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I know you can agree with me that marketing a home is a very unique proposition. Home buyers take their time before making this costliest lifetime investment decision of purchasing a house. After all, that is where they will raise their families, have fun, and maybe become inheritance for generations.

The housing market is flourishing and as a real estate agent(s), you will have clients flooding in your office(s) from all corners in the hunt for a house. And with the changes in tech, time is gone when you have to look through your office shelves trying to keep in touch with your clients. That would be messy, right? I know!

Remember what they say? Run or you will get run over! So, let me introduce you to CRM: a tool that will take your real estate business to greater heights.

What is CRM in Real Estate?

CRM in real estate is software that is designed to help you manage your real estate business seamlessly from a central platform. When I talk about a single platform, think about your office, on-the-go, and even your cloud-stored data.

In a nutshell, software packages offer different features. Typically, however, real estate CRM software will assist you in the management of several real estate activities such as:

  • Leads
  • Tracking lead generation campaigns
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Documents and contacts uploads

As such, you can stay ahead of real estate trends since you have continuous access to a range of real estate lead sites. CRM software systems allow real estate agents to effectively and creatively manage their businesses while enhancing the personalization of their communications.

Benefits of Real Estate CRM

In this section, we shall look into the benefits of real estate CRM and their impact on effective sales techniques and improved tailored buyer interactions. These are the benefits you expect if you are considering buying a real estate CRM:

  • Improved Lead Generation

Real estate CRM improves lead generation by letting agents track leads, deals, and opportunities accurately. They can also use lead analysis via detailed reporting to make smarter decisions on future lead generation efforts, or AI capability to predict new leads behaviors based on the actions of clients with similar buyer personas. This combination amplifies lead generation.

  • Consistent Approval Workflows

CRM is reputable for aligning processes. Approval workflows, for instance, are CRM elements that entail signing off on precise vital actions through set phases of a process. They also keep the executive conversant with the progress and automate tasks linked to the process in the right stage.

Typically, CRM is becoming more process-oriented by offering progressive workflow abilities to fit each real estate sales and marketing stages.

  • Streamlined Document Generation

From title deeds to closing statements, and contracts, the real estate business involves plenty of documentation. With CRM for real estate, you can streamline the creation of these documents by pulling key data from its contact’s account info. This cuts lots of manual work. CRM solutions also include add-ons like automated document generation tools.

  • Automated Business Processes

CRM for real estate automates tasks to remove redundancy hence increasing efficiency when closing deals. From data entry automation to auto-logging email interactions and phone calls, these processes can be automated. 

Another advantage of this is auto-updating of information eliminating manual work.

  • Client Profiling

Client profiling gathers crucial data regarding who your customers are as well as their tastes and preferences. CRM collects this detailed info about your clients and accounts that you can use it for integrated marketing solutions.

When you integrate your marketing automation without your real estate CRM magnifies your sales and marketing potential tremendously. This integration creates more complete client profiles, allowing sales to rank the leads most likely to convert.

  • Checklist Management

After closing a deal, your clients must be familiar with the building’s policies. Real estate CRM facilitates checklist management to make sure that your clients are notified of all the requirements before they move in.

  • Advanced Security Features

As we can see above, real estate entails lots of personal client’s data. As such, you must make sure that their data is safe and secure. Real estate CRM offers advanced security features that make you GDPR compliant. So, ensure you are aware of the CRM’s data privacy and security features before purchasing it for your client’s sake.

Key Features of Real Estate CRM

No matter which real estate business you are in (commercial or residential) you want the finest real estate CRM software. As such, there must be some key features to look for in real estate CRM.

  1. Strong Contacts Tool

Real estate sales business is based on relationships, which means a decent platform should not only keep a list of the client’s basic contact info but each accessible interaction and detail. A real estate CRM platform offers this and more as it is highly customizable.

  1. Email Marketing

Real estate sales processes are based on email marketing, which means you must have a CRM that offers automated email marketing. Make sure it includes features such as email templates, design customization, and drip email campaigns.

