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+1 866-826-6914: Siteground Phone Number for Customer Support

Wondering how you can contact Siteground?

You can reach out to Siteground if you have any issues with your hosting or domain name using this toll-free phone number is +1 866-826-6914. This is their primary support phone number. I couldn’t find an 1800 number for Siteground customer support.

They are reachable 24/7.

If you are in the US, you’ll be reaching out to support based in their HQ in.

You can also navigate to their website and select to have a chat instead of calling.

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If you choose the chat option, you’ll be prompted to enter your login details if you are an existing customer:

Below is how your Siteground support dashboard looks like:


Martin V.: Hello there and welcome!

Martin V.: Glad to have you voer our live chat 😉

Martin V.: I see your initial question, so let me provide you insight

Sarah: Thanks Martin!

Martin V.: From what I understand, you do not have an active website at the moment, right?

Martin V.: Let me make a quick comparission between us and WP Engine

Sarah: Nope, just starting to blog with a few of my friends

Martin V.: Our solution just comes with a lot more, for example, we include unlimited emails and spam filtering, instead of asking you to use third parties for that

Martin V.: We support all WordPress plugins whereas WPE has quite a long list of restricted ones

Martin V.: We do not limit you to one PHP version for the whole account and the separate sites can all be placed on different PHP versions in accordance to the needs

Martin V.: We are just as focused on WordPress and people are happy to see that here, they get the same amazing performance while paying way less, since we mainly use our own tools instead of relaying on third parties which always makes the final price a lot higher

Martin V.: So usually, people go for WP Engine due to their support, however our support here is defining quality as well

Martin V.: So here, you will get similar, if not better support

Martin V.: Here, you will be able to contact us over phone and chat 24/7 and response is always immediate and our advanced team over ticket can help with a very wide variety of questions. I am certain you will be pleased with the technical assistance, its usually the first big difference people notice once here

Sarah: Why are they so expensive then. I read some blog that mentioned that you can use Wp Engine it if you expect spike in traffic. Are they better suited if traffic increases

Martin V.: Nope, it is the opposite to be honest. For the same price here, you can get higher hosting package and higher hosting plans handle more traffic in total, since they give you more resources. That makes sense, right?

Martin V.: WP Engine are great deal, and people go with them due to their support, but we are known with our support as well

Sarah: They give more resources?

Martin V.: Also, since you mentioned the prices

Sarah: like what?

Martin V.: Our prices are lower, since we have developed our own plans here

Martin V.: When you are in that business for 15 years you can optimize the whole process

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Sarah: make sense

Martin V.: And that saves you some money as well

Martin V.: Yep

Sarah: What resources do they offer that you don’t?

Martin V.: Nope, maybe you didn’t understand me

Martin V.: It is the oposite

Sarah: oh I see

Sarah: thanks a lot

Sarah: we’ll go with you guys

Martin V.: For example, with their most basic package, it will cost you around 35$ per month to have one website

Martin V.: Here, for 35$ per month, you can get more powerful hosting package that is suitable for many sites as well

Sarah: yeah, it’s really high

Martin V.: Not to mention that we are also officially recommended WordPress hosting provider Sarah

Martin V.: So that speaks for itself

Sarah: also, can you assist to move a site from Bluehost?

Sarah: request from a friend here

Martin V.: Oh yes

Martin V.: We are indeed moving people from them quite often, the quality there really went down ever since Endurance took over them. That corporation is known for ruining hosts by for overcrowding servers and using outdated technology to save costs, something that we would never do here

Sarah: yeah, she says her site; was down for about 3 hours yesterday – according to jetpack

Martin V.: Yes, that really is frustrating!

Martin V.: They used to be a good deal back in the days

Martin V.: But right now, that literally is the company we move most of our clients away from

Sarah: thanks a lot! You’ve been very helpful. Can you connect her to someone who can assist to move the blog

Sarah: actually, their IT person is [email protected]

Sarah: haha, people moving from Bluehost huh

Martin V.: Anytime and yes, she can just reach us over the chat

Sarah: Oh cool. Chat would be great!

Sarah: thanks!

Martin V.: Btw, till the end of the day, we have an excellent Cyber Monday discount

Martin V.: So if she contacts us now, she will great even lower price

Sarah: end of today?

Martin V.: Yes, it ends later on

Martin V.: After few hours

Sarah: One last question, 10BabyGear is getting about 1k traffic per day, which plan would be most ideal

Sarah: also the shared or managed wordpress?

Martin V.: They are both the same. We are just WordPress recommended hosting provider, hence we have separate landing page for that matter

Martin V.: Based on the traffic I think the website would probably fit in our mid tier even. However I would personally recommend the GoGeek plan of ours which is significantly faster and right now, her site is not opening really fast! The GoGeek would also provide you with tons of room for growth

Martin V.: And what about you Sarah, do you want to give us a try now?

