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Businesses need strong web hosting service to maintain their online presence with a brand they can trust. Managed hosting is an ideal choice, especially for WordPress sites as it is hosted on dedicated servers for higher reliability. The best thing with this type of hosting is that the service provider manages the servers on your behalf.

From controlling your servers to conducting hardware & software maintenance, providing security, monitoring activities, and handling backups, everything is done for you. LiquidWeb is one of the leading managed hosting providers in that arena. So, what is LiquidWeb?

About LiquidWeb

Founded in 1997 by Matthew Hill, LiquidWeb is a frontrunner in managed hosting arena with high-end performance web hosting infrastructure. The company offers tailored solutions for sites and applications with critical assignments, such as premium-based email, WooCommerce, WordPress, among others.

With its headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, LiquidWeb owns and manages its core data centers and are all its servers are SSAE-16 and HIPAA compliant. LiquidWeb also offers domain registration services and allows clients to register and manage their domain names in their account.

LiquidWeb’s offerings, flexibility and reliability make it the hosting choice for giant reputable brands such as Porsche, National Geographic, Symantec, Home Depot, and Eddie Bauer.

LiquidWeb Pricing Plans and Features

LiquidWeb managed hosting line of products is strong enough for all-size businesses, from early start-ups to already established ones that need enterprise hosting environment. Their products include Dedicated, VPS, Cloud Dedicated, VMware Private Cloud, Managed WP, Managed WooCommerce, and more!

Compared to traditional hosting solutions, LiquidWeb comes with a high price tag. However, if your business requires managed web hosting, the cost is worth it. Check out some of the hosting plans that LiquidWeb offers:

Pricing PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthCost
Managed WP30GB5TB$19/m (billed annually)
Managed WooCommerce30GB3TB$19/m
VPS Hosting40GB5TB$35/m
Dedicated Hosting2x240GB5TB$140/m

LiquidWeb focuses on managed VPS and dedicated hosting services and these features make it stand out against its rivals:

  • Fully-Managed Services

LiquidWeb offers fully managed hosting options in all its plans, which means you do not have to worry about software & hardware updates or security issues. They have it all covered for you with all-around assistance when needed.

  • iThemes Sync Pro

This is a feature that allows you to manage all your websites from a central location. iThemes Sync Pro frequently monitors SEO and Google Analytics data and regulates what customers see in WordPress Admin. It also gives uptime and downtime updates.

  • Reliable Uptime

LiquidWeb offers a reliable 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure your site stays online and responsive. As such, clients will stick around knowing there will be minimal or no downtimes at all when they visit your website.

  • Lightning Speed

LiquidWeb managed hosting platform is wholly built on top of Nginx and PHP 7 so as to boost the performance of your site. LiquidWeb offers fast page load and server response times to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and productivity.

  • Automatic Plugin Updates

Most hosting providers tend to just update your WP core. LiquidWeb, on the other hand, updates your WP plugins automatically to shrink the risk of freshly-found susceptibility threats. Plugin updates are first conducted in a discrete environment before updating them on your production site to avoid confusions.

  • Terrific Customer Support

Nothing matters more than reliable customer support and terrific customer support is LiquidWeb’s strong suit. You can choose between three options, including phone calls, emails, or live chats which are all responsive.

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During our test, the response time for phone calls and live chat support took less than a minute, while their email support option response time took 30 minutes. When it comes to their knowledge base, there are tons of handy tutorials that help improve your hosting experience.

  • Developer-Friendly Hosting

LiquidWeb hosting comes with useful and appropriate developer tools like WP-CLI, SSH, and Git.

  • User-Friendliness

While LiquidWeb’s WP managed hosting comes with a custom cPanel that helps you manage multiple WP sites, all its other hosting packages include a choice between cPanel/WHM and Plesk.

It is also worth noting that LiquidWeb has greatly invested in ensuring quality customer satisfaction, with a top NPS score of 66 in the managed hosting arena.

Check here for more information on LiquidWeb pricing plans.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Terrific uptime guarantee
  • Allotted VPS plans
  •  Outstanding packages (dedicated, VPS, Cloud, and reseller)
  • Custom-built servers optimized for popular apps
  • No traffic limits
  • Automatic plugin updates
  • Full access to the server and database
  • Staging site
  • No pageview


  • High price tag
  • No shared hosting option

LiquidWeb Reseller

If you wish to join the web hosting business without having to manage infrastructure issues, bandwidth, and servers, LiquidWeb Reseller web hosting packages are worth a look. The company offers reseller hosting plans that start at $59/m and include a unique WHMCS (WebHost Manager Complete Solution) plugin and prompt provisioning.