  1. Customer Service

Excellent customer service in real estate is as important as the sales themselves, or more! Why? To succeed in this field, you need referrals. So, make sure you offer a hassle-free and smooth buying process that your clients enjoy.

Make sure your real estate CRM is cloud-based and comes with features such as case management, auto-task reminders, and customer support modules.

  1. Pipeline Management

These tools let you see the sales process and spot deals as they come in each stage. Which team member was allocated a certain deal? Who are your priority customers? Which deals will close or expire? 

  1. Mobile App

Real estate CRM with mobile apps allows you to do business while on-the-go, giving you access to any info you need at any time, anywhere!

  1. Integration

Some real estate CRMs stretch out their worth a notch higher by offering integrations with other digital tools. You can integrate your CRM into forecasting, reporting, and analytical apps and much more for improved customer service.

Best free CRM for Real Estate

  1. HubSpot CRM
  2. Zillow Premier Agent CRM
  3. AgileCRM
  4.  Streak CRM for Real Estate
  5. Apptivo
  6. Bitrix24

In this section, we shall review the 6 best free CRM for real estate, looking at their description as well as the pros and cons. Let’s roll!

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM, best CRM for real estate for free

HubSpot CRM software for real estate is a free and hassle-free, cloud-based solution that allows agents to kick off quickly while maintaining their workflow. The software assists all-size real estate firms to track and cultivate leads, as well as analyzing business metrics.

This CRM comes with all the essential features that you will find in many other platforms. It provides a visual dashboard with an actual view of the sales funnel. With HubSpot real estate CRM, you can auto-track client interactions via social media, email, or phone calls. This info is then kept in a timeline structured by lead.

The CRM offers a free trial that you can take advantage of before you commit to a plan. HubSpot CRM received the 2019 Award from FinancesOnline.


  • Robust tools to close more deals
  • User-friendly
  • CRM for multiple channels
  • Easily compatible
  • Budget-agnostic


  • Lightweight
  • Limited flexibility
  • Relatively new
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Zillow Premier Agent CRM

Zillow Premier Agent CRM for free

Zillow Premier Agent CRM for real estate leads and connections allow you to get the most value from with you from the first call to the last signature. This is the type of CRM that gives you client insights that you cannot find anywhere else. How?

With this CRM, you can tap into your customers’ search activity and see the homes they have viewed, saved, and searched. They also have an app that you can use to text tailored home recommendations to customers directly.

This real estate CRM lets agents extend their active My Agent relationships and remain as the sole buyer’s agents clients see on the lists. The CRM keeps your pipeline moving and busy with simplified tasks, prompts, mobile notifications, and custom notes so you can stay a step ahead.


  • Personalized reporting
  • Mobile notifications
  • Engaged pipeline
  • Access to client insights


  • No lead qualification abilities
  • Unresponsive support team

Agile CRM

Agile CRM for real estate for free

Our third-best CRM for real estates, Agile CRM, offers a real estate CRM that focuses on helping these experts manage the documentation of reviews and property listings. The platform automates most admin tasks so real estate agents can focus on building client’s relationships.

Agile CRM comes with lead tracking and email marketing tools to help real estate agents keep orderly outreach efforts. As such they can maintain constant communication with clients looking for homes. It also auto-capture leads from sites and put contact data into the platform.

The software can be used to look for properties in a geographic region and transfer the info to your CRM. You can also use Agile CRM to request statements of private listings.


  • Lead tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Automatic leads capturing
  • Import and export contacts


  • Extra costs for features

 Streak CRM for Real Estate

 Streak CRM for Real Estate, for free

Do you wish to manage leads and transactions inside Gmail? Nothing gives you assurance than working with a program that you are comfortable with. Streak CRM for real estate allows you to track deals by using your existing Gmail to work smarter!

Streak CRM for real estate gives you access to organized transactions where you can easily manage and share documents and set appropriate permissions for a hassle-free collaboration. Other features include performance tracking that lets you calculate individual commissions automatically and much more!

