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Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting Meaning

The bandwidth refers to the amount of data traffic that flows to and from a website to the user. Effectively, an unlimited bandwidth refers to an unrestricted limit on the amount of data that is transferred between a website and the end-user. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘unmetered bandwidth.’

While the term unlimited bandwidth is quite popular among users, a more accurate description would be an unmetered bandwidth. This is because it is impossible to have unlimited bandwidth. There is no guarantee that any web hosting provider can be able to provide unlimited resources that would allow extreme amounts of data to be transferred.

What typically happens is that web hosting providers might set their bandwidths so high that it could include large amounts of data that need to be transferred. The basic metric unit that is used to measure bandwidth is bits per second (bps). Even so the bandwidth can be measured in terms of Gigabytes (GBs).

More bandwidth essentially means that more data can be transferred between a website and a user without necessarily slowing the loading speeds and vice versa. It is therefore important for users looking to set up a website to be keen on the bandwidth provided by web hosting providers during the planning phase.

During the planning phase, users are expected to anticipate the amount of traffic that they expect in their websites. This helps in making an informed decision when selecting the ideal web hosting provider for your website. It is one of the most crucial considerations that you should take before deciding on the ideal web hosting provider for you.

9 Best Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth

  1. BlueHost Unlimied Bandwith Hosting
  2. DreamHost Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting
  3. Namecheap
  4. InMotion Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Hostgator Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting
  6. GreenGeeks
  7. A2 Hosting
  8. JustHost
  9. Siteground

Avoiding Bandwidth Throttling

When you surpass the amount of data designated as your provider’s bandwidth, throttling occurs. Throttling mainly refers to the process in which the data transferred between a website and the users surpasses the monthly target, resulting in lower site loading speeds.

Throttling should be confused with a site’s designated loading speeds. This is despite the fact that throttling actually results in slower loading speeds. When you surpass the monthly bandwidth limit for your specified website, the service provider caps the speed at which data is transferred between the website and the user.

The only sure way to avoid bandwidth throttling is through making sure that you do not exceed the monthly limit on the bandwidth. Different web hosting providers have different bandwidth provisions and restrictions which govern the flow of data over their servers.

Many web hosting providers try to eliminate throttling by setting very high bandwidths such that subscribers would be comfortable sharing relevant data and at fast speeds. In fact, most web hosting providers offer an unlimited bandwidth on account of this premise.

The amount of data transferred between sites is dependent on the data traffic as well as the web content available in the website. Small and medium sized businesses usually don’t have to worry about bandwidths as they rarely exceed the threshold bandwidth to cause throttling.

Reviews of 9 Best Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting Providers

BlueHost Unlimied Bandwith Hosting

Bluehost web hosting platform offers unlimited bandwidth to its users to mitigate any site speed and throttling issues that may arise. It has three subscription plans that incorporate the unlimited bandwidth offer: Basic plan, Plus plan, and Choice Plus Plan.

BlueHostBasic PlanPlus PlanChoice Plus Plan
Pricing$7.99 per month$10.99/month$14.99/month
Hosted Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space50GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosting TypeWordPress HostingShared HostingShared Hosting
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Basic Plan

Bluehost’s basic plan is WordPress hosted and supports the hosting of a single website with a disk space of up to 50GB. With a regular price of $7.99, bluehost offers an unlimited bandwidth of the single website. However, Bluehost currently offers the same packaging at a promotional price of $3.95.

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The basic plan does not support heavy traffic thus limiting the number of websites hosted on the platform. Nonetheless, Bluehost ensures that the single website hosted on the platform under the basic plan runs seamlessly with no throttling due to limited bandwidth.

Plus Plan

The plus plan is a Bluehost pricing package that utilizes a shared hosting platform. This means that all the websites hosted under the web hosting provider share the same resources on the server. In fact, the plus plan supports an unlimited number of websites as they all use the same base resource.