In addition, LiquidWeb’s Reseller Hosting Program offers tiered discounts to help clients maintain competitive pricing. With this package, you get 100% uptime SLA, free WHMCS license, free DDoS protection, and you will not need to lease a SysAdmin.

LiquidWeb’s VPS and dedicated reseller packages are compatible with both Windows and Linux. Their RAM, data transfers (monthly), and storage space are similar to the ones that the provider offers directly.

LiquidWeb Nameservers

When you host your site with LiquidWeb, they allow you to utilize their DNS servers to manage your entire domains. This includes even the domains that you transferred from other registrars. Their Nameservers (NS) include:


LiquidWeb Managed WordPress

Someone asked me: why should I use LiquidWeb WordPress managed hosting? And I’m pretty sure you want to know why too.

If you are looking for competently-curated hosting that will help you create, optimize, and grow your WP site, LiquidWeb managed WP is worth a look. It is the complete solution for your WP sites. Offered by Nexcess (LiquidWeb’s digital commerce cloud platform), their managed WP hosting comes with a ton of benefits such as:

  • Speedy websites
  • Automatic plugin updates
  • Free site migration
  • 24/7 expert customer support

LiquidWeb managed WP focuses on the hosting infrastructure so you can concentrate on growing your site. The package starts at $19/m and comes with 30GB disk space and 5TB data transfer. 

LiquidWeb Dedicated Servers

Are you looking for the highest performance levels and security? LiquidWeb fully-customizable dedicated server hosting would be a fantastic choice. It offers actual monitoring plus 100% uptime guarantee & power which translates to high performance for any site or app.

When you upgrade a plan, you unlock features such as DDoS protection and backups. If you need Windows bundles (6 months to 12 months) you can make a request via their site.

LiquidWeb dedicated servers hosting starts at $169/m ($2,028 billed upfront for one year++) and comes with 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 2 x 240GB SSD primary disk, cPanel, 1TB SATA backup disk, 250GB Acronis cyber backups, and 5TB bandwidth.

Click here for more information.

LiquidWeb DNS

LiquidWeb has a proprietary DNS service accessible on a global Anycast network that offers all the advantages of Anycast for the questions made to them. LiquidWeb Anycast resolvers offer a speed increase by allowing your client’s browser to make requests to the nearby and least latent accessible Nameservers.

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With this feature, you have a solution to deny access to certain sites and slow localized DNS servers that might lag before a site loads. It offers you multiple server locations to help pick up traffic every time to boost the accessibility of made requests. Check here for detailed info.

LiquidWeb CDN/Cloudflare

Cloudflare CDN comes in handy when you are hosting your business online by keeping your site safe from attackers, improving speed, and scaling with your web traffic. It was founded in 2009 by Matthew Prince and has matured to handle 5% of internet traffic globally. This makes it the leading CDN worldwide.

In 2019, LiquidWeb LLC publicized their partnership with the Cloudflare Bandwidth Alliance to ensure its clients benefit from cheap bandwidth charges automatically. This partnership offers three crucial advantages:

  • Free way out traffic for all LiquidWeb clients
  • Alliance with industry leaders like Azure and IBM Cloud
  • Automatic membership and savings for all LW clients

Read more on this in their official site here.

LiquidWeb Email Settings

Setting up email on your control panel (cPanel) in a client like Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook for the first time is challenging. But with useful detailed info, it can be much easier. Check out these email settings below that are applicable to most clients:

  • Standard Connections (non-SSL) – This is where both the incoming and outgoing server names use your domain name, such as or mail.your domain (IMAP Port: 143, POP3 Port: 110, and SMTP Port: 25/587)
  • Secure Connections (SSL/TLS) – This is where both the incoming and outgoing servers use your hostname, such as (IMAP Port: 993, POP3 Port: 995, and SMTP Port: 465/587)

Remember: Whether you are using standard or secure email connections, authentication is required for all email connections. Click here for additional info.

LiquidWeb vs. DigitalOcean

Are you in the hunt for the best managed WP hosting service provider on the market? Both LiquidWeb and DigitalOcean are reputable brands in the game, but who’s the best and why?

Both DigitalOcean and LiquidWeb offer fully managed WP hosting with 99.99% power and network uptime guarantee. In addition, they both offer backups, partner programs, and management tools. However, LiquidWeb exceeds DigitalOcean in many other aspects.

LiquidWeb shines in factors such as migration assistance, outstanding support, managed hardware, and hosting products that facilitate growth and scalability. While LiquidWeb offers three management levels for VPS hosting (fully managed by default), DigitalOcean Droplets are fully unmanaged.

