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Fantasy Football Podcasts have been very critical tools to fantasy football gamers as well as general National Football League (NFL) fans altogether. There are many fantasy football podcasts in the market due to the ever-growing fan base. The list below indicates some of the most proficient fantasy football podcasts that I would recommend listening to in 2020:

  • RotoWorld Football Podcast
  • The Fantasy Feast Podcast
  • The Most Accurate Podcast
  • Fantasy Football Fellas
  • The Audible
  • FantasyPros Podcast
  • The Fantasy Footballers
  • Harris Fantasy Football Podcast
  • RotoUnderworld Radio
  • Dynasty Nerds Podcasts
  • DLF Dynasty Podcast
  • RotoViz Radio
  • Fantasy Football Today Podcast
  • The Late Round Podcast

RotoWorld Football Podcast

RotoWorld Football Podcast is arguably the lifeblood of fantasy football. I say this because of the incredible scope of information that the podcast offers. Not only does RotoWorld provide an astonishing amount of information on fantasy football, but it is also intricately detailed.

The main host of the podcast, Josh Norris, together with co-host, Pat Daugherty, and Raymond Summerlin, analyze football from a top-down approach. This involves giving an accurate and timely analysis of football from the big picture to the granular details that give you an edge over your competitors.

The Fantasy Feast Podcast

The Fantasy Feast Podcast is yet another fantasy football analytical podcast that offers an incredible amount of detailed information regarding various aspects of NFL football. The main host, Ross Tucker, is a multi-talented individual with insightful perspectives on the game.

This is also because Ross Tucker is a former NFL football player who used to play on the offensive lines. He also features guest speakers such as Evan Silva, who provide valuable league insider insights into the game. The podcast also keeps bringing new guests who are instrumental in offering alternate perspectives on NFL football.

The Most Accurate Podcasts

In the world of fantasy football, you cannot get more accurate analyses than those offered by the Most Accurate Podcasts. Greg Smith (who is the main host) is incredible at providing listeners with captivating talks that keep the audience hooked to the pod.

More so, the podcast features John Paulsen, who is considered the pioneer of football fantasy projections. Even so, the podcast uses tight end streaming strategies as well as incredible projection tools from This combination of strategy helps in critically producing analytical results that are more than helpful in making decisions in fantasy football.

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Fantasy Football Fellas

In the fantasy football world, you can find no better entertaining and informative show than the Fantasy Football Fellas. This podcast is broadcasted all year round and at a weekly level. Besides, the podcasts are cast in the morning, just around the time you are commuting to work.

In a nutshell, hosts Seth McKinley and Kyle August have incredible chemistry and offer up to date evidence-based analyses, which is detrimental to fantasy football gamers. The show also indulges the audience through listener leagues and giveaway events that promote better game analysis in fantasy football.

The Audible

The Audible is probably the longest-serving fantasy football podcast on my list. This fact in itself derives that the podcast has incredible experience with regards to hosting fantasy football talks. The diverse groups of specialized football analysts have been instrumental in providing higher-level analyses to the respective listeners.

The amazing Sigmund Bloom is the lead host and heads the team of experts to create an interactive experience among the audience. This interaction is typically live on air but also extends to social media platforms. The incredible sound quality of the show also makes the pod reliable in information acquisition.

Most fantasy football fans tend to cling on Spotify to decide on the best fantasy football podcasts to listen to. I have included three podcasts that I agree, deserve to on my list:

FantasyPros Podcast

Fantasy Footballers

Harris Fantasy Football Podcast

FantasyPros Podcast

FantasyPros has hundreds of experts who critically analyze NFL fixtures before they cast the information unto the listeners. As it happens, Bob Sylvester and Mike Tagliere have good chemistry that lets them provide the audience with simplified easy to digest information from the expert analyses.

Further, the hosts have loads of humor that create a lively and comic platform, which makes it entertaining to listen to the football insights they offer.