As such, the Plus plan offers an unlimited disk space to accommodate the relevant website content that is shared in the server. Therefore, this means that heavy data traffic would be flowing through the websites into the server thus requiring a bigger bandwidth. Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth for these websites under the Plus plan at a regular price of $10.99. You can also get a promotional pricing of the same package at only $5.95.

Choice Plus Plan

The choice plus plan is a slightly advanced subscription of the plus plan package. With the choice plus plan, you can be able to select your preferred servers. Nonetheless, the provision of other features remains relatively the same for the choice plus plan.

The Bluehost subscription package still offers an unlimited disk space for the unlimited number of websites hosted on the platform. Further, the choice plus plan utilizes a shared hosting service; which means that all the websites hosted under the same platform use the same base resources from a centralized server.

As such, to get to unlimited bandwidth hosting under this package, you will have to pay $14.99. Similar to the plus plan, Bluehost offers a promotional offer of $5.95 to get the same privileges.

You can choose an ideal unlimited bandwidth Bluehost hosting plan here.

DreamHost Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Another web hosting platform that offers users with an unlimited bandwidth is Dreamhost web hosting provider. Under the starter plan, users can have only a single website but with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Despite only allowing a single website to be hosted under this subscription, Dreamhost’s starter plan uses a shared hosting service under a linux operating system. At only $4.95, you can be able to subscribe to this service. Further, you can benefit from a discounted coupon and acquire the package at only $2.59.

Dreamhost has a wide array of subscription packages that cut across users with different website needs. Among the subscriptions that offer unlimited bandwidth hosting are: Basic Plan, Unlimited Plan as well as the DreamPress Plan.

DreamHostBasic PlanUnlimited PlanDreamPress Plan
Hosted WebsitesUnlimitedUnlimited1
Hosting TypeVPS HostingShared HostingWordPress Hosting
Disk Space30GBUnlimited30GB
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Unlimited Plan

Just like the starter subscription plan, the unlimited plan uses a shared hosting service where the hosted websites use resources used by other websites as well. Nonetheless, the unlimited plan also handles multiple websites, with an unlimited disk space.

To handle the seamless functioning of the multiple websites, Dreamhost provides an unlimited bandwidth to facilitate simple data transfers to and from the websites. To subscribe to Dreamhost’s unlimited plan, you need only to pay $10.95 to get started.

Basic Plan

Dreamhost’s basic plan also offers you an unlimited bandwidth via the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting service. Under this plan, you will be able to host multiple websites and within your own servers.

Nevertheless, the basic plan only offers a disk space of up to 30GB. Therefore, this means that you can render your website content seamlessly without any throttling issues at only $13.75.

DreamPress Plan

In addition, Dreamhost is also able to provide unlimited bandwidth via the DreamPress plan. This plan is hosted in a WordPress platform and holds only a single website. Much like the Basic plan, the DreamPress plan can only accommodate website content of up to 30GB.

Nonetheless this disk space is very high as it applies to a single website only. Further, unlimited bandwidth hosting within these parameters ensures that you have extremely fast loading speeds for any hosted service within the subscription plan. This also explains why DreamPress is regarded as one of the fastest hosting services, among other WordPress hosting providers.

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Namecheap Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Namecheap is yet another web hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth hosting. Just like the name suggests, Namecheap offers great subscription packages to users at cheap prices. It is popularly known that cheap is expensive but not in this case.

Namecheap avails great web hosting features at relatively cheap pricing, making it ideal for you. There are three plans that include unlimited bandwidth hosting for providers: Stellar plan, Stellar Plus Plan and Stellar Business Plan.

NamecheapStellar PlanStellar Plus PlanStellar Business Plan
Hosted Websites3UnlimitedUnlimited
Hosting TypeShared HostingShared HostingShared Hosting
Available Disk Space20GBUnlimited50GB
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

InMotion Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that is able to offer a free drag and drop site builder with unlimited bandwidth, InMotion is the perfect provider for you. InMotion web hosting provider enables you to have an unlimited disk space while hosting an unlimited number of websites.