DigitalOcean offers low-priced virtual servers (Droplets) and focuses on developers at $5/m for the minimal server with 25GB, 1TB bandwidth, and 1vCPU. LiquidWeb’s lowest tier comes with 2GB RAM, 2 vCPU, 10TB bandwidth, and 40GB disk space.

LiquidWeb vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Both LiquidWeb and AWS are popular giant hosting providers in the arena. On the one hand, LiquidWeb focuses on providing WP hosting, dedicating, and cloud hosting plans. AWS, on the other hand, focuses entirely on offering a raw customizable or scalable infrastructure to meet your needs. As such, AWS can accommodate any kind of site.

When it comes to pricing, LiquidWeb’s WooCommerce hosting is a bit costly with an entry price of $39/m, compared to $ from AWS. In a nutshell, LiquidWeb is more user-friendly compared to AWS which has a complex infrastructure configuration.

Customer support is critical to reliable hosting which LiquidWeb excels at with three options, including phone calls, email, and lives chat. AWS offers documentation but its tedious work. If server location is crucial to your online business, AWS is a fantastic option with data centers everywhere globally. 

While AWS boasts its proprietary CloudFront CDN to ensure you get secure and fast loading experience, it ties with LiquidWeb which has partnered with Cloudflare. LiquidWeb has the upper hand if you want a monthly billing option, while AWS is billing is pay-per-minute and pay-per-region. 

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LiquidWeb vs. WP Engine

Deciding between WP Engine and LiquidWeb for the best managed WP hosting provider is somewhat tricky. Both providers are among the two globe’s top managed WP hosts, but who exceeds who and in what?

WP Engine has a sole focus on WP-centric managed hosting, while LiquidWeb offers managed hosting for custom solutions and apps. The main difference is that WP Engine provides solutions for all-size and budget business, while LiquidWeb targets sites with high traffic volumes.

When it comes to page speed and uptime, WP Engine has the upper hand. LiquidWeb, on the other hand, prevails in terms of user-friendliness with its iThemes Sync Pro feature. In terms of features, WP Engine offers a set of features that allow you to streamline your process
of publishing and marketing. LiquidWeb, on the other hand, focuses on offering lightning-fast web experience, in addition to auto plugin updates.

While LiquidWeb prevails with exceptional customer support, WP Engine has the upper hand in terms of pricing with $25/m and comes with 10GB disk space, 50GB bandwidth/month, and 1 site. Check here for more on WP Engine managed hosting pricing.

 LiquidWeb vs. Bluehost 

Both Bluehost and LiquidWeb are reputable brands with huge clients for decades. But what differentiates the two giants?

When it comes to pricing and plans, LiquidWeb has the upper hand as it offers a monthly billing cycle. Bluehost’s managed WP hosting packages begin with the quarterly billing cycle. Furthermore, you get 2 free months hosting when you choose LiquidWeb’s yearly billing cycle.

Both LiquidWeb and Bluehost offer standard features such as auto-backups, staging, free SSL certificates, and more. LiquidWeb, however, includes extra features like page builder and developer-friendly tools. Both providers boast 100% uptime guarantee, but with a difference in data centers.

Both providers allow you to secure your internet properties easily, but LiquidWeb offers extra add-ons for server protection, firewalls & VPN, DDoS protection, and more. When it comes to support, LiquidWeb prevails with phone, ticket, and live chat compared to Bluehost’s live chat and phone.

LiquidWeb vs. SiteGround

Are you in the hunt for the best managed WP hosting service provider on the market? Both LiquidWeb and SiteGround are reputable brands in the arena, but who’s the best and why?

On the one hand, SiteGround is an officially WordPress-recommended provider that comes with a range of hosting options, including shared, VPS, WP, WooCommerce, and Dedicated hosting. SiteGround offers 3 data center locations to choose from, including Asia, North America, and Europe. In addition, they offer the state-of-the-art speed techs as well as hands-on security.

LiquidWeb, on the other hand, stands out among the most reputable managed web hosting providers in the game. They offer optimized hosting for popular apps such as WP, WooCommerce, and more. What makes their services exceptional is that they offer clients full access to their servers, plus they own and run their data centers.

They tie on customer support and user-friendliness (with the iThemes Sync Pro and cPanel that offer easy control), but LiquidWeb has the upper hand when it comes to features. In terms of pricing, SiteGround prevails with its shared hosting that costs $9.95/m compared to LiquidWeb’s $29/m entry managed WP hosting. 


That’s it for now guys! We shall continue with the review on other questions you might have.