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If you are into podcasting, then you probably know that it is very addictive, or isn’t it? As such you may find that you need to discuss more than one subject matter targetting multiple niches from your audience. Great podcast hosting providers should be able to provide you with multiple show hosting under one account. I find Buzzsprout to be the best podcast hosting provider for your needs.

  • Buzzsprout has multiple valiant features that make it ideal for you to be able to carefully host and manage multiple podcast shows for you. Listed below are some of Buzzsprout hosting features that are:
  • Buzzsprout recently added a built – in transcription API which converts your audio into text formats and keeps a record of it. Both you and your listeners can be able to have a clear copy of the podcast content such that commenting on the podcast would be very much easy.
  • Furthermore, Buzzsprout includes a built – in text editor that lets you make relative notes regarding the subject topic and enhancing clarity of podcasts to all the users. Your audience will be able to get elaborate explanations of the subject topics for further information on the subjects.
  • Buzzsprout also has a new built – in player that is compatible with various audio formating for the delivery of online audio media content.
  • In addition, Buzzsprout incorporates an affiliate marketing integration that is directly linked with your buzzsprout site as well. This way, you can easily monetize your site as well as effectively track your podcast subscriptions.
  • What’s more, Buzzsprout has very affordable pricing tiers. This makes it especially easy for startup podcasters to be able to establish a footing in the podcasting industry. You can even get free podcast hosting services with Buzzsprout but with a few limitations. Your episodes will be automatically deleted after 90 days, unless you upgrade to a paid subscription service for your podcast.
  • To cap it all off, Buzzsprout will enable you to have multiple shows hosted under one account. You will also be able to access all the hosting features for either of the shows within your selected hosting plan. This means that you will definately be able to get more while paying less, for your podcast hosting services.

Benefits of podcast hosts that allow multiple host feeds

Having multiple podcast shows on your channel can be very advantageous if you areinvested on expounding your topic areas or even your audience. First off, i will begin by mentioning that including a second podcast show on your account can be very advantageous as will have an already established audience. Your audience is already familiar with your content and thus can be able to easily relate to the content you will be broadcasting on your second podcast.

Furthermore, with an already established podcast, it is easy to be able to create new shows as the first audience can give you relative feedback regarding your new show. You can easily indulge your target audience on the idea of setting up another show with the proposed topic of interest to determine whether it would gain traction among your listeners.

Another benefit of having multiple shows in your podcasting is that you will be able to expound on the topics that are typically restrained owing to their diversity. You will find that the audience might be very much interested in a specific subject area that you might not be able to discuss  in your current subject matter. The same audience will give you their respective feedback regarding the new topics of interest that they might like to indulge in. Either way, its a win win situation as when the topic does not attract listeners or traction, you can simply switch to the subject matters from your initial podcast show in which the audience loved.

Again, having multiple podcast shows allows you a great diversity among your audience where you will be able to talk about majority of the things that your wide audience coverage would love to hear. Furthermore, you can target specific topic areas of interest among different users within your audience such that all your audience will specifically subscribe to their preferred topic areas. You will also be able to grow a large audience which might be advantageous when considering commercialization of your podcasts for your business or brand.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best podcast hosting providers that are able to host multiple shows under one account.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites for Multiple Shows

There are hundreds of podcast hosting providers that able to host multiple shows under the same podcasting user account. Nonetheless, most of them have different feature usability and functions that vary greatly depending on the relative use of your podcast shows. Even so, i have analyzed and clearly delineated six of the best podcast hosting providers in the industry.

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Transistor
  4. SimpleCast
  5. Podbean
  6. Castos


Buzzsprout is no doubt the best podcast hosting provider that can host multiple podcast shows under one user account. Buzzsprout is so much advanced such that you will be able to get different directory listings, public pages and individual RSS feeds for either of your podcast shows.

Buzzsprout enables you to easily manage multiple shows from a single login. This way, it is perfect if you have a network of shows or sites that you need to talk about. Even further, you can also decide to help out a friend, a startup business or brand by using your already existing audience. These are just but a few benefits that you will be able to enjoy when hosting multiple shows in one podcasting user account.

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To be able to effectively create and manage new shows for your podcasts on Buzzsprout, you will have to go through the following easy setup processes:

Create a New Podcast on Buzzsprout

On the top right corner of your navigation page, you will be able to see ‘My Podcasts’

creating a podcast with Buzzsprout

After clicking on ‘My Podcasts,’ navigate and click on ‘Create New Podcast’

More than one podcast hosted on Buzzsprout

Its that simple!

Now all you have to do is give your new podcast a name.

The new podcast will essentially have a its own RSS feed, a different Buzzsprout website as well as a different billing plan. This is because, despite accessing both podcasts from one account, the podcasts cannot share the same upload allowance as iterated on Buzzsprout hosting policies.

Switching between podcast shows

Once you have successfully created your second or third podcast, you can be able to easily access each podcast individually through toggling in your hosted podcasts for your specific account. All you need to do is navigate to the top right corner of your podcast page and click on ‘My Podcasts.’ You can then select the podcast that you want to work on, from the podcast list displayed under ‘My Podcasts.’

