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About InMotion Hosting

Established in 2001, InMotion Hosting is a reputable industry name with consistent performance for business category web hosting. The company has become the user’s favorite with its 99.9% uptime and award-winning tech support, plus their exclusive 57% off.

More than just its outstanding features and support, InMotion is also known for offering free domain and SSL certificates to its users, as well as lightning-fast loading speed that users take pleasure in. We included InMotion in our list of 10 best web hosting providers with free SSL. InMotion is an excellent choice for any growing business.

While InMotion hosting cannot be compared with some in its reputation class, it ranks amongst the most reliable on the web hosting market.

InMotion Hosting Servers and Headquarters

InMotion has offices in California and Virginia, with its servers housed in data centers co-located in the US entirely. On March 30, 2012, InMotion Hosting opened new headquarters in Los Angeles, which marked the fourth office expansion for California. Later, on February 14, 2018, their Colorado office moved to Lakewood, near 6th Ave. and Union Blvd.

InMotion Hosting Leadership and Staff

The web hosting company has branches on the West Coast, Central Coast, and the East Coast. Jeremy Smith is the president and CEO of InMotion, with a staff of 150 employees, and the company is ranked fifth among its top ten (10) competitors.

InMotion Hosting Company is an employee-operated and employee-owned domain name and web hosting firm that bases its web hosting network on Unix and Linux OS (operating systems). It may not be at the same level as Bluehost, overall, but InMotion has plenty to offer, depending on your hosting needs. 

InMotion Features

InMotion comprises of five different classes of web hosting services, including WordPress hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, basic shared business hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting. 

These hosting services are designed for different needs, hence have separate features. The most economical choice for personal and small business web hosting is shared hosting and can handle that level of traffic.

InMotion Hosting Basic Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Two websites
  • Free backups and hack protection
  • DDoS protection
  • Drag-and-drop feature
  • cPanel control
  • user-friendly dashboard

InMotion Hosting Advanced Features

The advanced level includes all the features mentioned above, plus:

  • Automated security updates
  • Server management
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Multilayer security
  • Free SSD
  • Personal launch assistant
  • Enhanced loading speeds

InMotion Hosting Pricing

Shared or Business Hosting comes with three pricing plans:

  • Launch Plan, which starts at $3.99/m, supports two sites, two MySQL databases, six parked domains, and twenty-five subdomains.
  • Power Plan, which starts at $5.99/m, supports six sites, fifty MySQL databases, twenty-six parked domains, and one hundred subdomains.
  • Pro Plan, which starts at $13.99/m, supports unlimited sites, MySQL databases, parked domains, and subdomains.

All these plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion’s WordPress Hosting pricing plan takes the form of the Shared Hosting pricing plan in each aspect, but with more benefits.

So, what will you get in these pricing plans?

  • Free domain
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Payment methods via check, Credit Cards, and Purchase Order
  • A few upsells
  • Installation of CMSs and Apps
  • Account activation

InMotion Hosting Video Tutorial

The InMotion Hosting cPanel includes robust in-built features that provide video tutorials to offer guidance or step-by-step instructions on various operations. You must make sure you are logged into cPanel for you to access the video tutorials, and click on one of the available options.

Note: the cPanel videos are similar for all accounts, but some will only work on Dedicated or VPS servers. Are you wondering why? It is because the cPanel software is a third-party software that includes the videos.

Once you click the video tutorial button, the selected video loads automatically. The buttons on the video’s bottom are useful in controlling the actual video. All InMotion Hosting server packages include these tutorials since cPanel hosting is free.

InMotion Hosting WordPress (How to Install WordPress)

WordPress is an open CMS (content management system) that is accessible to install for free using the cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer. If you wish to, you can also install WordPress manually, but it is a time-consuming and challenging process.

To install WordPress via your cPanel, use this guide:

  1. Login to your cPanel Account.
  2. Locate the Softaculous Apps Installer on the Dashboard.
  3. Select a protocol, then a domain name.
  4. Enter WordPress site settings credentials.
  5.  Select plugins and a theme, and there you go!
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After that, you can log in to your WP site and test it. Check out this video for a quick installation.