The intelligent outreach feature allows you to know when to follow up, get email feedback, and sort emails by recent activity. You also get automated intelligent outreach, snippets, and Streak CRM for real estate supports frictionless migration.


  • Easy CRM migration
  • Robust features
  • Organized transactions
  • Easy collaboration


  • Poorly-optimized Android app
  • Can’t keep you signed in


Apptivo free CRM software for real estate

Are you looking for a real estate CRM that offers a cohesive set of cloud-based apps? Meet Apptivo, our fifth-best CRM for real estates. Apptivo CRM software for real estate comes with useful features, including reliable support, lead generation, contracts, contact management, and more! If you would like to know how your competitors are doing, this CRM offers visibility on rivals.

Apptivo real estate CRM allows you to run targeted promos and client engagement via newsletters to keep them updated. With this real estate CRM, you can set-up automated and modified responses to client queries and place you on top of competitors.

This real estate CRM comes with inventory management tools to keep product info, process sales orders, and more!


  • Granular security controls
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Reliable support
  • Excellent mobile apps


  • Could utilize extended APIs
  • Average performance


Bitrix24 free crm for real estate agents

Are you a real estate pro looking for something simple and forthright? Our fifth-best free CRM for real estates, Bitrix24 is a fantastic choice. The platform offers real estate CRM software for free that supports up to 12 real estate agents.

The CRM comes with unlimited records, email marketing, several management tools, as well as a mobile version of the software. They are also packed with basics such as calendars, drip email marketing, integrated telephony, plus quotes and invoices.

Bitrix24 real estate CRM automates executive responsibilities so agents can focus on building robust relationships with their clients. The platform also allows you to store crucial documents such as property photographs, titles, contracts, and more.


  • Free version
  • Drip email marketing
  • Integrated telephone
  • Unlimited records
  • Mobile-responsiveness


  • Limited reporting
  • Security 

Best CRM for Real Estate

  1. Contactually
  2. Wise Agent
  3. Pipedrive
  4. Propertybase
  5. Zendesk Sell
  6. Zoho
  7. Real Geeks
  8. CINC
  9. Market Leader
  10. Top Producer
  11. Rethink CRM
  12. Follow Up Boss
  13. Realvolve
  14. IXACT Contact
  15. RealtyJuggler
  17. Boston Logic CRM
  18. Nutshell
  19. Less Annoying CRM
  20. LionDesk
  21. Freshsales
  22. Insightly

If you are searching for CRMs that offer more specific real estate needs, you can choose from one of these options below. The review includes a brief description, pricing, as well as pros and cons.


Contactually CRM for real estate brokers

If you are a real estate agent with a huge existing scope, meet Contactually – the real estate CRM that is specifically tailored for you. This CRM defines itself on assisting real estate agents learn the potential of business they are overlooking in their existing sphere of influence.

Contactually CRM for real estate prioritizes relationship marketing with exceptional automation options and loads of robust integrations.


Contactually offers three pricing tiers namely Professional at $69/m ($59 billed annually), Accelerator at $119/m ($99 billed annually), and Concierge at $599/m ($399 billed annually). 

Check here for more pricing info. 


  • Email automation
  • User-friendly
  • Relationship marketing
  • Useful integrations


  • High price tag
  • No native platform integration

Wise Agent

Wise Agent

Are you a real estate agent in need of a CRM with comprehensive support? Wise Agent real estate CRM would be a tremendous choice! The platform has been in the real estate arena since 2002 which gives it lots of experience and expertise.

Wise Agent CRM for real estate comes with intuitive integrations, SMS texting, and data smart features. The CRM’s automatic email responders include A/B testing to help you call up into what your contacts respond to most. Wise Agent CRM packages offers 24/7 customer support.


Wise Agent CRM offers a clear pricing structure of $29/m or $299/m (billed annually).

Check here for more pricing info.


