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True crime is beyond fascinating, and this Covid-19 period, my brethren, are absorbing times. The majority of us have so much free time in our hands that we are tempted to visit friends, hold a party, step out of the house, decisions that will extend our involuntary stay at home. But we do not want that, do we? Listening to True crime podcasts is a sure way for you to stay home, experience a thrill of a lifetime, learn more than two things about crime, and stop the spread of  Covid-19. Fear not; being a Crime Junkie is so cool you may never desire to watch any other stuff!

If you are interested in starting a podcast, you can read our guide here. You can also learn how to write a podcast here.

Below, we review the top 10 True Crime podcasts in 2020 to help you find the best of the best there is.

#1. Serial

Serial is our number one pick of the best True Crime podcasts in 2020 because it has won all awards in the industry, which is proof of its superiority.  Serial has scooped the DuPont-Columbia, Scripps Howard, Edward R. Murrow awards, and the first-ever Peabody awarded to a podcast. Also, Serial is in its 3rd season, which indicates that the True Crime podcast has a dedicated and loyal audience.

Serial is a True Crime podcast that tells one crime story in one season, which is usually divided into several episodes. Serial season 1 has 12 episodes, Season 2 has 11 episodes, and Season 3 has 9 episodes, all which are approximately 27 to 55 minutes long.

You may be asking, am I able to listen to Serial podcasts with my device?

 The answer is, yes, you can. Serial podcast is accessible on all devices and all platforms. You can access Serial podcasts from the Serial website, which you can access by clicking this link;

To stream, go to a website such as and click the play. Welcome to the world of a criminal!

You can also listen to Serial on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Stitcher, RadioPublic, or any podcatcher of your preference.

To download on your iPhone and iPad, use the Podcasts app (which you download from the Appstore. Search for Serial in the Podcasts app and hit the subscribe button to get future Serial episodes.

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For Android devices, you can access Serial from Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, or Stitcher (All which are in the Google Play Store). In Google Podcasts, search for Serial and click Subscribe, in RadioPublic, click follow, and in Stitcher, click the plus sign to add it to your Favorites List.

Serial podcasts offer you listening convenience as you can stream or download and watch your episodes offline.

And here comes the most significant advantage with Serial podcasts; It is free.

Note 1; Serial podcasts are not available on Netflix or HBO. However, Netflix and HBO air other true crime stories.

Note 2: Serial is available in English only. English transcripts are also available on the web. Click this link to find transcripts for all Episodes;

#2. Undisclosed

You liked what you read about Serial? Trust me; The Undisclosed podcast will fascinate you more! The Undisclosed podcast investigates the wrongful convictions and the U.S. criminal justice system by focusing more on the crime itself, the investigation of the crime, the trial, and the verdict, with the ultimate objective of finding evidence that was never used in court. The State v. Adnan Syed, for example, is the first case that The Undisclosed podcast investigated after it aired on Serial, where The Undisclosed team finds never-before found evidence. Today, The Undisclosed Podcast boasts of 17 seasons, the current one being ‘State v. Fred Freeman.  Each episode takes a maximum of 60 minutes. To view which other cases that The Undisclosed Podcast has investigated, click this link;

Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson, and Colin Miller created The Undisclosed Podcast in 2015. Rabia Chaudry is the narrator in the highly successful true-crime podcast.

The Undisclosed Podcast is accessible on the Undisclosed website, Android, and iPhone devices.  To listen to The Undisclosed Podcast episodes from the Undisclosed app, click this link;

The Undisclosed Podcast is also available on many other podcast hosting platforms such as RadioPublic, Podbean, Stitcher, and

The Undisclosed Podcast is narrated in English, and you can access episode transcriptions from;

Above all, you can listen to The Undisclosed Podcast free.

Overall, The Undisclosed Podcast is a composition of true crime narratives that is worth your time. Hopefully, Covid-19 will be a thing of the past by the time you are done indulging in The Undisclosed Podcasts’ 300 episodes.

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#3. Culpable

You may need to dive right into this one, friends. Culpable is offering a $100, 000 reward. Correct, you read that right! Culpable will give you $100, 000 cash for new information that leads to an arrest and conviction concerning the Andreacchio family.

So, what is Culpable?

Culpable is a new investigative true-crime podcast by the Black Mountain Media, and Tenderfoot T.V., the creators of Up and Vanished and To Live and Die in L.A. Culpable explores open cases where guilty individuals seem to have eluded justice.

Dennis Cooper is the English narrator all through the 15 episodes. Each episode takes between 27 minutes and 62 minutes.

You can listen to the podcast on the Culpable website accessible through; where you can stream or download it and listen offline.

Culpable is also available on all devices and across all podcast platforms at zero cost.

Currently, Culpable investigates the murder fo Christian Andreacchio in his upstairs bathroom with a single gunshot wound. While the police ruled it a suicide after a 45-minute investigation, Culpable’s Dennis Cooper explores the substantial evidence of premeditated murder, and questions are surrounding the case.

#4. Casefile True Crime

Casefile True Crime Podcast, simply known as Casefile, is a weekly Australian crime podcast whose first episode aired in January, 2016. Casefiles narrates solved or cold criminal cases that often revolve well-known murders and serial crimes.  While many cases are Australian, the podcast includes U.K. and U.S. cases that the podcast is featuring increasingly. Today, Casefile podcast has over 133 episodes that an anonymous male narrates. How fascinating!

Unlike many other true crime podcasts, Casefiles is scripted and narrative, where the podcast relies majorly on original police or mass-media documents, eyewitness accounts, interviews, and public announcement recordings.

You can listen to the Casefile True Crime podcast from the Casefile True Crime website by clicking this link:

You can also access the Casefile podcast from any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, P.C.) across all podcast platforms.

Casefiles is free, which makes it convenient for you to binge-watch all its 142 cases.

#5. In the dark

In the Dark may be the most compelling true crime investigative crime there is.  In the Dark is a series that features investigative journalism and in-depth reportage from APM Reports. APM reports aim to raise awareness, trigger debate, and prompt positive change via non-partisan, independent investigative and documentary journalism.

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The American Public Media produces the In the Dark podcast. Madeleine Baran hosts and narrates the true crime podcasts, while Samara Freemark presents the show. The production and publishing of In the Dark episodes rely on the funders such as Lumina Foundation, Spencer, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the McKnight Foundation.

 The In the Dark has two seasons, with a total of 32 episodes. Season 1 explores the kidnapping and murders of Jacob Wetterling, which commenced on September 7, 2006. Season 2 is slated to air from January 2020 and investigates the case surrounding Curtis Flowers, who has been tried 6 times for a quadruple homicide in 1996.

In the Dark podcast is updated weekly and is available in English.

You can stream or download In the Dark episodes from the website, which is accessible by clicking this link;

You can also access In the Dark episodes from any device (Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac) across all podcast platforms. For example, you can stream or download In the Dark episodes from Stitcher,, podbean, apm, and iheart radio.

Plus, it makes financial sense for you to binge on In the Dark episodes as they are free.

#6. Up and Vanished

UP and Vanished is our top 6 true-crime podcast that investigates missing persons cold cases by evaluating old leads, interviewing witnesses and town persons, and on-site investigation, Tenderfoot T.V. produces the show and hosts by Payne Lindsey. The first Up and Vanished episodes aired on August 7, 2016. In total, Up and Vanished has 37 episodes, which explore different cases,

Up and Vanished is a smart choice of true crime podcasts because it is accessible on any device, across all platforms. Besides, to become a true crime junkie with Up and Vanished as it is free.

Note: Up and Vanished episodes transcripts are accessible on