Green Web Hosting by InMotion

InMotion has, since 2010, made a strenuous effort to rally its carbon hoofmarks in its data centers. They have also reduced office waste by both cutting paper product usage and increasing the recycling process.

Data centers use plenty of energy, especially in air conditioning and cooling purposes. As such, InMotion has opened the first-ever Air Cooling tech that reduces its cooling prices by almost 70%. Carbon emission has also been cut by nearly 2k tons annually. While traditional data centers run CRACs continuously to cool the air, outside Air Cooling technology vents hot air out of the building and bring in fresh air.



  • Above-average 99.95% uptime
  • Excellent customer support
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Apps and integrations, including WordPress
  • WP users have a premium Sucuri Plugin
  • A free site migration
  • Outstanding eCommerce support
  • Google Apps integrations
  • Super-secure Smartwall TDS (threat defense system)  


  • Low ad pricing (only for 24-month sign-up)
  • Average server speeds
  • Delayed account confirmation process
  • A few limitations (auto data backups cost $2/m, $1/m for each extra 10GB)

InMotion SSL (from HTTP to HTTPS)

InMotion includes a free SSL certificate for the entire Business Class Hosting Plans. SSL (secure sockets layer) refers to a standard tech that establishes a host (webserver) and client (web browser). The connection between the two ensures a secure and intrinsic data passage. SSL is an industry-standard that millions of websites use to protect their online activities using the https://.

You can force HTTP to HTTPS using the .htaccess file to redirect all web traffic on your site. It is straightforward to activate this SSL in your AMP (Account Management Panel) by clicking My Account > Manage Free SSL.

To force your entire web traffic to utilize HTTPS, copy the following code in the .htaccess file in your site’s root folder.

InMotion: How to Cancel

If you want to disable automatic renewals, you use a similar process to cancel. Before you start the cancellation procedure, make sure you have the following information to make the process simple:

  • Your Account Username
  • Your credit card’s last four digits on file
  • Your email address
  • Daytime phone number

To begin your account cancellation process or turn off automatic renewal with InMotion, you will require the help of their reliable customer support team. Yet, depending on the plan you chose, you will either qualify for a 30-day or 90-day (managed WP hosting) money-back guarantee.

If you have passed the guarantee period, your only option is to visit your billing tab and deactivate auto-renewal. InMotion hosting is trustworthy when it comes to refunds after cancellation, and in case of any discrepancies in the amounts, they will explain why.

InMotion Hosting vs Bluehost Hosting

Both InMotion and Bluehost are prominent web hosting providers on the market, which makes it harder to discern which to choose over the other. But as we always tell you, there must be that one thing that distinguishes them, regardless of their close similarities.

We shall begin with their pros and cons so you can have a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. We shall then look at their features, pricing, customer support, and WP (WordPress) integration.

InMotion and Bluehost both offer a variety of pricing plans, from shared to dedicated and VPS hosting options. Overall, Bluehost is excellent for WP and pricing, while InMotion has the upper hand in terms of customer support. While Bluehost pricing plans are great for personal sites, InMotion plans are excellent for businesses.

In our review, we found InMotion prevailing in terms of disk space and features. Bluehost, on the other hand, beats InMotion in money value and uptime. InMotion hosting offers unlimited SSD storage and disk space, striking perks, plus a highly-trained support team. It is also focused on the customer experience.

Bluehost hosting works well with WordPress, has a higher uptime (99.98%), it is user-friendly, and also has free domains. Both hosting plans use cPanel control and have a slight difference in uptime (99.97% and 99.98%). Overall, both InMotion and Bluehost features match up significantly, such as free domains and free SSL.

When it comes to integration, WP is a popular presence online. Bluehost works seamlessly with WordPress as compared to InMotion, but Bluehost tends to offer more impressive features.

In terms of customer support, both hosting options are great, though InMotion does not offer 24/7 live chat or phone, and tickets. While Bluehost as well does not offer 24/7 live chat or phone, tickets are available. Yet, overall, InMotion prevails with excellent customer support.