  • SMS texting
  • Native integrations
  • A/B testing
  • Strong customer support
  • Email automation


  • Interface could use a face lift


Pipedrive for real estate

Nothing matters most to a real estate agent’s success than convenient and substantial info. It comes in handy when agents want to know the steps to take in order to close a deal. Pipedrive CRM for real estate is popular software when it comes to collecting crucial data.

As such, the CRM offers a reliable and organized source of info that allows you to envisage how your leads are faring, plus what else you can do to close a deal. Pipedrive CRM for real estates is user-friendly, compatible with integrations, mobile-responsive, and offers smart visuals.


Pipedrive offers three simple pricing tiers that are billed monthly. The Silver plan costs $15-$18/m/user, Gold costs $29-$34.50/m/user, and Platinum costs $75-$89.50/m/user.

Check here for more pricing information!


  • User-friendly
  • Smart visuals
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Integrations
  • Leads visualization


  • No in-built emailing platform


Propertybase CRM for Real Estate

Is your real estate team searching for lead creation and nurturing? Propertybase might be what you have been in the hunt for all along! This robust real estate CRM (Salesforce Edition) comes with a ton of features that allows agents to keep their contacts in numerous places.

The CRM has collaborated with Boston Logic (a website livewire featured here #17) and also procured BoldLeads, a lead generation platform. When you integrate a Salesforce-based CRM with a top lead generation platform and a sturdy site livewire, nothing makes more sense!


Propertybase also offers an upfront pricing model that starts at $79/m/user and supports up to 10 users. For the IDX integrated site, you will pay an extra $299/m.

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Check here for more pricing info.


  • Third-party plugins integration
  • Send bulk emails
  • Salesforce-based CRM
  • MLS interface
  • Robust features


  • Extra dollar for robust features
  • High price tag
  • Team-based pricing

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell CRM for Real Estate agents and investors

Do you have high self-esteem in your real estate ability? I want you to meet Zendesk Sell! It is a CRM solution that allows you to synchronize and save your entire emails, call recordings, and notes. As such, you can access and manage this info conveniently from a central point.

Zendesk Sell CRM for real estate makes a decent choice for you to manage your deals and sales. It comes with several intuitive sales tools that enable you to track and improve your sales processes. Another good thing about this CRM is that it has a mobile app for use on-the-go.


Zendesk Sell CRM comes with a free trial, with pricing plans starting at $5 per agent.

Zendesk Sell Pricing

Check here for more pricing info.


  • Intuitive sales tools
  • Sales tracking
  • Mobile app
  • Sync & saving of crucial data
  • Email system
  • Reporting features


  • Average user interface


Zoho CRM for Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent who loves everything Outlook offers? Zoho CRM got you covered! This real estate CRM lets you manage your contact in Microsoft Outlook, where you can keep more crucial contact info.

Zoho CRM is cloud-based and it allows you to customize contact fields so you can add more relevant and useful information regarding your clients. It allows for email automation, sales projection, collaboration, and offers 24/7 support for reliability and excellence.


Zoho CRM offers a 30-day free trial plus premium pricing tiers with a price range between $12/m/user and $45/m/user, all billed annually.

Check here for more pricing information. 


  • Email automation
  • Sales projections
  • Contact management
  • Customizable fields
  • Strong collaboration tools
  • Reliable support


  • Limited workflow automation in the Pro tier

Real Geeks

Real Geeks CRM for real estate

Are you looking for an all-in-one real estate CRM marketing solution? Real Geeks is what you are looking for. The platform allows real estate agents to set-up customized landing pages on your site, and they can also include a home appraisal tool for enticing new clients.

Real Geeks prompts visitors to give contact info before they can view the property’s value, sending the new lead to your contact list and CRM. You have access to features such as lead routing, social media marketing tools, custom workflows, and automated drip campaigns among others.

Real Geeks CRM for real estate offers solutions for all agents, including solo, teams, and brokerage firms. 


