domains

Security and Support features:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta and OneLogin
  • Sign On with Google, and
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Chat and Email Support
  • SSL Certificates, and
  • Fast Page Loading


Instapage provides landing pages software through the Business and Enterprise plans. The Business tier is suitable for start-up businesses, while the Enterprise plan has advanced features and services that help you to scale your advertising operations and maximizing ROI.

The Business plan costs $149/ month while the Enterprise tier attracts customize pricing.

Ease of Use

  • Has the best user interface and easiest yo use
  • Has direct WordPress integration
  • It has a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to move content around
  • Has friendly plugins, form creation, and page design
  •  Provides easy to read analytics and lead list exports, and
  • Can customize pages that make them more mobile-responsive in less than a minute


Instapage provides various integrations, which are:

  • Zapier Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketo Integration
  • HubSpot Integration, among others

Please check back soon for more reviews of landing pages you can pick from in 2021.

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