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InMotion Hosting vs. SiteGround Hosting

Are you stuck in choosing between InMotion and SiteGround? Having come that far, to two hosting providers, shows your interest in your web hosting.

Both InMotion and SiteGround boast a vast client base and excellent support system. The same goes for their servers (lightning-fast), outstanding features, and a 100% money-back guarantee. While SiteGround offers a 30-days, InMotion guarantees a 90-day refund policy.

When it comes to pricing plans, SiteGround has the upper hand with slightly cheaper plans at first. Yet, InMotion is top overall in terms of the best web hosting company. Are you concerned about backups for your site? Well, both SiteGround and InMotion include free daily backups, as well as exceptional customer support.

However, InMotion hosting has ROOT access on WHM that gives it the upper hand in terms of performance. Founded in 2001, InMotion hosting ranks amongst the leading hosting companies in the field and offers swift performance for over 300 pieces of software. InMotion hosting services are entirely US-based, plus customer support.

InMotion offers Freebies such as a free domain name, $100 in free Microsoft Ads Credits, $50 in free Amazon ads, JetPack Personal, and a free business listing. That, on top of 19 years of experience and 300k satisfied customers, makes InMotion a valuable option.

Founded in 2004 in Bulgaria, SiteGround currently has its headquarters in Washington DC, with ongoing operations in Bulgaria. The hosting company applies state-of-the-art tech and facilitates constant innovation for company growth.

SiteGround hosting currently expanded data centers in Chicago and Iowa, Asia Pacific, Singapore, London, and Europe. Their offices are spread across the UK, Spain, and the US, and are exceptional when it comes to WordPress hosting.

InMotion Hosting vs. GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy makes strong claims of being pocket-friendly and affordable for everyone. Yet, pleasing all is not possible, especially in web hosting, and might make you a laughing stock. In this review, InMotion hosting will prevail against GoDaddy greatly, given its lightning-fast speeds, excellent features, and inclusive value.

In terms of performance, the TTFB (first time to the first byte) speed for sites under InMotion hosting was 57ms, in comparison to GoDaddy’s 800ms. The same difference applied in contentful paint speed (time taken to display content on a visitor’s site). When it comes to uptime, both InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy hosting offer a matching 99.9% guarantee. As such, both hosting services are reliable.

When it comes to pricing plans, GoDaddy prevails from the first glance. But when it comes to the overall value, InMotion has the upper hand. How so? GoDaddy hosting plans are low-priced, but only for longer subscriptions, three years upfront, to be precise. If you are only capable of paying quarterly, the amount (monthly cost) is double what they advertise.

InMotion hosting offers two pricing plans, including the one-year or two-year option, and pricing differs depending on your preferred plan’s length. InMotion’s two-years pricing plan seemed slightly cheaper compared to GoDaddy’s.

GoDaddy includes four shared hosting plans, that is Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum. With the Economy pricing plan, you get a single site and 100GB storage. InMotion offers three plans (shared hosting), including Launch, Power, and Pro, with the Launch plan giving you two sites and unlimited storage.

While GoDaddy charges you extra for features, InMotion gives free features (as seen above), and so is with security. GoDaddy’s customer support is unreliable (depending on your location), but InMotion has supportive and reliable customer support.

Simply put, GoDaddy cannot compete with InMotion in terms of features, customer support, value for your money, and speed.

InMotion Hosting vs. HostGator Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a web hosting firm that provides shared hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. EIG-owned HostGator, on the other hand, is amongst the oldest hosting provider that offer low-priced hosting plans.

Both hosting providers have close pricing plans, with InMotion Hosting costing $2.95 while HostGator costs $3.95. That’s pretty close, right? Yet, there is a substantial difference when you dig deeper into both the quality of customer support and service. 

When it comes to overall performance, InMotion Hosting has the upper hand by a mile. Talk about their modern and secure infrastructure, free SSL certificates with each pricing plan, and 24/7 phone support; there is a minimal comparison here. 

Both hosting companies offer fast web hosting with free SSDs, a free domain to get you started, and free cPanel control for easy server management. But while InMotion offers a free one-click installer alone, HostGator adds more than 400 apps on that. That’s something too, right?