Real Geeks pricing plans start at $169/m to $235/m. Check here for more pricing info.


  • Lead capture notifications
  • Agent activity reports
  • Customized landing pages
  • Custom workflows
  • Third-party integration
  • Solutions for all


  • Limited site design options
  • Limited mobile app capabilities


CINC CRM solutions for Real Estate

Do you want the best CRM for real estate for generating leads? CINC CRM for real estate offers exactly what you are looking for. The platform is designed to help real estate agents to capture leads and manage them at scale, increasing leads while cutting on costs.

Once you capture leads, CINC CRM allows you to engage with clients and nurture new leads throughout the whole sales funnel. Its intuitive pipeline dashboard lets you track processes and finally increase conversion rates.


CINC does not offer pricing information on its site. You need to contact the company for details.


  • Leads generation & nurturing
  • Relationship management
  • Client retention tools
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Intuitive pipeline dashboard


  • Highly-priced

Market Leader

Market Leader CRM for real estate

If you are looking for a real estate CRM with great experience, Market Leader is what you have been missing all along! Market Leader CRM for real estates has been helping agents manage and develop their business for a long time now.

From marketing automation to customizable sites and leads, the platform offers a channel for effective communication between agents and their clients. Market Leader CRM is mobile-responsive to help you work on-the-go, and simplifies your agency with MLS, leads, and integrations.


Market Leader does not provide pricing info. You need to contact them for details.


  • Marketing automation
  • Customizable websites
  • Lead generation
  • Great experience
  • Mobile-responsive


  • Host you site on their domain

Top Producer

Top Producer CRM for real estate

Since the dawn of CRMs, Top Producer has been amongst the most popular real estate CRM. Consistent totting up of new features is what has lasted them in the arena, plus multiple integrations with lead capture fountains.

While Top Producer features an archaic user interface, performance is among its strong suits. You will experience a steep learning curve but when you are familiar with it, nothing will stand in the way of your success.


Top Producer offers three pricing tiers, including the Transaction Pro Bundle at $100/m, Conversion bundle at $96/m, and Top Producer Bundle at $80/m.

Top Producer pricing

Click here for more info.


  • Many features
  • Low starting cost
  • High performance
  • Multiple integrations
  • In-built sales buckets


  • An archaic user interface
Rethink CRM for real estate

Are you a commercial real estate or broker in search for the best CRM software? Allow me to introduce you to Rethink CRM for real estate. This platform comes with everything you require to manage prospects, leads and commercial property clients.

Commercial listings entail plenty of workloads which make them complicated. Rethink CRM is designed with solutions for handling commercial landlords, tenants, capital markets, vendors, stakeholders, and developers.

It comes with tools that enable you to predict income, track expirations, measure KPIs, and more!


Rethink CRM offers two pricing tiers which are billed annually, including the Broker plan at $50/m/user and Enterprise plan at $75/m/user.


  • Robust tools
  • Actual stacking plans
  • Prospect mgt.
  • Pipeline mgt.
  • Comprehensive reporting


  • Specifically for commercial realtors

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss CRM for real estate actors 2020

Teamwork and synergy equals increased productivity. So, if you are looking for the best CRM for real estate teams, Follow Up Boss would be a fantastic choice! The CRM prioritizes contact and lead organization, which shows why it is specifically designed for teams.

That kind of prioritization that Follow Up Boss offers make marketing and outreach both traceable and flexible, which makes the tool suitable for team leaders and brokers.


Follow Up Boss offers four pricing tiers that are compatible with any number of team members. The Team plan costs $69/m ($57/m billed annually) and supports up to 3 users, while the Established plan costs $199/m ($159/m billed annually) and supports up to 5 users.

The Growth plan costs $299/m ($239/m billed annually) and supports up to 10 users, while the Expansion plan costs $499/m ($399/m billed annually) and supports up to 25 users.

Check here!


