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You can use Cloudflare in your Bluehost hosted domain for free. It is one of the free services provided by Bluehost.

Cloudflare acts as a proxy between your visitors and Bluehost servers by caching static content of your site, subsequently lowering the number of requests to Bluehost’s servers while allowing visitors to access your site. With Cloudflare, you will be able to leverage Cloudflare’s CDN with 23 data centers across the world and enjoy a faster loading website that is optimized and auto minified.

Advantages of using Cloudflare

  • Site Performance Improvement
  • Bots and threat protection
  • Spam comments protection
  • Alerting Visitors of Infected Computers
  • Offline Browsing Mode
  • Lower CPU Usage
  • New Site Stats
  • Guaranteed backups – Bluehost offers daily backups but they are not guaranteed. You can, however, opt for Bluehost Codeguard which will cost you $5.95 for up to 10 domains

Limitations of the Cloudflare System

  • Currently, requests must be directed to www.$domain instead of $domain (which means you may need to make some configuration changes).

Enabling Cloudflare

Follow this link to enable CloudFlare:

You’ll be asked the domains to optimize with Cloudflare.

Select the domains you want to activate the free CloudFlare.

You can also select the premium CloudFlare account which has the following additional features that the free account doesn’t

Bluehost CloudFlare Free Vs Paid

Worldwide CDN (23 data centers) YesYes
Intelligent Threat Protection YesYes
Rocket Loader (Web Optimization) YesYes
Auto Minify YesYes
IPv6 Support YesYes
Adjustable Caching Level YesYes
Performance/Security Stats DailyHourly
Page Specific Settings/Rules 310
SPDY (reduced latency)Yes
Mirage Image Resizing Yes
Mirage Lazy Loader Yes
Polish (Image Compression) Yes
SSL Support (HTTPS) Yes
SSL Optimization Yes
Automatic Mobile Optimization Yes
Priority Server Processing Yes
Railgun™ (speeds up delivery of non-cached pages)Yes

Bluehost Cloudflare SSL and DNS

If you sign up for the free CloudFlare plan on Bluehost’s cPanel, you won’t need to change DNS and your SSL will not be affected. However, if you signed up on Cloudflare directly, you’ll have to change the name servers to use Cloudflare

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If you go for the premium plan, you’ll need to make changes to the settings to ensure your SSL certificate is still active