InMotion has WordPress-customized plans and includes an exceptional combination of industry-leading hardware and huge scalability for all your hosting needs. That translates to faster speeds, and if the extra dollars are worth the speed, then you would consider it.

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Both hosting providers offer unlimited disk space and free site templates. HostGator has flexibility as its strong suit with VPS, Windows, and dedicated hosting. All HostGator’s plans include languages such as Python, Ruby, and Perl; plus, ROOT access and SSH.

HostGator includes nearly limitless options and control for their servers, plus beginner-friendly tools that will entice a variety of clients. InMotion Hosting has a 90-days money-back guarantee compared to HostGator’s 45-days refund policy.

InMotion Hosting vs Wix Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a big name when it comes to web builder games, especially in WordPress integration. BoldGrid, InMotion Hosting’s development tool leads in the WP world with its drag-and-drop functionality in building sites.

Founded in 2006, Wix kicked the market to help wannabe web entrepreneurs build an online presence. The host’s WYSIWYG web builder has helped over 110,000 customers make an online presence.

On the one hand, InMotion Hosting offers unlimited disk space, multiple data centers, little or no downtime, and automated backups with each plan. Wix, on the other hand, provides a 500MB to 20GB disk space, user-friendly interface, and Wix SEO Wizard for keywords.

While carrying a higher price tag, InMotion Hosting offers an outstanding business-class shared hosting plan, with an impressive list of features. From faster speeds to auto-backups to SSH access, PHP, Python (for IT geeks), and more, the host has got you covered.

Wix offers cheaper pricing plans compared to InMotion hosting, but not the cheapest on the hosting market. Premium plan subscribers enjoy the $300-worth of ad-vouchers, free apps for creating forms, and increasing your website’s SEO status.

Both Wix and InMotion Hosting offer tremendous customer support with 24/7 phone support, 99.99% uptime for both, and reliable page load speeds. However, Wix does not offer WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting. While InMotion Hosting guarantees a 90-day money-back, Wix offers a 30-day refund policy. 

InMotion Hosting vs. NameCheap Hosting

Both InMotion and NameCheap hosting are a reputable brand on the web hosting market. While they may seem to have close similarities, there must be something distinct about each that makes it better than the other. Let us begin their comparison and find out what it is.

InMotion Hosting and NameCheap both have reliable uptime (99.9% and 99.99%), responsive 24/7 customer support, and a wide variety of hosting options. While a little expensive ($3.49/m), InMotion Hosting prevails with its BoldGrid feature, substantially faster speeds, and excellent customer support.

NameCheap costs $9.88/year ($0.82/m), but renewal costs are highly-priced. Overall, it’s a reliable hosting option with a variety of plans and affordable plans, and offer both Windows and Linux-based hosting. The host’s primary service is domain registration. 

InMotion Hosting offers better features with fewer limitations and has the upper hand in page-loading speeds and bigger tech support. They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, compared to NameCheap’s 30-day money-back refund policy. 

InMotion Hosting vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

InMotion Hosting and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are both reputable brands in web hosting services globally. We have seen much about InMotion Hosting, so let us understand AWS. AWS has a sheer dominance in several fields and ranks as the largest IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offering for SMBs.

When it comes to web hosting, InMotion Hosting rams AWS in almost everything. InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WP hosting and dedicated hosting. AWS, on the other hand, offers cloud services just like Amazon.

In terms of pricing, InMotion Hosting prevails with $3.99/m plus a free domain, compared to AWS $5.83/m. InMotion Hosting is more user-friendly and offers reliable services, as well as an incredible list of useful features and excellent customer support.

AWS can boast of many server locations, including North America, Asia, Oceania, South America, and Europe, compared to InMotion Hostings only in North America. But as you can see, InMotion Hosting has the upper hand in terms of speed and uptime.

Other distinctive features between the two hosting companies include bandwidth, where InMotion Hosting offers unlimited bandwidth in comparison to AWS custom. InMotion Hosting also offers unlimited disk space, allows two domains, cPanel control, and 24/7customer support & tickets.