  • Multiple integrations
  • Marketing automation
  • Suitable for teams
  • Prioritize lead & contact organization
  • User-friendly


  • Not suitable for sole agents


Realvolve CRM for residential real estate team and agents

Different agents have different requirements when it comes to CRM. Are you a real estate agent who needs plenty of customization options? If so, Realvolve would be an ideal choice! Remember that hot topic on a platform that incorporates everything under one roof?

Realvolve CRM for real estate provides agents with numerous opportunities to customize their workflows with the basics they have. I’m talking about automation options for nearly every errand they want to run.


Realvolve offers a 14-day free trial, and premium plans with a price range between $41/m and $308/m. The plans are billed annually.

Realvolve pricing

Check here for more pricing info.


  • High customization options
  • Bulky documentation
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Workflow for all
  • Text messages automation


  • Lacks Google Calendar native integration
  • No drag-and-drop feature

IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact CRM trusted by 15,000 real estate professionals and organizations

Are you a new agent in the real estate arena? The CRM offers an all-in-one real estate solution with its bulk mail and postcards as well as a business pipeline. A resilient CRM, IXACT Contact comes with options for an IDX site and social media content. This brings lead generation closer to new agents trying to close a deal.

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While IXACT Contact CRM for real estate does most of the things other CRMs do, it comes with limited integrations and no SMS texting.


IXACT Contact CRM for real estate offers a unique pricing model that allows agents to only pay for what they require. Check this out!

Its Basic version costs $33/m and allows for a single user and an agent site, while IDX site add-ons cost $13/m and $33/m on the standard and professional tiers, plus a setup fee of $65. If you wish to add team members, that costs you $23/m/member, $13/m for extra IDX site, and $20/m for social stream. Bulk emailing depends on the volume.


  • Intuitive design
  • Robust features
  • Social media support
  • Lead generation
  • Bulk mail and postcards


  • Limited integrations
  • No SMS texting app


RealtyJuggler CRM software for real estate leads

If you need CRM software that assists your real estate agents to manage everything from appointments to contacts, RealtyJuggler is the way to go. The cloud-based platform focuses on simplicity, making it a decent option for the average agent.

With this CRM, you get smartphone sync that allows you to auto-change and auto-update info in the database from other diaries. It comes with features such as text messages and email notifications for tasks, 5 real estate calculators, e-card library, and more!


RealtyJuggler offers a 90-day free trial and comes with a fixed price of $99/year/user. However, we found some hidden fees on phone features, valet file import, and letterhead installation. Check here for more pricing info.


  • Generating buyer leads
  • Tracking prospects
  • Bulk email
  • Notifications
  • Smartphone sync
  • Straightforward pricing plans


  • Limited integrations
  • Extra fees for some features CRM for real estate sales, losting, commissions and teams

Do you want to turn more leads into income? Meet CRM for real estates, a platform that offers all the necessary tools for selling and more! It provides a sales workflow that is optimized to assist you close more deals with less data entry.

Close CRM simplifies your stack helping you sell more with multi-channel outreach at scale. I’m talking native zoom integration, in-built SMS, email sequences, and more! The best thing with Close CRM for real estate is that it keeps your pipeline growing with integrations.


Close CRM pricing starts at $21.25/m (billed annually) all the way up to $123.25/m (billed annually). They also offer a free trial. pricing

Check here for more pricing info.


  • Imports your leads easily
  • Free trial
  • In-built SMS
  • Intuitive and user-friendly dashboard
  • VIOP calling
  • Integrations 


  • Limited free plan
  • Extra cost for outgoing SMS

Boston Logic CRM

Proudly made in Massachusetts (Boston), Boston Logic CRM software for real estate stands out as the field’s all-inclusive solution for all needs. From growth tools to lead management and closing successful deals, you have it all.

Boston Logic CRM for real estate is a nerve center for managing contacts, MLS search integration, email marketing streamlining, and automating business referrals. It comes with useful features such as direct response tools, intuitive user interface, and more!


Boston Logic CRM pricing plans start at $39/m/user with the Starter plan. Check here for more info.