If you did not know that you can host multiple podcasts under one account and ended up having two or multiple accounts for different podcasts on Buzzsprout, you need not worry. Buzzsprout has simplified things for your ideal service provision requirements. You can simply contact Buzzsprout by emailing both your podcast details to [email protected] Once Buzzsprout verifies that both accounts belong to the same individual, they will combine the podcasts and list them in a single preferred account.

Get started on the free or the paid plans by Buzzsprout here.


Captivate is another great podcast hosting provider that offers multiple show hosting for you. Captivate has been in the podcasting industry for many years and thus has vast experience with hosting podcast shows. Captivate have an easy interface that lets you easily integrate with the various features that you can use to deliver high quality podcasts. Further, you will be able to easily develop content for your podcast as the interface is simplified such that you do not have to put much effort into the delivery of the podcast. What’s more, you can be able to access any of these features instantaneously.

Captivate also enables you to invest in your impression. In a world of interconnectivity and information, it is essential that you have an appealing impression when reaching your target audience. Else, you will have a hard time getting people to focus on your podcast media content. Captivate has well structured flexibility features that enable you to use it on any device. Even further, you can be able to change your theme to suit your topics. Even though this is limited to changing the various color gradients, you can still successfully manage to create an impression of your topic of discussion.

Captivate hosting for multiple podcast shows

Captivate to success…

Captivate lets you host as many members as you can as like Buzzsprout and Podbean, it has no user limits. Therefore, this means that you have the availability of hosting more than one show in your account without compromising the hosting plan service provision. You will find that Captivate will lay out of all these features on your website, and with customized great looking podcast player embedded in the website.

Here are some of Captivate’s features that make it an ideal podcast hosting provider:

  • Batch uploading
  • Scheduled podcasts
  • WordPress integration
  • Customized plugins
  • Advanced smart UI features
  • Sponsorship Kit PDF

Managing Multiple Shows with Captivate Entails…

You will find that it is very easy for you to get acquinted to the website or podcast app interface because it is very easy to use. Here you will find the ‘My Shows’ tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Here you can jump right away to managing your show or even add a new show. When creating a new show, you will be able to include different show names and cover art such that it would be easy for you to identify which shows you will managing at any given moment.

To create a new podcast show, click on the ‘Add New Show’ button. Once this is done, you will be redirected into a creation flow and orient you on where you want to begin creating your show, either by creating a new podcast or importing a podcast show from another host.

What’s more, Captivate let’s you host and manage multiple shows under one account at no extra costs. This means that you can be able to create a series of podcast shows with various topic niches with an easy sorting and managing tool with Captivate.

What’s not to love about Captivate? Check out the full pricing and get started with a 7-day free trial here.


To begin with, i have to mention that Transistor is a relatively new podcast hosting provider in the industry. Even so, Transistor has managed to be among the top podcast hosting providers as it provides a variety of great podcasting features at very cost – friendly prices. It is no surprise how Transistor has been able to capture brands and establish strong brand presence in their podcast hosting service provision.

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Even on a really professional level, Transistor has great podcast analytic tools that enable you to carefully track and analyze the progress of your podcasts. In fact, Transistor is majorly directed towards serious podcast users. However, this doesn’t have to scare you, it only means that Transistor is commited towards improving the quality of your podcasts to reach even professional markets.

Some of the additional Transistor features include:

  • Extended podcast website
  • Excellent podcast statistical data
  • Private podcasting availability

Now imagine having the availabilityof all these great features and being able to utilize them in hosting multiple shows. Transistor enables you to host multiple podcast shows under the same account and at the same pricing tier for your selected hosting plan. You will even be able to add other team members in your podcast shows when you subscribe to higher hosting packages. You will be able to include sound producers and editors toimprove the quality of your podcasts.

To host multiple shows on the same account, Transistor does not limit your creativity and you will be able to host these shows under the same pricing tiers for as long as the download limit has not been exceeded. Of course moreshows means an expanded listening audience to your podcast. Furthermore, you will comfortably be able to experiment with new concepts and choose a theme that most resonates with the topic of discussion.

Furthermore, as different members of the audience have different ways in which they digest the information that you are sharing on your podcast shows, it is possible to create multiple shows with different timings such that they will be able to cater for different target audience groups. You can enroll with Transistor for as low as $19, which allows you up to 10,000 downloads. This is a pretty adequate number for any serious podcasters looking to build a brand.

They say prevention is better than cure and that is the case even when it comes to podcasting. Transistor offers you a good deal by making it available for you to be able to access all the relevant podcasting features in their free 14 – day trial version. By then, you should be sure whether Transistor is the best podcast hosting provider for your multiple shows.


My list of best podcast hosting providers for multiple show hosting would not be complete without mentioning SimpleCast podcast hosting. Not only does it have ideal pricing tiers that are cost – friendly, but also includes the relative APIs that are very helpful in delivering high quality podcast shows. In fact, SimpleCast has been voted to have one of the most attractive podcast players embedded in their website.