Sarah: how many websites can the Gogeek plan support?

Sarah: yes

Martin V.: There is no exact limit, it depends on how big the site is

Martin V.: I have seen clients hosting around 20 sites just fine there

Sarah: Oh cool. I’ll purchase your plan in a bit

Sarah: think I’ll do GrowBig

Martin V.: Sure! Do you mind me staying online while you do that?

Sarah: You can upgrade right?

Martin V.: The GrowBig would be great for a start

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Martin V.: And yes, you can upgrade at any given point

Martin V.: I will also recommend you to get your domain name through us, if you haven’t registered one already

Martin V.: This way, you will renew and manage everything from the same roof

Martin V.: Both domain management and hosting

Sarah: Yes, will do both. So, if there are two websites getting 25k each, that would slow down the site?

Sarah: when using GrownBig plan

Sarah: like you recommend it if all the sites are getting a combined 25k visits/month

Martin V.: Well, it depends on how well the sites are optimized, but I would say it would be better for you to upgrade if you are close to reach a certain limit there

Martin V.: Still have in mind that this number is not a limit – its not like the 25.001th unique visitor will limit you in any way. But if the traffic gets very high and the usage is extremely high, we will send a notification that an upgrade should be considered to keep the same great performance

Sarah: thanks a lot!

Martin V.: Most certainly welcome!

Martin V.: Do you want to get things started?

Martin V.: I want to help you out

Sarah: How much is GoGeek Plan for 1 year?

Sarah: so will host 10babygear there as well

Sarah: and the new domain

Martin V.: Right now, with the current discount it will cost you 104.16$ to get the GoGeek

Sarah: and domain is $15?

Martin V.: Depends on the domain extension, but for .com domains we charge 15.95$ for example

Sarah: give me a few

Martin V.: Take your time

Martin V.: also for the new domain name, I would recommend to get the Domain Privacy tool for it, which will be hiding your personal info all around the web upon whois searches which will decrease the risk of personal info abuse or domain theft

Sarah: how much would that cost?

Sarah: so, the domain name is, similar naming with 10babygear

Martin V.: It would be 12$ for the first year and 24$ afterwards

Martin V.: Cool

Sarah: okay

Martin V.: So the domain name would be 15.95$ for whole year

Sarah: wouldn’t share credit card details here

Martin V.: The price is the same later on

Sarah: do I have to login

Sarah: and SSL?

Sarah: free SSL?

Martin V.: Yes, free for lifetime

Sarah: How much would GoGeek plan cost regularly is I start with growbig. How much additional do I need to pay?

Martin V.: And you just need to give us a try from the following link

Martin V.: The sign up link is for GrowBig + new domain

Sarah: what’s the cost of upgrading form one plan to another

Martin V.: The regular price of the GoGeek is 419.40$ (34.95/m)

Martin V.: The cost depends on the months you have left

Martin V.: If you have 5 months for example, the cost would be 5 months x 15$, which is the regular price difference between the plans

Sarah: Oh okay

Sarah: so we want 10BabyGear to be the primary domain..not sure if you have such terms as Bluehost

Martin V.: You can choose any domain name as primary

Martin V.: Tha that is all fine

Martin V.: Each domain will have its own set of Site Tools control panel anyways

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Martin V.: So it won’t really matter which one you choose

Martin V.: Which one you would like as primary and which is the hosting package you want to go for?

Sarah: I’ll actually go with GrowBig plan

Martin V.: Perfect

Martin V.: And should we register your domain and set it as primary

Sarah: also, can you help me transfer 10Babygear now?

Martin V.: I personally prefer it would be better since this way, both the hosting and the domain will go as one invoice

Martin V.: Sure, I can help you request the migration 🙂

Martin V.: Just let me know which one of your domains you would like as primary

Martin V.: Have you started the process?

Sarah: almost done

Sarah: also, we want to create domains to track the site hosted by different hosts as we’ll be reviewing hosting and VPN companies. can I have siteground on the domain or it’s trademarked? sth like this

Martin V.: Sure, we have temporary domain name option here. This way, you can work on your site offline and just push it live later on

Martin V.: Once you are ready

Sarah: done

Sarah: one more thing

Sarah: is there a reliable source to get data on siteground speed?

Sarah: other than gtmetrix?

Martin V.: I am afraid not

Martin V.: GTmetrix is quite good though

Sarah: so I have to install a plugin?

Sarah: to migrate 10babygear?

Martin V.: Nope, go for the proffesional migration

Martin V.: this way, we will do it for you

Sarah: did the 10webtools registration go through?

Martin V.: Please enter your user area login credentials

Login credentials have not been provided.

Martin V.: Can you log in

Martin V.: So I can check, please?Chat Duration: 53:24 

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