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What is Tailwind Pinterest?

Before I describe what Tailwind is, we have to understand what Pinterest is and how it operates. For more than ten years, Pinterest has managed to establish an image sharing platform that enables users to share various images over social media to propagate their interests.

tailwind logo

Tailwind on the other hand is a marketing app that works in collaboration with Pinterest to manage your visual presence across the internet. Essentially, Tailwind enables brands to be able to pin images of products and/or services that they wish to present to various customers across the globe.

The marketing tool incorporates valiant features such as smart scheduling, Content discovery, education, tribes, analytics & monitoring as well as hashtags aimed at improving the customer market their products using images. Tailwind has managed to capture over 100,000 brands which use the marketing app to advance their company profiles.

How Tailwind Pinterest marketing works?

Having known what Pinterest can do for you with regards to image sharing, you might be wondering exactly how Tailwind falls into the picture. Tailwind Pinterest is specifically geared to help you schedule and plan how you share you images on Pinterest so as to gain the most relevance.

For starters, there is a new approach to Pinterest that has proven to be effective and gaining more popularity by the second. As compared to previous image re-sharing strategies, it is much viable to share new and fresh content. It has been well proven that new content spikes more interest and gets a lot of views from the customers.

As such, Tailwind works to improve the scheduled distribution of fresh image content such that there will be much reception from the recipients. The trick is to get multiple images out to the respective clients without overloading them. Tailwind enables youto this in 3 easy steps:

  1. The first step is to share the first image in the most important and relevant board
  2. After the first image has been shared in the most relevant platform, you can share the image in various other relevant boards at specified intervals of your choosing. Tailwind is the tool precisely geared to help you achieve this goal. You should note that sharing a single image in more than 10 relevant boards is counter-effective to marketing your product using Pinterest. Instead, a new image would be most effective to this purpose (sharing to more than ten relevant boards)
  3. Share the remaining images using the same criteria used to share the first image using Tailwind. More so, don’t forget to start by sharing the image with the most relevant board first.

In essence, there is no complex formula that you will use to share images using Tailwind. The marketing app only enables you to schedule the pinning of images to the relevant boards within the specified time periods that you have chosen for your business purposes. 

In the video below, Cathrin Manning explains how you can use Tailwind for Pinterest:

Tailwind Pinterest pricing

Tailwind Pinterest has a relatively cheap pricing considering the value that you get for your money’s worth. These plans are not without a free trial account. There are two major pricing plans for Tailwind Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest Plus
  2. Instagram plus
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Further, the pricing plans are categorized in such a way that there are two different pricing plans for each one of the pricing tiers. The pricing plan depends on whether you choose an annual payment plan or a monthly payment plan.

You should know that subscribing to the annual plan is much cheaper than the monthly plan. you could even save up to $60 when using the annual plan. More so, the annual plan has more flexibility and you will be able to get access to more features on Tailwind.

Pinterest Plus

Pricing of $9.99/monthUnlimited scheduling250 Free SmartLoop Posts5 Free Tailwind TribesPricing of $14.99/month400 posts per month250 SmartLoop Posts5 Free Tailwind Tribes

Instagram Plus

Pricing of $14.99/month1 Instagram profileunlimited scheduling1-click Hashtag Custom LinkPricing of $14.99/month1 Instagram profile400 posts per month1-click Hashtag Custom Link

Furthermore, Tailwind offers you the ability to explore Tailwind app features for free. The marketing app offers a free trial account that enables you to access all the features on Pinterest plus and Instagram plus plans. Nonetheless, you will be limited to 100 scheduled pins on Pinterest and 30 scheduled posts on Instagram.

Lets look at some of these interesting Tailwind features that will take your business to the next level:

Pinterest Plus Features

I have analyzed the Pinterest features myself and I have categorized the relative features supported by Tailwind Pinterest into five main segments: Scheduling, Support, PowerUps, Collaboration and Measures.

Regarding the Scheduling, Tailwind enables unlimited scheduling of protocols under a chronological smart schedule. It supports both photo and video media content which can be uploaded in bulk. Further, you can be able to organize the interval in which the media content is pinned across various platforms other than Pinterest (such as facebook).

