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There are many top-rated web hosting providers in 2020 that are ideal for hosting restaurants. The majority of these hosting services are suitable for offering specialized services that will meet your restaurant hosting needs. You will probably have to think of your target market, the expected traffic on your site, as well as the content that you want to be available on your website. Even further, you will have to consider the relative costs for running your website with respect to the hosting features associated with these costs.

Which is the best web hosting provider for restaurants in 2020?

The best web hosting for restaurants should meet all the requirements that will be able to effectively direct customers on different needs on the website. Further, the web hosting provider should enable you to grow your business. I have used and reviewed several web hosting services myself; which also leads me to select SiteGround as the best web hosting provider.

With SiteGround, it does not really matter whether you are a startup business or a veteran restaurant owner with a well – established portfolio. This is because SiteGround has amazing scalability features which incorporate a wide range of users. Scalability is the most valued feature for you as restaurant owner and/or manager when looking for the best web hosting provider for you.

For starters, SiteGround offers cost effective packages that accommodate novice users as well as professional users alike. As a restaurant manager, one of the most essential things to consider is your brand. With restaurants, establishing a quality brand could get you a lot of customers as brands build a certain trust among the customers. Incidentally, SiteGround prioritizes your growth as a brand, and even offers wdedicated server hosting services at very affordable pricing for an users with large audiences.

“You can never go wrong with SiteGround. It has extremely helpful customer support that is able to analyze and fix any problems from your site almost instantaneously. Further they render follow up protocols just to make sure that your site is running seamlessly.” These are comments from Han Ping, a restaurant owner in China Town, US. You can tell that the hosting provider’s services are up to date and would suite your purposes from the numerous positive reviews chattered on various SiteGround web hosting reviews on the internet.

What are the SiteGround Hosting Features for Restaurants?

  • SiteGround has unlimited disk space provision – This offer is only available on its shared hosting packages and their dedicated server hosting. You can include information such as the top menus, reservation packages, relative prices, restaurant location, among others. This way, you will not be limited to the amount of media content that you can share with your audience on your website.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – SiteGround offers unlimited bandwidth on its shared hosting plan that enables high site traffic for your restaurant. Multiple users can be able to load your SiteGround hosted website and access all your features without throttling.
  • Reliable Uptime records – SiteGround boasts of 99.9% uptime records. Of course it is impossible to have 100% uptime as the servers will need routine maintenance just to keep your site running at optimal performance. Even so, SiteGround makes sure that there is next to zero downtime, enabling your site to run seamlessly.
  • Regular software updates and data backups – SiteGround offers the latest updates of the Free SSL certificates, which is essential in ensuring site security. This means that your site data will always be secure from hackers as well as users with malicious intent.
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SiteGround has the best Customer Support…

As a restaurant owner/manager, you probably have a lot of things to think about which leaves you not time to deal with technical website problems. Well, with SiteGround web hosting, you will be able to reach the customer support via phone, live chat or through mail service.

SiteGround has been highly rated for its excellent customer support. SiteGround has a dedicated customer support team that is easily reachable and have expert knowledge of the site functions such that they would be able to easily analyze any hosting errors. SiteGround customer support has been highly commended for fast response to all its users.

You will be able to focus on the business aspect of your hosting as restaurants are more about the services offered in the restaurant anyway. SiteGround can also allow you to solely focus on the business by subscribing to the managed WordPress hosting at very affordable pricing.

Which Criteria should I use to choose the best hosting platforms for restaurants?

There are various factors that would influence your choice of the best web hosting service for your restaurant services. Starting from the smallest considerations of restaurant menu tabs and daily special offers, to the most compelling services such as restaurant bookings and reservations; in order to select the ideal web hosting service for you, you have to be point specific on your needs. I have listed the criteria that I used to select the best web hosting providers for restaurants below:

  • Cost
  • Scalability
  • Uptime/Downtime
  • Site Data Security
  • Customer Support
  • Site Speed

Cost – For most business owners, the cost of investment into any service is definitely one of most important things you have to consider. You need a web hosting service that has diverse hosting plans and affordable pricing tiers. The best web hosting provider for your restaurant services have to be cost effective. This is to mean that you will get the best value for your investment.

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Scalability – You should always consider the scalability of your website. As a restaurant manager, you will be dealing with a highly volatile audience. Even the slightest of things can result in very negative reviews and comments. You do not want the changes on your website to reflect negatively but rather increase your customers and website traffic subsequently.

In any case, you would want a web hosting service that enables you to accommodate increased site traffic without affecting normal site functioning. As such, you will want to use a web hosting service that is flexible with its service provision, to match your customer needs.

Reliable Uptime Records – In addition, your platform should always be accessible to your audience whenever they want to access your content. This means a reliable uptime for your website. Customers should always access restaurant services on your website on demand. The best web hosting service for you should have reliable uptime records.


Data Security – The best web hosting providers should have great security protocols such that you not to worry about the integrity of your data. You want to be able to focus on your business. This means that the best web hosting platform for you should have the best security protocols to ensure data safety. It should also have a reliable backup service that makes sure that you do not lose your data or any progress made on your restaurant site.