Unlike the subscription plans offered by other web-hosting providers, In Motion delineates its subscriptions depending on the type of hosting service provided. As such, the shared hosting service provided by InMotion offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth hosting to its users at a mere $7.99 per month. Under this service, you will also host unlimited emails on your website.

Here is a video review of InMotion’s unlimited hosting:

Hostgator Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Hostgator is one of the few web hosting providers that offers unlimited bandwidth hosting under a cloud hosted server. Hostgator is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting providers with affordable pricing and great subscription plans.

In this article, I will focus on three of the subscription plans that offer unlimited bandwidth hosting: Starter Plan, Baby Plan and Hatchling Plan.

HostgatorStarter PlanBaby PlanHatchling Plan
Hosted Websites1Unlimited1
Available Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosting TypeBuilder HostingShared HostingCloud Hosting
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Starter plan

First off, I will analyze the starter plan, which is a builder hosted subscription plan. This plan hosts a single website only but provides an unlimited memory space and bandwidth for the website. This indicates that the website is extremely fast and there is no possibility of throttling under the plan. You can subscribe to this plan at only $4.99.

Baby Plan

The baby plan is not different from the starter plan as it also offers unlimited bandwidth hosting with unlimited disk space availability. Further, you can be able to hold as many websites as you intend under this plan. Nonetheless, you will be using resources used by other websites as they offer a shared hosting service at $9.95.

Hatchling Plan

The hatchling plan provided by Hostgator is perhaps one of the best web hosting plans that you will find in the market out there. Granted, the hatchling plan can only host a single website, but there are many advantages with regards to the services provided to the website.

Cloud hosting naturally makes your website extremely fast due to easy data retrieval from the cloud server. Besides, unlimited bandwidth hosting ensures that there is no throttling when accessing multiple files.

Even further, unlimited disk space also enables you to have limitless content provision from your website at the convenience of your customers. It is amazing that you can get all these features under this plan at a regular pricing of $8.95. You can also acquire a promotional coupon and get the same service at only $4.95.


GreenGeeks is a web hosting platform that offers web hosting functions to businesses. GreenGeeks has three subscription plans that are suitable for any subscribers interested in unlimited bandwidth hosting: Ecosite Starter Plan, Ecosite Pro Plan and Ecosite Premium plan.

GreenGeeksEcosite Starter PlanEcosite Pro PlanEcosite Premium Plan
Hosted WebsitesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosting TypeShared HostingShared HostingShared Hosting
Available Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Ecosite Starter Plan

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GreenGeeks’ starter plan utilizes a shared plan in that the hosted websites use resources from a centralized server, serving other websites as well. This plan includes an unlimited memory space, which is convenient for the unlimited websites that can be hosted on the platform.

In addition, the starter plan enables you to incorporate unlimited email accounts for users on your websites. More so, you can easily subscribe to this plan at $9.95 or use a promotional code and get the same servicer provision at only $2.95.

Ecosite Pro and Ecosite Premium Plans

Ecosite pro plan and ecosite premium plan are also ideal for unlimited bandwidth hosting as it offers all the features and functions offered under the Ecosite Starter Plan and more.

The only major difference is in the security protocols used to protect your accounts as well as themes and plugins that are user-friendly and convenient for your businesses. These plans are also pricier, at a regular price of $14.95 and $24.95 respectively.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is a very powerful web hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth hosting to its users. If you are looking to host your website with A2 hosting, there are two essential plans that you could use to get unlimited bandwidths: Lite Plan and Swift Plan.

A2 HostingLite PlanSwift Plan
Hosted Websites1Unlimited
Available Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosting TypeShared HostingShared Hosting
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited

Both plans also have an unlimited disk space provision. Therefore, this means that websites can hold an unlimited amount of content that can also be accessed easily and at very fast loading speeds. This is very advantageous especially with the shared hosting service used under both plans.