The Fantasy Footballers

Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright make dynamic trio to provide an entertaining and lively pod. The hosts offer an in-depth analysis of NFL football such that they provide specialized strategy series that would be valuable to fantasy football gamers in their predictions.

Further, the hosts also provide an insanely accurate ranking of the football players for their roles within the league. Moreover, the podcast is continually improving the depth and quality of information offered in their presentations. It is from this premise that the Fantasy Footballers Podcast makes it to my list of the best fantasy football podcasts.

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Harris Fantasy Football Podcast

Harris Fantasy Football is arguably the best individually self – hosted podcast among fantasy football podcasts. I like Christopher Harris’ method of presentation that makes it very clear for the audience to get all the relevant details regarding NFL football in a relatively short period.

Harris is well – informed on game prospects and players such that he offers better drafts than most podcasters. He also provides better management strategies in the game such that you would have the edge over other competitors in fantasy football.

RotoUnderworld Radio

RotoUnderworld Radio makes it to my list of the best fantasy football podcasts in that it offers a well-orchestrated, well-presented fantasy takes. This is thanks to Matt Kelley and Nate List, who compose a very dynamic duo with undeniable chemistry, which keeps the listeners glued to the podcast.

Matt Kelley, or better yet, the self-proclaimed ‘podfather’ has had an influential amount of success with his captivating views on NFL football. We also cannot sell short Nate List’s propensity for decisive and comic lowdowns, which indulges the audience in a more in-depth analysis of the game with a substantial amount of information.

Dynasty Fantasy Football

Dynasty Fantasy Football offers an array of interesting podcasts that are informative to NFL football enthusiasts. Nonetheless, I will only consider two podcasts that I believe deserve to be on this list:

  • Dynasty Nerds Podcast
  • DLF Dynasty Podcast
  • Dynasty Nerds Podcast

Dynasty Nerds Podcast is a weekly podcast that engages the audience in NFL football statistics across a broader view of the game. Dynasty Nerds offers an incredible amount of information regarding game fixtures and related player information. This information is valuable to fantasy football gamers as they would be able to make informed decisions facilitating their prospective success on the gaming boards.

DLF Dynasty Podcast

DLF Dynasty Podcasts is yet another of Dynasty Fantasy Football’s that airs weekly and offers critical game statistics that are instrumental for gamers and NFL football enthusiasts alike.

DLF is hosted by Dan Meylor, Matt Price, and Ryan McDowell, an entertaining trio that keeps the audience engaged. Their ability to offer valuable depths of information together with predictive strategies in fantasy football makes them go to a podcast in the industry.

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RotoViz Radio

RotoViz Radio is a paid subscription podcast with Shawn Siegele a.k.a FF_Contraction as its primary host. The subscription fee is worth the depths of information that you would get from this well-planned podcast. I would even consider it the best among the vast network of RadioViz networks as far as NFL football is concerned.

RotoViz Radio has a comprehensive view of gaming prospectus, which ranges from dynasty and real-drafts and stretches to the best ball. Not only does RadioViz have an in-depth look at football, but it is also fine – detailed, such that the audience would have all the relevant details they require in making informed decisions.

Fantasy Football Today Podcast

I decided to include Fantasy Football Today Podcast in my list of best fantasy football podcasts as it is perhaps the most informative show in NFL football that is hosted by a big television network, CBS sports.

Hosted by Adam Aizer, Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, and Heath Cummings, this platoon of presenters each offer different and valuable perspectives on game prospects as well as game statistics. This provides useful information required by listeners when making decisions.

Further, the podcast has a highly interactive social media platform that lets the audience engage on one–on–one conversation with the well – informed presenters.

The Late Round Podcast

The Late Round Podcast is a fifteen-minute podcast that is instrumental in giving weekly episodes that are very informative. It has a well – structured podcast that focuses on the process than the results, mostly teaching other than telling.

The Late round airs weekly and provides valuable decision-making strategies that help gamers to make informed decisions relevant to their board levels. Even so, it would be amiss not to mention that the Late Round Podcast is quite complicated, thus not suitable to individuals without a deeper understanding of the game.