Tailwind Pinterest also provides you with a 30-day analytics history which you can use to improve your profile performance. In addition, you will get weekly summary reports with a lot of board insights. The post inspector feature will also enable domain monitoring such that you can be able to effectively track your traffic on Pinterest.

Even further, Tailwind Pinterest can accommodate up to 3 individuals on the same account such that you can collaborate with two other associates to achieve your marketing goals. The marketing tool will even offer real live customer support through live chats, e-mails and a vast knowledge base of Q&A’s.

To enhance your performance on Pinterest, Tailwind has inclusive Tailwind tribes and SmartLoop Posts that narrows down and expands the network of your target market.

Pinterest Tailwind tribes

Tailwind tribes are ideal for connecting with like-minded people within your niche. The Tailwind tribes are organized such that people from the same tribe can share relevant content amongst each other. Further, you will be able to find quality content that you can post and grow your profile performance at only $4.99 per month.

Tailwind tribes are also highly responsive in that members of the tribe could easily contribute to relevant ideas that would grow your business. Members operating within the tribes aim to improve the tribe niche by sharing the most relevant content that could make the specific industry grow.

To add on, there are thousands of niches in which you can choose from. This makes it ideal for individuals operating in more than one niche. You might find that your business involves more than one niche. Ideas from multiple niches would be ideal in helping you make the best choice of media content on the web.

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Tailwind Pinterest Instagram

Tailwind recently partnered with Instagram, improving the way Instagram enthusiasts approach the social media platform. This is especially so when considering the business side. Tailwind enables you to run and improve a single Instagram account.

Under the Instagram plus subscription, you will be able to get unlimited scheduling of your posts to the boards of your choosing. The subscription plan enables you to get access to features such as:

  1. Auto-posting
  2. 9-Grid Preview
  3. Save Hashtag lists
  4. Drag & drop calendar feature
  5. Caption formatting
  6. Comment monitoring
  7. 30-day Analytics history
  8. Post Inspector
  9. Profile Performance
  10. Weekly summary reports
  11. Track traffic from

All of these features are available at just $9.99 per month on an annual subscription and $14.99 per month on a monthly subscription plan. You will also be able to access customer support that will help you with any technical problems while running your Tailwind account.

Tailwind Pros & Cons

One of the best features that Tailwind has to offer is the scheduling algorithm. It enables you to post relevant pins in a sequential manner.

Further, the marketing tool will be able to pin your posts to the most relevant boards at specified times also happen to like Tailwind Pinterest’s weekly summary report. The report enables you to view how many followers you have in each week. You can use this holistic perspective to see front and center what pins have new followers further down, Tailwind has a ‘most followed boards’ sidebar section that indicates your relative engagement on those boards. As such, you will have a very good idea of the things that work for you on the boards so as to improve your profile performance more so, the pin inspector also works well to put things into perspective as to what works across the board. You will be able to determine the relevant content that people are following on your most relevant boards. As such you can align your content to match the expected board standards addition.

You will be able to use Tailwind tribes. There is nothing quite like a team of like-minded individuals within the same board, working in tandem to achieve the same goal. Collaborating with like-minded individuals is not only helpful but also inspiring in creative content.

Tailwind has a keen development team that listens to its users such that they are continually improving the performance of their system.

Tailwind has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use
Sometimes Tailwind has really slow loading times. This could mean that if you have a large number of pins saved in your drafts, you would take a significant amount of time scrolling through the pagesTailwind is only attached to Pinterest and most recently, Instagram. Other than blog insights, Tailwind does not offer marketing services to a large niche such as Facebook, Twitter and maybe even YouTube. You will find that the marketing app is limited in this aspect.

Tailwind alternatives for Pinterest

Tailwind is not the only marketing app that could help you achieve success on Pinterest. There are various other apps that fulfill the same function. In this article, I will focus on three of the most competitive platforms that I consider to be good alternatives to Tailwind: Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Zoho Social.

Hootsuite is my number one preferred alternative to Tailwind. With Hootsuite, you will be able to monitor and manage media content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, as well as WordPress profiles. Further, much like Tailwind, you will have access to Social Media Analytics, Monitoring, Management and Suites in the Hootsuite package.