Customer Support – As far as the customer support service is concerned, you will obviously need a web hosting provider that has a reliable customer support (Just in case you run into any hosting problems). Refer to SiteGround has the best Customer Support on the article for more information on the best customer support services for restaurant web hosting.

Fast Site Loading Speeds – It goes without saying that you will need a web hosting provider with fast and stable loading speeds such that your audience will not experience any service delays for the relay of your restaurant services.

The Best Web Hosting Providers for Restaurants

  • SiteGround
  • BlueHost
  • A2hosting

After carefully reviewing multiple top rated web hosting providers using the criteria I explained in an earlier section of this article, I found SiteGround, BlueHost, and A2hosting to be the best web hosting providers for restaurants.

I will critically analyze the hosting features provided by each of the platforms, not forgetting the pros and cons of using each and every one of them, to determine which would be the best web hosting provider for you.

SiteGround Hosting


SiteGround Hosting Features

CategoryHosting Features
Pricing Tiers:Has 3 hosting plans: The Startup plan, The GrowBig Plan and the GoGeek Plan at relative pricing of $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $11.95/mo respectively
Uptime Record:99.98%
Free Domain:No free domainsDomains cost $15.95/year
Unique Hosting Feature:Has excellent customer support systems and skilled customer support personnel

While reviewing SiteGround hosting features, it is the reliable and easily accessible customer support that caught my attention. I reckon that this is the most important part of the web hosting service and especially if you are new to web hosting.

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SiteGround is definitely the best web hosting provider for restaurants as it combines a professional outlook of your platform while allowing you to customize it to your preferences. Further, you will have a reliable, stable, fast and secure hosting service, enabling the seamless running of your website.

SiteGround Pros and Cons

+ Outstanding 24/7 Customer support+ Automatic daily backups+ Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN+ Free web migration+ HTTP/2 enabled servers+ Managed WordPress hostingLimited storage for shared hostingLimited traffic on shared plansExpensive for advanced features

When considering the Pros and Cons, SiteGround remains to be the best available web hosting for you as the limitations and expenses are concurrent with the level of traffic on your website.



A2hosting Features

CategoryHosting Features
Pricing Tiers:A2hosting has relatively three major hosting plans: Lite Plan, Swift Plan and Turbo PlanThese plans have a relative pricing of $3.92/mo, $4.90/mo and $9.31/mo respectively
Uptime Record:99.99%
Free Domain:A2hosting does not offer free domains
Unique Hosting Feature:A2hosting is the best platform for customized web features for clients with targeted site applications

To be frank, A2hosting is suited for web designers. Needless to say, it has very potent customization options that enable you to set up your website to suite your interests as a restaurant owner/manager. Furthermore, A2hosting is the ideal provider for you if you want to setup a complex art website.

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Given its high reputation in high speeds and reliable uptime records, you are almost 100% guaranteed that you will never experience slow performance on your site. To add on, you can scale up your website needs to accommodate higher traffic on your site by upgrading to the Turbo Plan (Has up to 20X faster performance speeds and site functioning).

A2hosting Pros and Cons

+ Advanced customization options+ Reliable uptime records+ Shared SSD storage+ Free SSL certificates+ Free Cloudflare CDN+ Free website migration+ Has both windows and Linux hosting optionsThere is no free domainIt has a complicated control panelIt is relatively expensive as compared to other top-rated providersHTTP/2 is only available in the Turbo Plan

It is obvious from the contrast of the pros and cons that A2hosting certainly has the necessary features required for your website hosting as a restaurant owner/manager. However, the relative protocol used to facilitate the hosting of your website might not be ideal for a novice user. Established restaurants with Professional web experience can however benefit a lot from using A2hosting web hosting.

BlueHost Hosting


BlueHost Hosting Features

CategoryHosting Features
Pricing Tiers:Has three major hosting plans: The Basic Plan, The Plus Plan, and The Choice Plus PlanHas a relative pricing of $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $5.95+/mo respectively
Uptime Record:99.99%
Free Domain:Free domains for each of the plans for one year
Unique Hosting Feature:BlueHost boasts of the best WordPress and WooCommerce platforms in the industry

In addition to the WordPress integration, BlueHost generally offers faster loading speeds to all its users, not to mention reliable uptime records. This makes them reliable to restaurant owners/managers for hosting their websites as they incorporate CDN networks that source information much closer to the website client for free.


BlueHost Pros and Cons

+ Officially endorsed by WordPress+ BlueHost is compatible with many platforms+ Has relatively cheap pricing+ Has well setup automatic backups to protect the client data+ Includes a skilled 24/7 customer support service+ BlueHost offers free Weebly site builder for you+ BlueHost offers a free SSL certificate to protect your dataBlueHost does not have an SSD optionIt has extremely high renewal fees for their packagesToo many up-selling offers

While looking at the relative comparisons between the Pros and cons of using BlueHost hosting for your site, BlueHost is a relatively good platform for your hosting needs as a restaurant owner/manager. Even so, you will have to engage in high rates for your renewal services. BlueHost however does not allow you to engage effectively with your customer care thus causing restriction of services for your website.