  • Full control over page creation and content
  • Contact management
  • Extensive lead intelligence
  • Lead management
  • PPC ads targets



Nutshell CRM for large real estate sales

Are you looking for a real estate CRM that is streamlined for any team size and complex enough for any business? Nutshell CRM is what you need! From sales automation to team collaboration, reporting & performance tracking, pipeline mgt., and contact mgt., the software has everything you need.

On top of all these, you get access to free and friendly client support.


Nutshell CRM pricing starts at $35/m, and comes with a 14-day free trial.

Nutshell pricing

Check here for more pricing info.


  • Sales automation
  • Pipeline management
  • Performance tracking
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration tools


  • Limited customization options
  • Limited social media

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM for real estate agents

Less Annoying CRM for real estate is a simple client relationship management solution that is designed to deal with small enterprises CRM needs. With this CRM software, you can track leads, manage leads, and stay ahead of follow-ups, easy importing, one-click export, and more!

This real estate CRM is cloud-based which makes its configuration easy and includes an easy set-up process. It also delivers apps designed for effective Salesforce automation and contact mgt. It is a perfect tool for consolidating all your client info.


Less Annoying CRM comes with a straightforward pricing with no upsells or hidden costs, including a 30-day free trial. It costs $10/m/user. Check here!


  • Easy customization
  • Pipeline and leads management
  • Salesforce mgt.
  • Work with multiple users
  • Simple pricing
  • Cloud-based


  • Doesn’t support desktop devices
  • Not for enterprises


LionDesk CRM for real estate with free trial

Are you an agent who wishes to automate your communication via emails and texts? You must be looking for LionDesk! The best thing with LionDesk CRM for real estate is that they do not try to be a jack of all trades.

The platform offers you customizable fields so you can add contact details only known to you and your team members and also allows you to send texts in bulk. LionDesk is user-friendly and is excellent when it comes to lead nurturing, not to mention their affordable pricing.


LionDesk offers a pro contact management plan at $25/m for all users.

LionDesk pricing

Check here!


  • Lead nurturing
  • Customizable fields
  • User-friendly
  • Bulk texting
  • Email automation


  • Limited value in its pipeline & transaction management


Freshsales, the best real estate CRM software

Are you a real estate agent looking for a high-performing CRM for your sales? Freshsales might be a fabulous choice! This CRM for real estate offers agents with useful client data such as contact management, pipeline visualization, reporting, and analytics.

The best thing about this CRM is that it comes with a unique in-built email and phone system. Its AI-based lead scoring helps real estate agents separate potential prospects from unfavorable ones.


Freshsales CRM offers a 21-day free trial plus four premium pricing plans. Blossom costs $19/m/user ($12/m/user billed annually), Garden at $35/m/user ($25/m/user billed annually), Estate at $65/m/user ($49/m/user billed annually), and Forest at $75/m/user billed annually.

Freshsales pricing

Check more on pricing.


  • High performance
  • Contact management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Pipeline visualization
  • In-built phone & email system
  • AI-based lead scoring


  • No lead generation tools
  • Limited project mgt. tools
  • Limited to simple businesses


Insightly CRM with marketing, sales and project management

Are you looking for a platform that guarantees bespoke experiences for your potential real estate customers? Let me introduce you to Insightly CRM, a platform that gives you access to useful features such as lead tracking, bulk email tools, workflow automation, and more!

This CRM for real estate is well-equipped to deal with agents and their teams by linking with lucrative leads. Do you wish to improve both customer communication and sales? You can be sure that Insightly CRM is the best solution for you and your business.


Insightly CRM offers three pricing plans that are billed annually, including Plus at $29/m/user, Professional at $49/m/user, and Enterprise at $99/m/user.

Insightly pricing

Check more info here.


  • Bulk email tools
  • Workflow automation
  • Lead tracking
  • Improved communication and sales
  • Affordable pricing


  • Support charges extra for leads


That’s it guys! Hopefully the article was helpful.