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Another suitable alternative to Tailwind is Sprout Social. Sprout Social can be regarded as an all-in-one social management solution that enables customers to be able to engage and enhance their social media strategies. Again, it shares common features with Tailwind with respect to the social media analytics, monitoring, management and suites.

Finally, I will analyze Zoho Social as my third alternative to Tailwind Pinterest marketing app. In a nutshell, Zoho Social is able to schedule unlimited posts and manage social networks.

You will be able to track conversations and measure performance from any relevant dashboards that you may have preferred to air your media content. It has social media analytics, suites, monitoring and management tools similar to those on Tailwind.

Of the multiple Tailwind alternatives, I have selected the three as I have found them to be just as good or even better, at providing valiant services to customers on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Here is a short list of other Tailwind alternatives that you may prefer:

  1. Buffer
  2. Sendible
  3. AgoraPulse
  5. e-clincher
  6. Loomly
  7. Sprinklr Modern Engagement
  8. Traject social
  9. Hubspot Marketing Hub
  10. Cision Communications Cloud
  11. TweetDeck
  12. Facebook Pages Manager
  13. Mention
  15. SEMrush
  16. Act-On
  17. MeltWater

Tailwind Pinterest Courses

Of the many Tailwind courses offered by Tailwind, learning CSS has proven to be the most challenging. This is because Tailwind CSS is a technical coding program that allows you to create a smart and relatable site that will attract a wider fanbase while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The ‘Tailwind CSS is a utility first framework for rapidly building custom designs.’ In order to capture the working of Tailwind CSS, you need to learn the kings through the video tutorials offered by Tailwind, or through other third-party associates.

Scrimba for instance, has a very helpful 22-lesson tutorial plan that will get you working with CSS within a short period of time. Scrimba uses a combination of lectures and interactive coding challenges to deliver high quality skills for your success in Tailwind.

Tailwind Pinterest discount code

Tailwind, like many other hosting and marketing softwares in the industry, offer occasional promotions and discount codes that are meant to incentivize you, the customer. Starting with a free trial program for either Pinterest or Instagram account settings.

Under the free trial on Tailwind, you will be able to post up to 100 pins on various relevant boards while serving Pinterest. On Instagram, you will have up to 30 submissions available for free when using the trial version.

Currently, Tailwind is offering a 15% off discount for any new users using Tailwind. This discount is scheduled to end on the 31st of July this year. Even so, there have been several discount options before. There will also be a lot of other promotional discounts in the future, as the marketing tools seek to expand the user target market.

Tailwind Pinterest reviews

There are various reviews that offer different perspectives regarding the functionality and usage of Tailwind. Kate Knight, a virtual assistant in health and wellness says, “The marketing tool not only has a user-friendly interface, but also offers incredibly helpful video tutorials that offers key insights into using the application.”

Various users have commended the SmartLoop feature. It enables you to plan your images such that they may be uploaded in a sequential order. You can even add new images to your queue and they will be automatically updated. Xavier Knight further argues, “The extension for Chrome and Safari is extremely helpful.”

Even so, some of Tailwind’s features that are supposed to be an advantage do not have as much reception as you would expect. For instance; Joanna Knight, a recruiter at Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, comments, “I personally don’t like or use the ‘Tribes’ Section. I understand why some may like it but to me, I don’t find collaboration with niche, like-minded people to be very helpful or inspiring.”

Tailwind affiliate program

Tailwind offers multiple affiliate programs. In fact, you can also become a Tailwind affiliate under the right process. Tailwind affiliates have recorded the reasons for joining the affiliate program as wanting to help small business owners increase their web traffic as well as their social media following.

To get your affiliate program working, you only need to pass through three critical steps:

  1. Sign up to the affiliate program
  2. Master Tailwind app
  3. Start sharing and start earning

Signing up to the Tailwind affiliate program is incredibly easy. More so, you don’t have to be a Tailwind user. Even so, being an existing user of Tailwind would give you an edge as you can effectively drive traffic to the affiliate marketing content. Further, signing up as a Tailwind affiliate lands you a 2-month free trial to help you grow your business.

After signing up, you will then be able to try the various features offered on the Tailwind program in order for you to become a master in the same. Once you master the kings of using Tailwind, it will then be easy for you to start sharing relevant posts and media content. You will also get the guaranteed recurring 15% commission for the provision of your services.

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