Even though most of the features among the lite plan and the swift plan are alike, the lite plan only hosts a single website per any user account. The swift plan on the other hand can hold unlimited websites. however, they have the same pricing of $9.99.


Unlimited bandwidth hosting is critical for users wishing to host more than a single website. JustHost offers web hosting services and creates the perfect opportunity to engage in business, as it has three subscription plans that offer unlimited bandwidth hosting. These plans are: Basic Plan, Plus Plan and the Prime Plan.

JustHostBasic PlanPlus PlanPrime Plan
Hosted Websites110Unlimited
Available Disk Space50GB150GBUnlimited
Hosting TypeShared HostingShared HostingShared Hosting
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Basic Plan

JustHost’s basic plan utilizes a shared hosting service where the single website hosted on the platform has to share the website resources with other websites from a centralized server. Further, the basic plan is hosted under a linux operating system with 50GB disk space availability.

More so, the basic plan includes an unlimited bandwidth provision that enables the fast transfer of data between the website and the server. This fast speed allows the provider to facilitate hosting five email accounts within the hosted website at a cheap pricing of $9.49.

Plus Plan

The plus plan also contains the relative features offered in JustHost’s basic plan such as the disk space, the bandwidth and the number of hosted websites. The plan includes 10 hosted websites with up to 150GB disk space availability.

The plus plan basic pricing is $10.99 with a promotional offer of $6.95. Considering this pricing, JustHost bargains a prudent service provision for startup businesses with a high data traffic expectation.

Prime Plan

Finally, JustHost Prime plan includes an unlimited bandwidth, diskspace and number of websites at only $14.99. This plan is a shared hosting service that is suitable for well-established businesses with high data traffic from the users. The subscription plan is able to accommodate multiple users at different levels without compromising on the site loading speeds.


SiteGround is one of best web hosting providers in the market right now. Even more, it has two primary plans that have an unlimited bandwidth provision: StartUp plan and the GrowBig Plan. Both plans have adequate resources and features that facilitate seamless website functioning.

SiteGroundStartUp PlanGrowBig PlanGrowBig Plan
Hosting TypeWordPress HostingShared HostingWordPress Hosting
Hosted Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Available Disk Space10GB20GB20GB
Hosted BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

StartUp Plan

The startup plan is a WordPress hosted service that can fully support all the features required in a single website. Even further, the website can be able to accommodate content of up to 10GB of memory space with unlimited number of email accounts. The linux supported system offers an unlimited bandwidth at a regular price of $11.95.

GrowBig Plan

There are two GrowBig plans that have unlimited bandwidth hosting: GrowBig shared hosting plan and GrowBig WordPress hosting. Both plans also offer unlimited websites that are easily managed and operating at high loading speeds. Even so, the GowBig plan has a limited disk space of 20GB. In addition, they have the same pricing of $19.95.

Pros and Cons of unlimited bandwidth hosting

Unlimited bandwidth is not only advantageous, it also has various disadvantages as shown the following table:

Affordable Pricing – You can be able to get unlimited bandwidth packages at very affordable prices across many platformsHigh Performance – Unlimited bandwidth enables you to run your website(s) at very high speeds, fostering convenienceScalability – Unlimited bandwidth hosting enables you to grow your business much faster as you can scale up your content without site restrictionsIncreased user functions – with an unlimited bandwidth hosting, you can be able to increase the number of functions rendered, without affecting the site loading speeds under the web hosting providerLimitations – unlimited does not really mean unrestricted, thus there is always a restriction on the data transferred between the site and the serverLow security – Most web hosting providers who offer unlimited bandwidth hosting in their subscription packages do not offer free security. Security restrictions to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the siteAdditional Costs – with unlimited bandwidth hosting, other features are acquired through purchase. This means that you will have to put in additional costs to get access to all the services you require