Even better, you will find that you can get a whole load of advanced analytics with simplecast. These advanced analytics make it easy for you to be able to manage multiple shows in your podcast. Interestingly, you will be able to analyze the podcast analytics such that you can compare the analytics between various shows under your account to determine the relative differences and improve the quality of the podcast.

Again, you can host multiple shows under one podcasting account without paying any additional charges. SimpleCast has made it possible for you to utilize the service resource provision that will enable you to use the same resources under one hosting plan when hosting different podcast shows. In fact, you can even improve the quality of your podcasts by adding other team members such as the sound producers and editors, who are valuable towards improving the quality of your podcasts, reach out to your audience and meet podcasting professional standards.

SimpleCast lowest pricing starts at $15 per month, which is cheaper that Captivate or Podbean, whose hosting services start at $19 per month. Even their highest pricing tier of $35 per month isalso pretty much affordable considering the exquisite array of features that you can be able to use to better the final output of your podcast. You will also be able to use any and/or all of these features in multiple shows hosted under the same account.

Podcasting users will there be able to reach any of your shows through SimpleCast’s customized website or applications as long as you are within the elastic limit. There is a 50,000 download cap for every episode per month and even for the most serious podcast users, it is difficult to come close to this limit. Therefore, this means that you can be able to create multiple shows without worrying about the cap limit on the number of users who will be able to access your podcast shows. You need only worry about creating interesting content within your preferred topic niche to expand your listening audience.

If you do not think that all this possible, you should subscribe to SimpleCast’s 14 – day trial version. The trial version lets you explore various aspects of the podcasting features before you can actually pay for the provision of advanced podcasting services. This is also a reassurance for your investment and especially for novice users or startups, so as to avoid making the wrong choice of investment.

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Get started with Simplecast here.


We have to consider Podbean as one of the best podcast hosting providers when hosting multiple shows due to a number of reasons. Podbean has even been voted to be the best podcast hosting provider among other podcasting companies in the industry by multiple podcast users on the internet.

I think that Podbean is very much preffered by a majority of individuals on the internet because it not only has a wide array of practical podcasting features, but also has a very simple interface that is very easy to use. It does not even matter whether you are a novice user or an expert podcaster; Podbean is just the right tool for you.

Podbean’s ideal hosting feaatures make it very suitable to a wide range of users in the industry. What’s more, you can get free hosting solutions that enable you such that you can test out the various feature tools and determine whether Podbean is really worth all the accolade from other valiant users on the internet.

Imagine a podcast hosting provider that is well integrated such that you can be able to publish your podcast shows on virtually every podcasting platform on the internet. Further, imagine being able to monetize these shows such that you have a win – win situation. Not only do you get to enjoy podcasting to a wide target audience, you also get paid for doing what you love doing. Podbean will even share your podcasting handles and RSS feeds automatically to renown social media platforms that pull in a lot of traffic for your podcast shows.

Further in, you will find that Podbean not only has the option of hosting mulitple shows, but also lets you specify the nature of your show (Is your show a public or private channel). Therefore, this means that you create elaborate private podcast shows aimed at a specified target market, and restricting access to unwanted or other third party affiliates. This makes it a very powerful tool when hosting corporate or brand managemnent.

It is because of this precept that Podbean enables you to add different team users and even has the position of admin users who help out in not only consolidating the elements of the podcast shows, but also elements of the organization as a whole. What’s more, you willbe able to effectively and efficiently track the progress of your podcast and the podcast ROI through the advanced analytic tools offered by Podbean. This way, you can tell whether your podcast is profitable or counter – productive. You will even get to narrow down on the individual elements that derail your expected progress.


Castos is perhaps one of the most professional podcast hosting platforms that focus on hosting mulitple shows. In fact, they refer the multiple shows as to a ‘Series’ of podcasts. This is made possible by making sure that every single part of the series has its own customized RSS feed that uniquely distinguishes it from the rest of the shows.

At Castos, you will actually be encouraged to explore into different topics so as to create a series of interesting shows that will eventually capture a wide market niche. Further, as the hosting provider stipulates, it does not want to limit your freedom and thus makes it possible for your to experiment with different styles and topics, thereby improving your delivery and the quality of your podcasts in the long run. When you visit the article, Working With Podcast Series, you will get an exclusive step by step of how to work with podcast series and utilize them in order to achieve your overall goals.

Castos is able to handle the creation of multiple shows and even podcasting series under a single account because of their unique feature availability. You will find that from the time of its inception, Castos has been offering unlimited bandwidth and storage such that you do not have to worry about pointless limitations during your hosting experience. Therefore, this means that either one of your shows will share the same privileges and work seamlessly in achieving your podcasting goals.

You can create new podcast shows under the same Castos hosting account through the following easy process:

1. Log into your Castos account

2. Click “Add New Podcast”

3. Name your podcast

4. Add a new episode

5. Complete the podcast’s RSS feed settings

6. Submit the RSS feed link to podcast directories

7. Customize the podcast’s webpage and subscription links

8. Repeat the process for subsequent shows in your podcast series

All in all, despite being able to create multiple shows, what users really love to hear is your ideas and thought expression. This is the basis of any if not all, great podcast shows on the internet.