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Where do People Listen to Podcasts

To fully answer this question, I will indicate statistics of the location people usually find themselves listening to podcasts and will go further to indicate the platforms where people find and play their podcasts.

Locations: Where do People Listen to Podcasts?

Let’s start with answering the locations where people usually find themselves listening to podcasts.

I found several statistics on where people usually end up focussing to listen to podcasts.

First let’s start with the statistics of where people under 35 years old listen to podcasts:

One statistic mentioned that 52% of all listeners listen to podcasts at home. Another 24% listen to podcasts while driving, 17% while at work and 30% listen while onboard a public transport vehicle.

For listeners over the age of 35, 61% of them listen to podcasts at home, 15% listen to podcasts at work, 20% listen to podcasts in public transport and 20% listen to podcasts in the gym. A small portion listens to podcasts at places like shops, churches, forums, among others. In 2020, the number of church podcasts listeners may have gone up with most people opting for online sermons to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Platforms: Where do people listen to podcasts?

Most people find and listen to these podcasts using podcast distribution platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, TuneIn, among others. 52% of people use Apple Podcasts, 19% Spotify, 4.6% Stitcher, and 21% use other platforms to listen to podcasts.

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Apple Podcast:

Smartphones are the most popular devices people use to listen to podcasts and it’s no secret why Apple Podcasts make up more than half of all podcast listeners. At 52%, Apple’s claim on the market is likely to gain some competition from Spotify soon. Below is a proportion of each device used to listen to podcast in the UK

Population listening to podcasts

Proportion that used Podcasts in the last month:

We saw our Reddit users were much heavier podcast listeners than the general population
Apple podcasts continues to have a dominant position in the market