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With more individuals and firms working and interacting with digital media every day, SEO has grown into one of the most important online marketing tools. Since people are gradually abandoning traditional advertisement modes, SEO continually provides marketers with new techniques to get their brands more popular on the internet.

While some marketers may refute the critical role played by SEO in marketing, there is one metric that is undeniably crucial in success of an online enterprise: traffic.  If you need high quality traffic driven to your website, SEO tools are designed to do just that. To get an edge over your competitors with a solid SEO background, you could try Bluehost SEO tools.

Bluehost has been making waves as a web hosting provider in the competitive industry. One of the places where the firm excels is in their SEO tools. It is quite straight forward to establish a Bluehost account. By the end of this article, you will be at a better position to determine whether Bluehost SEO tools are worth it.

Features of Bluehost SEO tools start

Immediately you log into your Bluehost cPanel account, you will notice an SEO tools score on the dashboard. It comes in handy when trying to drive traffic to your website. The higher your score on Bluehost, the higher your website ranks on search engine result pages.

BLuehost SEO tools on the Bluehost cPanel

In order to push your Bluehost SEO tools scores up, you only need to complete key actions such as creating social profiles for your website and many more. While the score may fluctuate from time to time, experts advise users to focus on completing the tasks in each section and get their scores as high as possible.

Bluehost SEO tools are also efficient in monitoring competitors in your field or industry. Besides helping you target search keywords to increase your traffic, Bluehost SEO tools help you monitor what your competitors are doing. This allows you to stay a step ahead in the run for targeted keywords.

Bluehost SEO tools will also analyze your website and tell you how fast it loads and how responsive it is. These are the two primary parameters for optimization of your website for mobile. According to SEO gurus, the majority of people in the internet are using mobile devices. In this regard, Bluehost SEO tools is an important tool to have to keep visitors coming back to your site.

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Another feature that makes Bluehost SEO tools worth it is its ability to identify weaknesses and issues in your site and bring them your attention. It makes it much easier to resolve common errors and more time to fix the major issues.

Bluehost tools also sends monthly reports through email, which provide you with the site’s progress reports, the issues, as well as the actions you could take to improve the situation. Once the problems are fixed, your Bluehost SEO score will improve and so will your website’s ranking on search engine result pages.

The fact that Bluehost SEO tools tells you how your site is doing on social media is another reason most Bluehost clients find it worth it. The scores advice you in making critical changes to your website’s online portfolio and your SEO.

features and beneits of Bluehost SEO tools

There are plenty of benefits of having Bluehost SEO tools proving that it is indeed worth it. As far as I, as well as most people who use Bluehost SEO tools, are concerned, the platform is indeed worth it, both for individuals and firms. Whether you should get Bluehost SEO tools depends on your specific needs. Nonetheless, Bluehost is one of the best options in hosting as well as SEO optimization.

Bluehost’s SEO service package

When browsing checkouts for web hosting, you have likely seen the option to add-on “Bluehost SEO Tools Start”. The service is meant to serve as a cheaper option to Monster Insights. However, Bluehost SEO services require scheduling a consultation with a Bluehost SEO specialist. During consultation, you will discuss your SEO objectives and the expert will offer a few suggestions.

Bluehost SEO Tools Pricing

Bluehost SEO Tools Start has two pricing packages. The cheaper/entry package costs $5.95/month while the Grow Plan costs $19.95/month as shown in the snapshot below:

Bluehost SEO Tools pricing packages in 2020

After signing up for a Bluehost SEO service, you will receive a separate portal from your Bluehost control panel. Customers can choose keywords they intend to rank from the portal. Afterselecting the keywords, you can choose to follow the recommendations from Bluehost’s SEO specialist.

Bluehost SEO Tools is a great option if you are looking to handle complete website creation and content creation, and optimization. It is, in my opinion one of the major reasons users should get a Bluhost SEO services package.

Bluehost SEO Tools top alternatives

While we all might agree that Bluehost SEO tools is a worthwhile platform to invest in. However, there are a few firms that offer the same services at different prices and with different features. Depending on your brand’s specific demands, you could choose one of Bluehost’s alternatives below. We reviewed most of the top SEO platforms and chose the following as Bluehost’s best alternatives.

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If you are already running a WordPress site, Yoast is one of the best alternatives to Bluehost SEO Tools. Beyond analytics, Yoast is the perfect platform for on-page optimization. Furthermore, they allow you to set up a free or low-budget version as your site’s WordPress plugin.

Yoast is arguably the most popular WordPress plugin ever. Concurrently, it offers tons of features to help you optimize your site. It has an in-built content analysis tool, meta keywords management, xml sitemaps, rich snippets, social features, and much more. While Bluehost SEO Tools tramples Yoast in support and ease of use, Yoast offers more helpful features and better overall performance. It is therefore undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Bluehost SEO Tools.


SemRush seems to be focused on providing their clients with as much detail as possible in their reports from their SEO efforts. SemRush provides a wealth of data whether from backlinks, domain analysis or keyword analysis in both numerical and visual formats.

SemRush also excels in providing useful information in their blog. Moreover, they have a knowledge academy where you can get an SEO certification after passing their SEO examination.

Most importantly, SemRush provides every kind of SEO marketing tools for your marketing needs. From the tools you can get a full audit of your website, find competitor keywords, and much more. Unlike Bluehost, SemRush provides an organic traffic insights tool that can find hidden keywords that Google analytics doesn’t show. In addition, the tool collects data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give you a better understanding of the value of the selected keyword.

SemRush’s organic research tool is very similar to the one provided by Bluehost. However, it does little more than analyzing competitors’ keywords: it also discovers your competitor’s best performing keywords and analyzes changes in the ranking of your domains as well as your competitors’. In my opinion, Bluehost SEO Tools provide superior service as compared to SemRush due to its ability to identify issues and bring them to your attention. However, SemRush is a solid alternative to Bluehost SEO Tools.

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Google Analytics

If SEO is a major determiner of traffic to your pages, then I would strongly recommend that you get Google Analytics and learn how to use it to your advantage. Google Analytics might not be as user-friendly as alternative SEO tools such as Bluehost and Yoast, but it comes free of charge and uses powerful resources. It is therefore provides accurate analysis of competitors and market conditions.

Consider taking free courses from Google Analytics Academy to master the tool’s full potential.

SE Ranking

SE ranking is one of the most renowned SEO software in the industry. However, I recommend getting SE Ranking after gaining more than 500 visits on your website per month. That’s because SE Ranking is more focused on providing their SEO services to agencies. They have a strong emphasis on custom reporting tools and stylish widgets for agencies to carry out lead generation. Plans on SE Ranking start at just under $40 per month.  

SE Ranking can, however, also be useful to startups, freelancers and companies. Their interface is one of the best in the market, which helps clients view the data laid out on the platform with ease. That said, SE Ranking data is not as complete as in Bluehost SEO Tools. Nevertheless, it is enough to guide your site to success.


Bluehost offers plenty of features in every pricing option. The diversity of its plans allows flexibility for every budget. While the internet is rigged with negative feedback, the majority of Bluehost customers are quite content with Bluehost SEO services. Bluehost is among the top few firms that I would recommend to anyone wishing to optimize their site for SEO and rank higher on SERPs.

While there are a lot of benefits associated with Bluehost SEO Tools, there are a few drawbacks of using the service. However, from our review of different SEO tools, the services and information provided by Bluehost is indeed worth the investment.